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DBS Teaching Day workshop

Jan 20, 2017



PowerPoint Presentation

Orna [email protected]@orna_farrell

DBS- Digital Learning Workshop

My Top 10 TEL Tools for Teaching

About meOrna FarrellAcademic Co-ordinator/Digital Learning Specialist- Humanities Programmes, Open Education Unit, NIDL, DCU

Phd candidate TCD- dissertation title An exploration of criticality, reflective learning and eportfolios among third level learners

My first eportfolio-May 2009

ContextSome thoughts on learning designFlipping the classroomTop 10 tools



ContextNMC Horizon report 2016National Forum Cassells report

Pedagogy vs. technologyLearning is the desired outcome and technology is the enabler or enhancer (Kinash, Knight, McClean, 2015)It is a fallacious deterministic notion to state that technology can enable learning (Selwyn, 2012)trying to create pedagogy anew- we should be in the business of locating the new technologies within proven practices and models of teaching. (Beetham & Sharpe, 2014)

Learning DesignPedagogical affordances: design a tool so that it supports activities which are seen as desirable or necessary for learning. (Hammond 2010)design patterns for learning framework, and will examine firstly the problem, the context and the outline a solution.(Maina & Mor 2015, Laurillard 2012)

Pikochart- infographicsThinglinkAtavist-interactive ebooksAnimotoPixton-comic stripsPeerWiseCamtasia- Video/screencastingJing- screencasting/VideoWixLivebinders

My Top 10 TEL for Teaching


1.Piktochart to use infographic tool, visual learningPossible uses: research activity-students create their own infographic, way of presenting research results

2. Thinglinkwww.thinglink.comAllows to embed rich media links to photos and videos- create hot spotsPossible uses: to publish student work, project, way of presenting a multimedia bibliographyMy example:

3. Atavist based ebooks, you can embedded videos, links, interactive tables and its mobile ready.htps://

4.Animotowww.animoto.comOnline animation tool-creates videos from photosPossible uses: advertise something, student projects/presenations, digital storytellingMy animoto example:

5. Pixtonhttps://www.pixton.comCreate your own cartoon strips/storyboardPossible uses: student activity to explain terms/projects/difficult concepts

Activity-10 minutesChoose a tool from the top 5 and create an artefactConsider how you would use this tool with your studentsPost a link or screenshot of your work and how you would use it on this Padlet wall

6. PeerWise is an online repository of multiple-choice questions that are created, answered, rated and discussed by studentsa course using PeerWise begins with an empty repository. This grows gradually as the course progresses and students author and contribute relevant

7. Camtasia/Jing/Screencast-o-matic video tutorials, screengrab and annotate, screencastsPossible uses: first person video diary (vlog), short videos, explainers, how tosYoutube video editor:

8.Wixwww.wix.comWix is a free website building toolUses: eportfolio, blog, digital resumeHere is my wix:

9. Livebinderswww.livebinders.comAn online binder for content curationUses: eportfolio, shared class notebooks, group projects/collaboration, class textbookPre-set templates

10.Articulate piece of software designed to produce e-learning content and coursesCreate interactive learning objects which combine quizzes, screencasts videoCould use to flip class roomCould make a how to guide

Activity 2Go to www.kahoot.itGame pin: .

MOOC-Head Start Online

Thank You!

Interesting Links/ReferencesInteresting LinksProject 252 Harts Top 100 Tools: 1 Minute CPD: Mor: the classroom Dr. Roddy Flynn:, M. 2010. What is an affordance and can it help us understand the use of ICT in Education? Education and Information Technologies, 15(3).Laurillard, D. 2012. Teaching as a Design Science. London: Routledge.Maina, M., Craft, B., & Mor, Y. (Eds.) 2015. The art and science of learning design.

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