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DEALER GUIDE MOTABILITY EVENTS · PDF file MOTABILITY EVENT Holding an event is a great way of getting your dealership known in the local community, as it provides an opportunity to

Jul 12, 2020






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    BOOST YOUR SALES WITH A MOTABILITY EVENT Holding an event is a great way of getting your dealership known in the local community, as it provides an opportunity to have conversations with potential customers in a relaxed and fun environment. This can really help people get a better understanding of the benefits of the Scheme. Events are also great for business with many dealers reporting sign ups on the day and in the weeks following.

    “The ‘Under One Roof’ Motability event we held this year was a great success. We promoted it on local radio and in the local press, plus we sent over 5,000 invitations. About 450 people came along and 10 signed up on the day. We’ve seen an increase in new business each month as a result. Are we running the event again next year? Of course – and we’re making it even bigger!”

    Douglas Small, Group Motability Specialist, Eastern Western Motor Group Limited

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    2. When and where should you hold your event? 4 From our experience Motability events can be successful on any day of the week. So if

    your retail business is busy at the weekends, hold your Motability events on weekdays 4 Try to not clash with any major sporting events and also avoid any big soap storylines

    on TV 4 For some of our customers, getting out and about in bad weather conditions or the

    dark can be difficult, so don’t hold your event on a dark winter night. Spring and summer are better times of year

    4 If you’re planning an event away from your dealership, check the venue has adequate disabled facilities, plenty of level concrete for your car displays and lots of accessible parking

    3. What should you do in the run up to your event? 4 Work hard at promoting your event 4 Order any Point of Sale material you need well ahead, so you can be sure it’s all

    available for the day and makes a real impact 4 Invite local adaptation, WAV, scooter or powered wheelchair companies to support

    your event. They can help with advice on the day and invite people from their own databases too

    ADVICE ON PLANNING A SUCCESSFUL EVENT Hosting a great event is all about planning and starting early enough to get everything done. Start by creating a time plan of key tasks and don’t forget to allocate lots of time to promoting your event, as well as the planning.

    1. How to make your event stand out People are getting more and more invitations to retail events these days, so the key to making your event a success is making sure it stands out from the crowd. Here are some ideas to help with this: 4 Promoting competitions, special offers on the day, free prize draws or free gifts at your

    events are a great way to encourage people to attend 4 Want a ready made prize draw? Then use our free prize draw cards that give everyone

    who attends your event a chance to win a great prize (paid for and sent out to them by Motability). These are available from the Point of Sale website or in the ‘Event in a Box’ pack (see page 7 for more details)

    4 Hold your event in an interesting location, such as a local tourist attraction or a sporting venue

    4 Promoting free refreshments or entertainment on the day is always a crowd pleaser 4 Why not persuade a local celebrity, sports person or dignitary to attend? At the very

    least their presence should gain you some PR coverage in the local press 4 Invite other Scheme partners or local disability organisations to attend. A relevant

    expert such as WAV, adaptation or powered wheelchair and scooter companies will help attract more guests and they can help promote the event too

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    4. How we can support you Our Dealer Resource Centre, provides one easy place to find all your Motability support. So, if you need help go to to access everything from ordering Motability merchandise, logging your event on our website, downloading marketing templates and much more.

    • Post your event on our website By logging details of your event on our website it will be advertised online. We also promote this website in all our customer mailings. Once listed, your dealership will then receive a FREE ‘Event in a Box’ pack that contains loads of goodies (including our free prize draw cards) to help you promote your event. You are able to purchase more of these packs at Submitting your event is simple, just go to and click the ‘Events’ icon (shown below).


    ADVICE AND SUPPORT FOR PROMOTING YOUR EVENT 1. Attract your target market 4 You’ll need to let people know you’re holding an event at least two to three weeks

    ahead of it. Send invitations to your own database of contacts and don’t forget to invite your existing customers and encourage them to bring friends and family along

    4 Contact local disability organisations including your local Shopmobility to see if they will promote your event to their members

    4 Contact your local doctor’s surgery to see if you can put up a poster or leave invitations in their public waiting areas

    4 If you’ve asked other companies to support your event make sure they also distribute invitations to any mailing lists they may have

    4 Use our marketplace data to see areas of high potential near you that may be worth targeting with a door drop of your event invitations. This is available on our dedicated marketing site, simply click the ‘Marketing’ icon at

    2. Getting coverage in the local press 4 Try and get press coverage in your local papers – don’t forget we have event press

    release templates which you can personalise and send to local newspapers 4 Don’t forget to also make your local radio station aware of what you have planned.

    You never know they may decide to plug your event or even come along! 4 Consider also sending your event press releases to local online ‘What’s on’ guides 4 Getting coverage is all about whether your event has something special to offer. Names

    and faces make an event more interesting to write about, so include pictures with your press releases. If you’ve persuaded a local celebrity, sports person or dignitary to attend this will really help generate coverage

    3. What to include in your event promotion 4 When promoting your event remember to highlight all the extras that you’ve added to

    make your event stand out 4 Also consider the type of people that may attend; they will be encouraged if they are

    reassured they are coming to an accessible venue with good disabled facilities and plenty of free parking close by

    4 As many of our customers are also nervous about visiting a dealership for the first time, make sure your invitation looks as friendly and welcoming as possible. Pictures of the friendly staff they’re going to meet on the day can really help


    D E A L E R G U I D E | M OTA B I L I T Y E V E N T S M OTA B I L I T Y D E A L E R . C O . U K8 9

    • Use our marketing event templates to help promote your events To find our dedicated marketing site click the ‘Marketing’ icon (shown below) at Here you’ll find a range of pre-designed event templates for you to use, including press adverts, pre-recorded radio adverts, direct mail, web banners and press releases all designed to help promote your events. They’re simple to use, just download and then add your own dealership and event details to complete the template.

    • Hire our event equipment to give your event a real boost New this year, we have a range of stands available to hire at very competitive rates, to support your events.

    Hire charges: 1 day basic hire £295 2 day basic hire £395 3 day basic hire £495

    Hire of these stands includes delivery, full set up and collection. Additional collateral is available to order at an additional cost. For more information or to book a stand visit Availability is limited (especially at peak times), so book early to avoid disappointment.

    • Post your event on our Motability Events Facebook page Our Motability Events Facebook page can also help advertise your event. Simply ‘like’ our page and you can share details of your events directly on the Motability Events wall. Why not share photos of previous events you’ve held to encourage more people to come along?

    • Order Motability merchandise to make your event stand out To see the full range of material available go to and click on the ‘Point of Sale’ icon (shown below). Alongside our standard range of merchandise there’s a wide range of event items available to order. Ordering is simple, just go to the website, click on the items you want and place your order, lots of items are free. For chargeable items and postage, you simply pay for your order by Direct Debit.


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