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Dar al-Islam World History AP. Dar al-Islam as a World System  Dar al-Islam or the Abode of Islam  Not based on economic activity which is traditionally

Jan 17, 2016



  • Dar al-IslamWorld History AP

  • Dar al-Islam as a World SystemDar al-Islam or the Abode of IslamNot based on economic activity which is traditionally used to define a world systemBuilt on the shared traditions of all Muslimsthe Five Pillarsthe QuranHadiths and the ShariaArabic language

  • Dar al-Islam

  • Ibn Battuta 1304-1368Muslim lawyer and travelerLeft for hajj in 1325 at age 20Travels for 29 years covering 75,000 miles (traveled through 44 modern countries)Rihla of journey indispensable source of knowledge for the Middle AgesWhy was he able to accomplish this?Dar al-Islam

  • Travels of Ibn BattutaYes, its Ibn Battuta crater!

  • Cultural Accomplishments ofDar al-Islam

  • Muslim ScholarshipAbbasid Caliph al-Mamun opens the House of Wisdom in Baghdad in 800 CECombination library, school, and translation centerTranslates classic Greek and Roman worksCordoba, Spain will be instrumental in revival of European learning

  • Medical AdvancesGreatest physician of the Middle Ages was al-RaziTreatise on Measles and SmallpoxClassified material into three categories: animal, vegetable, and mineralWorlds best hospitalsDoctors had to go to medical schoolIbn Sinas The Canon of Medicine was used by the West for 600 years

  • Math and ScienceTwo main ideas introduced by Muslim scholarsScientific observation and experimentationNew mathematical solutionsAl-Khwarizmi created al-jabrart of bringing together unknowns to match a known quantityThats right: Algebra!Soviet Union postage stamp, 1983

  • Math and ScienceAl-Haytham laid the foundation for modern opticsAl-Biruni wrote 146 works (13,000 pages) on cartography, mathematics, and astronomyAl-Tusi and Al-Shatir created a symmetrical orbit of the planets

  • LiteratureShah-Nama (Book of Kings) by Firdawsione of the most exquisite works of Islamic artRubiyat Omar Khayyam The Thousand and One Nights

  • CalligraphyMuslim Statement of FaithBird and a Muslim poem

  • ArchitectureWhat makes Islamic architecture unique? Mosaics Minarets SquinchesMosaic, Mir-i-Arab Mosque Bukhara, UzbekistanMinarets of Prophets Mosque, MedinaWhat a fine squinch!

  • Dome of the Rock Jerusalem

  • Inside the Dome of the Rock

  • The Prophets Mosque Medina, Saudi Arabia

  • Mosque of Cordoba Cordoba, SpainRoman Bridge

  • Inside the Cordoba Mosque

  • Inside the Cordoba Mosque

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