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Dabur Performance Appraisal at Dabur India

Nov 08, 2014





Ms. Sanjana Jain In partial fulfillment of requirement for the award of degree in


Ankur Jain

Prepared By:-

Roll no. 520838198, Sem-Fourth(4) AGRA (U.P.) (2008-10)





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DECLARATIONI, ANKUR JAIN student of MBA IVth semester, Sikkim Manipal University session 2008 2010, Roll no. 520838198 hereby declare that report entitle Performance appraisal System in Dabur India Limited the outcome of my own work and the same has not been submitted to any university/Institute for the award of any degree or diploma.



Agra ANKUR JAIN (520838198)

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This is to certify that the project Performance Appraisal System in Dabur India Limited is a dedicated record of bonafied work carried by Ankur Jain, a student for the Master of Business Administration course at Sikkim Manipal University, has completed under my project guide during this year. No part of this work has been submitted for any other degree. Her work and output has been found to be satisfactory.

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This project was done in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Business Administration. The three things which go on to make a successful endeavor are dedication, hard work and correct guidance. Able and timely guidance not only helps in making an effort fruitful, but also transforms the whole process of learning into an enjoyable and memorable experience. This project proved as an excellent opportunity for me to apply the concepts learnt in the course of my program at the institute. I am also thankful to Project guide (Ms. Sanjana Jain) Sikkim Manipal University for giving me this opportunity which helped me in gaining knowledge about Performance appraisal System in Dabur India Limited. I am deeply indebted towards Ms. Sanjana Jain or guiding me in preparing this project. I take this opportunity to thank all the people without whose help, guidance and inputs it would not have been possible to make the project report a success. Finally, I would like to thank all those who were directly or indirectly related to my project.

Ankur Jain

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PREFACEThe MBA curriculum is designed in such a way that student can grasp maximum knowledge and can get practical exposure to the corporate world in minimum possible time. Management colleges of today realize the importance of practical knowledge over the theoretical base. The research report is necessary for the partial fulfillment of MBA curriculum and it provides an opportunity to the researcher in understanding the industry with special emphasis on the development of skills in analyzing and interpreting practical problems through the application of management theories and techniques. It is a new platform of learning through practical experience, which incorporates survey and comparative analysis. It gives a learner an opportunity to relate the theory with the practice, to test the validity and applicability of his classroom learning against real life business situations. This report helped me in knowing the employees attitude in better way and inculcated my knowledge towards the Performance Appraisal System in Dabur India Limited.

Ankur Jain

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1. Executive Summary 2. Topic Introduction 3. Company Profile 4. Literature Review 5. Objective of the study 6. Importance of the study 7. Research Methodology

7 9 32 50 51 52 53 53 67 67 68 ` 70 82 83 83 85 87 88

a. Research design b. Sampling Technique c. Sampling area d. Sampling unit e. Sampling size8. Data Analysis

a. Interpretation b. Findings & Conclusion9. Conclusion 10. Recommendation and Suggestions 11. Bibliography 12. Annexure/Questionnaires

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYPerformance Appraisal System in Dabur India LimitedAn organizations goals can be achieved only when people put in their best efforts. How to ascertain whether an employee has shown his or her best performance on a given job? The answer is performance appraisal. Employee assessment is one of the fundamental jobs of HRM, but not an easy one through. This report is devoted to a detailed discussion of the nature and process of conducting performance appraisal. Performance appraisal is a formal, structured system of measuring and evaluating an employees job related behaviors and outcomes to discover how and why the employee is presently performing on the job and how employee can perform more effectively in the future so that the employee, organization and society all benefit. Performance Appraisal at Dabur India Limited is annually but without informing , to employees or workers there appraisal period is one year. During this period they appraise of worker or employee on the basis of parameters. As attendance, punctuality, creativity, level of work. Reporting officer has to fill up the annual confidential report and then overall rating. Reviving officer will review the record will give his own rating on the record. The main objective of doing performance appraisal is to check employees efficiency and effectiveness to performing the job .To study the factor responsible for satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the Performance Appraisal System. The Research Methodology is to describe the research 7 | Page

procedure. This includes the descriptive and exploratory research design and during the study of both Primary and secondary data has been used and the statistical analysis is mean and average. The results of survey that 80% employees are satisfied with their Performance Appraisal but 20% of the employee had negative attitude or dissatisfaction with their Appraisal because Appraisal is annually but without informing, to employees or workers there appraisal period is one year and the working hour of the organization is not very good. So the employees have dissatisfaction. This survey indicated that there is considerably more satisfaction than dissatisfaction then the entire person who are gainfully employed is included in the survey

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Any dynamic Organization requires its employees to be capable of performing the variety of task associated with their role/position. It is essential for an Organization to assess the performance level of an employee in the particular position. This also helps the Organization in identifying the training and the orientation needs of the employees. The tool, which is used to evaluate the performance of an employee, is termed as PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Performance Appraisal is not isolated system but a part of bigger Human Resource System called as PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. Performance Management can be defined as A Management process designed to link the organizations objective with those of the individuals and to make sure Corporate objectives are, as far as possible met performance Appraisal is the most important sub-system of Performance Management System. Performance Appraisal evaluates the Performance of an employee against the job standards in terms of Quantitative, Qualitative and Behavioral Aspects at the work spot.

Meaning:In simple terms, performance appraisal may be understood as the assessment of an individuals performance in a systematic way, the performance being measured against such factors as job knowledge, quality and quantity of 9 | Page

output, initiative, leadership abilities, supervision, dependability, cooperation and judgment performance. Performance appraisal is a formal, structured system of measuring and evaluating an employees job, related behaviors and outcomes to discover how and why the employee is presently performing on the job and how employee can perform more effectively in the future so that the employee, organization and society all benefit.

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NEED FOR PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL SYSTEMDespite multiplicity and complex nature of many training and educational programs, most development occurs on job. But such development is ineffective and slow if employee is not systematically appraised and feed back information concerning his/her quality of performance. . Fundamentally, Performance Appraisal serves four main purposes for an organization and employees. Performance Appraisal is being practiced in 90% of the organizations worldwide. Typically, Performance Appraisal is aimed at: time. To judge the gap between the actual and the desired performance. To help the management in exercising organizational control. To diagnose the training and development needs of the future. Provide information to assist in the HR decisions like transfers etc. Provide clarity of the expectations and responsibilities of the functions to be performed by the employees. To judge the effectiveness of the other human resource functions of the organization such as recruitment, selection, training and development. To reduce the grievances of the employees. Helps to strengthen the relationship and communication between superior subordinates and management employees. 11 | P a g e promotions, To review the performance of the employees over a given period of


Every organization wants improvement and development in his employee. So they adopt all these strategies, which help to organization in improving employees ability. In the starting of 20th century the role of performance appraisal was limited. Its scopes are in few areas as: Recruitment Selection Promotion Compensation

But, with the natural changes and dynamic rapid growth the requirement of performance has incr

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