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DAIRY FARMING By. Dalton Thompson

Dairy Farming

Feb 24, 2016




Dairy Farming. By. Dalton Thompson. Reasons why I choose this job. Family Fun Be with animals Be outside . Things you need to Farm. Animals Machinery Energy Money Land . Responsibilities . Got to feed animals Able to sell product Keep machines working Keep animals alive - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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Dairy Farming

Dairy FarmingBy. Dalton Thompson

Reasons why I choose this jobFamily FunBe with animals Be outside

Things you need to FarmAnimals MachineryEnergyMoneyLand

Responsibilities Got to feed animalsAble to sell productKeep machines workingKeep animals aliveKeep barn clean

Kinds of FeedCornCorn silageHaylageHaySoy beans

Products made from FarmingMilkCheeseIce creamYogurtCottage cheese

Machines usedTractors CombinesTMR mixerBail Skid steers

Animals usedCows-milkSheep-woolPigs-trufflesChickens-eggsGoats-milk

Education and TrainingAgronomyAnimal scienceBusiness and personal lawEcologyEnterprenewership

On the job training

National salaryWage Level

Wisconsin National Salaryrange: n/a to n/aPer HourSalaryrange: $18,900 to $91,710Per HourEntryn/an/a$18,900$9.09 Mediann/an/a$32,350$15.55 Experiencedn/an/a$91,710$44.09

For a promotion you can get more money if your cows give more milk than usualSchedulesSummer-15hrs.Winter-10hrs.

Good and bad things about FarmingGood thingsBe with animalsYour not lazyOperate machineryGet to do things when u wantGet to be your own bossBad thingsLong hoursWork in bad whether Have to do itThings breakThings cost moneyThat was my power pointBy Dalton ThompsonWorks cited-Dairy Farmers. wiscareers. Board of regents of the university of wisconsin system, Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System