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Dart flight school - Dart and Polymer Introduction

May 10, 2015




Introduction to Dart and Polymer.dart and how we used the technologie to (re)launch - Presentation for the Vienna Dart Flight School at 2014-02-01

Full Version with a few Speaker Notes available at:

Feel free to share, use and remaster/edit or give feedback for improvements ;-)

2. Herbert Poul, Developer @Developed in Dart since April 2013 Gone into production in July @HerbertPoul 3. My go-to Languages Server Side Java Python Perl PHPWeb/Client Side [email protected] 4. Dart? OO Language for the modern Web Optionally Typed Fully Object Oriented Toolable: Whole Program Analysis/Refactoring (Type Inference, etc.) @HerbertPoul 5. Not just a Language batteries-included developer [email protected] 6. Rich Core Library [email protected] 7. Dart Editor Eclipse based [email protected] 8. Pub - Package Manager 670+ [email protected] 9. Syntax Familiar (boring) syntax similar to Java / JavaScript / C#@HerbertPoul 10. with some fortunate [email protected] 11. Named [email protected] 12. Constructor syntax [email protected] 13. Named Optional [email protected] 14. Cascade [email protected] 15. String [email protected] 16. Getter & [email protected] 17. Function shorthand for [email protected] 18. Use it today!Dartium @HerbertPoul 19. dart2jsCompile Dart to JavaScript @HerbertPoul 20. dart2js is a First-Class [email protected] 21. Used in [email protected] 22. WorkTrail: How we use [email protected] 23. Extending the [email protected] 24. Reusing Polymer [email protected] 25. Reusing Elements from Pub Install packages through Pub Use 3rd Party Elements with complete [email protected] 26. WorkTrail Public Elements @ github autocomplete_ui[email protected] 27. Polymer 28. HTML [email protected] 29. Custom Elements & Shadow [email protected] 30. Template Binding & [email protected] 31. Polymer.dart Build structured, encapsulated, client-side web apps with Dart and web components 32. Demo: Reuse [email protected] 33. Create Application 34. Adding autocomplete_ui as dependency 35. Add autocomplete component 36. add choices and choice properties 37. Deployment pub [email protected] 38. Dart batteries-included Platform for Web Apps Usable now! Easy to learn & get [email protected] 39. Thanks Questions? @HerbertPoul visit us @ @HerbertPoul