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Younus Poonawala DAIRY FARM MANAGEMENT Introduction, Automation and Case Stu Younus Poonawala, Tekmindz Pune, 2010 © 2010 - 2011 Samin Tekmindz India Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved

Dairy farming case_study

May 07, 2015


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  • 1.Younus Poonawala DAIRY FARM MANAGEMENT Introduction, Automation and Case Study Younus Poonawala,Tekmindz Pune, 2010 2010 - 2011 Samin Tekmindz India Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved

2. Topics Covered

  • Part 1 Introduction
    • Introduction to Dairy Farming
    • Need for Dairy Farming
    • Facts and Figures
  • Part 2 Automation
    • Introduction to Dairy Farming Automation
    • Need for Automating Dairy Farm Management
    • Areas to Automate in a Dairy Farm
    • Features of a typical DMS
    • Elaborate a Feature :: Herd Management
  • Part 3 Case Study : Herd Management
    • Expert's Advice
    • Market Leaders/Available options
    • Herd management using Infovet's Herdman

3. PART IINTRODUCTION where our milk products come from? 4. Introduction to Dairy Farming

  • Dairy farming is an enterprise, for long-term production of milk and milk products, usually from dairy cows but also from goats and sheep, which may be either processed on-site or transported to a dairy factory for processing and eventual retail sale.
  • In short, it is a farm forproducing milk and milk products .

5. Why do Dairy Farming?

  • Dairying is an important source of subsidiary income to small/marginal farmers and agricultural laborers.
  • The manure from animals provides a good source of organic matter for improving soil fertility and crop yields.
  • The surplus fodder and agricultural by-products are gainfully utilized for feeding the animals.
  • A farmer can earn a gross surplus of about Rs. 12,000 per year from a unit consisting of 2 milking buffaloes.

6. Facts & Figures

  • India is the largest manufacturer of dairy products in the world with 115*10kg/y. Followed by United States (80*10kg/y) and Germany (39*10kg/y).
  • New Zealand is the largest exporter of dairy products.
  • In India, Milk production alone involves more than 70 million producers, each raising one or two cows/ buffaloes primarily for milk production.
  • World over dairy animal productivity has increased to many-fold, whereas in India the milk production and fertility have remained more or less static over several decades.

7. PART IIAUTOMATION man vs. machines, endless saga 8. Introduction toDairy Farming Automation 9. What is Dairy Automation?

  • Dairy Automation System provides an effective services and solutions platform that enables value added services to the dairy farming business. It ensures continually enhanced productivity at an affordable cost of production.
  • Many countries have achieved remarkable progress by setting up animal data recording system.

10. Need of Automation! -to produce more -make more money -get better returns from labor -comply with a law or local convention -easy to manage, monitor and control 11. Solutions to Automate!

  • Automatic/Manual Milking System
  • Milk Cooling
  • Dairy Herd Management
  • Breeding/Health Lifetime Reports
  • Feed/Manure Management
  • Performance Monitor Reports
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting/Budgeting/Inventory/Production/Tracking/Security and many many more...

12. Features involved in a typical DMS * Growth measurements * Heifer management * Herd grouping * Vet check (Herd Health) list* Breeding program* Group movement * Bulk tank & equipment details* Dairy economic links * Production costs * Recommended AI sires (download or manual)* Classification (download or manual)* Genetic indexes (download or manual)* Pedigrees * Parentage * Total lactation production * Vaccination scheduling * Family trees * Id tidy * Cow comments * Pedigree award line * Registration - online or print form * Links with milking parlor systems * Create custom reports* Animal identification * Batch & individual Herd Health findings* Calving data * Individual & batch service events * Batch & individual dry-off dates * Milk production * Download DHI test date files* Auxiliary traits* Projected production * Body condition scores * Hoof trimming & hoof care* ALL disease records * Mastitis records * Lameness records * Health test information & results * Semen inventory * Embryo events * Cull/Sell/Mortality * Kept open * Links with milk parlor systems * Digital image on cow card * Quick identification 13. Dairy Herd Management maintaining of lifetime animals records of cow and buffalo data analysis and report generation data analysisand management information systems custom design for different breeds fertility and production indices moderately literate farmer can operate the software categories of animals, such as, calves, heifers, adults, breeding bulls and working bullocks records of culled, sold or died animals maintained in archive files details of treatment given during the entire herd lifetimeMaster entries, Breeding, production, health/lifetime records, reports and herd performance analysis udder examination report Feeding details in respect of each animal 14. PART IIICASE STUDY Solutions automating real life situations 15. Expert's Advice Businesses worldwide are busy trying toreduce their cost baseto keep afloat. That is no different in the dairy industry. We believe thegoal of doing more with lesscan be achieved by supporting farm managers with suitable technology,not rocket-science inventions necessarily but simple solutionsalready available can really make a difference - DeLaval Vice President Business Area Aftermarket & ServicesTim Nicolatold a news conference. 16. Market Leaders

  • Alpro Windows
  • Barn Owl 2000
  • Cattle Manager -
  • Dairy Enterprise
  • Dairy Live
  • Dairy Plan
  • Dairy SFT
  • Siga Dairy
  • Dairy Suite
  • Dairy Champ
  • Dairy Comp 305
  • Dairy man
  • Dairy Quest
  • Infovet Herdman
  • DHI Plus

17. Infovet's Herdman!

  • With
  • Validated Under projects supported by
  • Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Mumbai400 012 , India
  • National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development, Mumbai
  • India Country Development Marketplace-World Bank
  • Extensively tested at
  • Chitale Dairy / Sangamner Milk Union, Maharashtra
  • Several Livestock Research Stations of Agricultural Universities
  • More than50Commercial Dairy Farms
  • Recommended In
  • Draft Report of the Farmers Commission of Government of India

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