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Danny Rivera Galena Park Elementary Encounters 2013-2014

Jan 18, 2016



  • Danny RiveraGalena Park ElementaryEncounters2013-2014

  • Downtown Houston When we took a field trip to Downtown Houston, we went to the Sam Houston Park. There were many old houses and a black and white ducky with a red eye!!!!! (This is a real life picture)

  • Architecture This is an example of modern architecture. It is in the shape of an elephant!! It has its own unique creation.

  • Childrens Museum In encounters, we took a trip to the children's museum! It was really fun with all of the activities they had. The picture in the background is a jungle gym. We actually got to climb up that tall tower!

  • Gingerbread Houses Around Christmas, we made our own gingerbread houses. They were really fun to make! The hard thing was that the marshmallow cream wasnt sticky enough to hold up the entire house. But it was exciting!

  • Modern Architecture Modern architecture was very artistic with many creative details. Modern architecture started in the 1860s and expands to this day! A famous modern architect was Frank Lloyd Wright. And almost all modern buildings have their own unique idea.

  • My Green Feature On my model, there is a green wall on the 5th floor. A green wall is a wall partially or completely covered with plants or vegetation. On my model, you can look up close to the green wall because there is a balcony to stand on.

  • My Tri-board On my Tri-board, I have a paper model of the actual building. On each floor, there is a paragraph about whats inside each story. On the left side of the tri-board, there is a picture of a green wall just like I have. Below that picture, there are some fun facts about modern architecture. On the right side of the board, there are some trivia questions about my building. Below it are the answers.

  • My model, The Not Leaning Tower of Rainbows My building has 6 floors. The 1st floor is blue, which is an indoor water park. On the 2nd floor (purple), there is a museum where there are many artifacts of the days when there were kings and queens. On the 3rd story (red), it is always 90 degrees; on the 4th floor (yellow), it is always exactly 100 degrees; if you keep going on to the 5th floor (green), you will arrive in the green floor, with nothing but plants. There is even a green wall! Finally, on the last story (orange), it is a floor with nothing but sweets like ice cream, fruits, and candy!

  • Conclusion My year in encounters has been a blast! I really enjoyed all of the fun activities. We did so many fun projects. Mrs.Rountree was so nice during the entire year. I cant wait for next year when Im in middle school and come back to encounters to go on more field trips, and do more activities!