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Deccan Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chennai, Solar Street Light

Aug 15, 2015



  1. 1. [email protected] Energy SolutionsDeccan Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. N DECCANV Energy Solutions .1l p LlJ,l"n"'.Pl'l_, A'| "' ': Solar Power Plants Mega Watt (MW) Scale ProjectsSuccess of our customers in the Renewable Energy generation is the ultimate motive of Deccan Energy Solutions (DES).DES offers solution for large scale projects on Turnkey basis (EPC) for establishing Ongrid power plants. Waste lands can be converted into Solar Farms. Government of India and several state governments are interested in purchasing power fromprivate power developers through long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), ... _. .. .-, .s. -.. _,. ,,,I--- a-_. .a. -__, ... _,' 1- -"v n- 'mr1A-r, : .. ., ,1., 4Iii-. @r~"*" 'Mini Solar Power Plants Kilo Watt (KW) Scale ProjectsWe provide solution for Off-grid and On-grid Solar Power Plants of various capacities from SKW onwards. This solution is aimed at Educational Institutions,Industries,Manufacturing centres and Commercial buildings such as Hotels,Hospitals,Community Halls,Social Clubs,Malls etc.BACKUP AC LOADSCHARGE CONTROLLER SERVICE PANEL ELEC YRIC METER AND UTILITY GRID [ "li"~""~"" DUAL mm PURPOSEBATTERY BANK WVERTER'. "i"'/ A.l?1H9f? Iil-Illa}; -). ':.7,ll
  3. 3. DECCAN Energy Solutions TEAsa Ii. w: v!ml::": ': Im. ':As the power consumption is increasing day by day,the capacity ofthe power generated and transmitted by the utility is always a decit (strain).Moreover,the cost of power per KWh (unit) keeps on increasing periodically.The rooftops of our residences can be effectively utilised for power generation,as a result we can save lot of money. Deccan Energy Solutions provides Solar Home Systems to meet day to day domestic power requirements,through rooftop installations.;3W LED .CHARGE l.Luminiare v CONTROLLER I Battery Solar Charger Mains 3W LED ,Luminiare 9Solar Module3W LED ,Luminiare.1 1.4.:ml".:1: = I:w'. Solar Water Heaters are mandatory requirements in many states,hot water usage at domestic and commercial establishments has become a necessity right from bathing to cleaning vessels. Let us give freedom to conventional electric water heaters to avoid higher power consump~ tion for hot water requirements.mi-'. '..4r; um; iiiaim1-". .1uTr
  4. 4. DECCANEnergy SolutionsDeccan Energy Solution brings a handy portable light ECCO Diva 118 and ECCO Diva 218.Key Features* Long lighting durations * Can be used as a power pack for recharging mobiles,I-pods,I-pads and music players (mp3. mp4) * Elegant user friendly,modular designCeiling Mode LPoratable Mode Reading Mode* Can be used as reading light ,without irritation to eyes.Torch ModeWall ModeDeccan Energy Solution offers Solar Street Lights with latest LED technology. * Stand alone,independent,maintenance free,sensor based system* Highly economical and reliable* 100% short circuit,surge and lightning protection* Automatic dawn to dusk operation* Very useful in lighting remote locations where there is no electricity * Perfect design with very low power consumptionwww. deccanenergy. in
  5. 5. 3. DECCAi~! ,Energy Solutions- sq TE]: : l, v. PI IW: l: l . .'. :Deccan Energy Solutions introduces portable mobile solar power packs,a simple and realistic solution to frequent power cuts.These mobile solar packs can be carried for outdoor camping,mobile shops/ vans,camp re,breakdown locations for automobileservice,power is readily available where ever we go and also to areas where there is noelectricity. I : :i: rC: :: ("I 1- ill 3. . __e , .H. __ .,. _H. _, _ , ,,,__ iii'= s% 0-- Elli?ea. .. ill? l'> _ i *: .H~-li'lW i- /, rU/ // /. ,Ic1- lure .1 l. _._ "I in}: Lighting is an art.It is the deliberate use of light to achieve practical or aesthetic effects.With the latest available LED technology we can get maximum output (lumens) with lessenergy consumption.We offer right solutions with LED for your buildings.#ilI1.'("" l. I.I yi],.' ll', .': .I. _., "yill "Energy Audit is an inspection,survey and analysis ofenergy ow for energy conservation in a building.We examine the energy consumption in a company,areas where energy is wasted and we recommend improvements.Our panel of consultants will suggest the bestpractices in energy consumption with environmental considerations. '. "'. "'. '.. ii;4He+? .IrI;4il;43}, '.71.)
  6. 6. - DECCAN(6 Energy Solution1=3Deccan Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Regd Off :No:3, Crescent Park Street,T. Nagar,Chennai 600 017Corp Off:New No:9 (Old No:5/1),Gopalakrishna Road,Pondy Bazzar,T. Nagar,Chennai - 600 017. Contact No:Ph:O4442611849 0444354681 O /45011556 Mobile:9543255677 /[email protected] co. in www. deccanenergy. inAuthorised Dealer: *Actua/supply may vary from the product images found in this brochure. Make The Energy inexhaustible
  7. 7. DECCAN(6 Energy Solutions =3Deccan Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Brings you a revolutionary productMultipurpose Emergency LightSustainable Energy Solutions
  8. 8. EV: I| l:lEl, PATENT PENDING TECHNOLOGYLEVELS OF BRIGHTNESS'Rcp'esenlntion i/ suolly approximated to actual vulucsl _l E ECCODIVA ll8 l. Ll _l >< 3 # DISTANCE lfeetl ECCODIVA Low -E-C-CODIVA Medium Ecooivil HighLED Lantern Kerosene Lantern VLUX LEVEL10001 BUTTON OPERATIONChange levels and identify battery level with one buttontion 600 ECCODlVA218 400 200 U . ... ... .. _.1 2 3 A DISTANCE lfeell ECCODIVA Low EC-CODIVA Medium Ecooivzl High CFLlantern Petromax POWER PACKCharges Mobile Phone,Tablet,Media Player,FM Radio and similar devices me so so o g m lljlll OL: im: i $iLl'Il. :." L!0l'i'/l will if ,1}:10 15 25 250 313'-1. " .31.:j 5 1o 25 250 ' -3% 1 .I ~' 1;))i- ii 1 1 READING l 1 TORCH lg,WALLN D ECCI-. l_'. lid Energy SolutionsLaniECCOWTA} PORTABLEContact No:Ph:044-42611849 O44-43546810 /45011556 Mobile:9543255677 /[email protected] co. inTMI3; CEILINGDeccan Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. New No:9 (Old No:5/1),Gopalakrishna Road,Pondy Bazzar,'l'. Nagar,Chennai - 600 017.
  9. 9. Bosch Solar Hot Water solutions for a sustainaloe futurelnvlslnikacl hr liteFeatures & Benefits> High-efficiecy European-designed solar collec- tors that are light-weight and easy to handlewe . with better aesthetic , _,, ,, ,:,@m'H'"' I > 25% higher storage capacity per collector ' > Collector frame made from weather-resistantaluminum> Premium quality materials protect main compon- ents against corrosion extending the product life> Structures and hydraulics sets are designed for faster,comfortable and reliable installations> Screw less GERMAN design Virtually makes impossible to steal absorber sheets from the collector;theft proof design> Environmentally friendly reduced C02 emissions> Energy efficient saving you money
  10. 10. System SpecicationsType System OutputNumber of collectorsTank capacityOverall System Dimensions Average output temperature Resistance to WindspeedResistance to snowload1C/2C 125LI125I 'l0OX2500X1350 60upto 129 kmph 8.53 kN/ collector1C/2C 25OL2250 2050x2650xl 425 60upto129 kmph 8.53 kN/ collectorTank Specications Overall Dimensions Weight (emptyfi| led) Kg lnnerTank mater ial InsulationInsulation Thickness Max Operating Pressure Inlet & outlet connections AccessoriesProvision for Electric Back upCollector Specictions48OX1 190 22-195/30-210 SS/ MS/ EnamelCFC free PUF insulation 50 mm all round0.5 barforTSS systems3/1 BSP externalthreads Sacrificial Anode1 W BSP connection640x1 190 38-380/48-400 SS/ MS/ EnamelCFC free PUF insulation 50 mm all round0.5 bar forTSS systems341" BSP external threads Sacrificial Anode1 /4'' BSP connectionOuter Dimensions (LxBxH) G ross Area Abs rober AreaBack Insulation Collector coverGlass transmissivity Max Operating Pressure Zero loss efficiency Overall heat lossMax Stagnation TempDECCANEnergy Solutions1032>
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