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D1 Tracker Integration Overview · §Worksite in Tracker will always match the Worksite configuration in UCPath HR Worksite 3. The HR Worksite table will have the following properties:

Oct 19, 2020



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    Tracker I-9/UCPath IntegrationUC Position Custom Field | HR Worksite

    Wednesday, 1/16/19

  • § HR Worksite is a new table/field added under UC Custom Position Data and drives the majority of UCPath and Tracker integration functionality.

    HR Worksite


  • § HR Worksite drives E-Verify compliance. In Tracker, each Worksite can be configured to use E-Verify or not. Only employees in E-Verify enabled Worksites will be E-Verified.

    § Security on Tracker’s website is based on Worksite. Location users using Tracker will only have access to certain Worksites, and can only view employees in Worksites the user has access to.

    § Worksite determines if an employee will receive an email or not to complete Section 1. If a Worksite is configured on Tracker’s end to not send Automatic emails. Employees hired into positions where the Worksite elects NOT to send automatic emails, will not receive an email to complete Section 1.

    § Locations will maintain HR Worksite just as they maintain all other fields on Position Data

    § Worksite in Tracker will always match the Worksite configuration in UCPath

    HR Worksite


  • The HR Worksite table will have the following properties:§ Set ID

    • Defines Location(eg LACMP, RCVMP, LAMED). Correlates with Business Unit

    § HR Worksite• Falls under each Set ID. Will match all Worksites under each location in Tracker.

    § Description• Description of each Worksite

    § Send Email• Y/N field if the Worksite is configured to send automatic emails or not

    § E-Verify• Y/N field if the Worksite has e-Verify turned on or not

    § Rehire New I-9• Y/N field is the Worksite requires new I-9s for Rehires

  • § The Send Email flag on each Worksite indicates if that Worksite is set up to send automatic emails to the employee to complete Section 1

    § If Send Email = Y, once the Hire/Rehire transaction hits Job Data, a real time webservice is then sent to Tracker:

    • Creating a new Employee Profile

    • Sending an email to the employee containing a link to complete Section 1

    § If Send Email = N, once the Hire/Rehire transaction hits Job Data, a real time webservice is then sent to Tracker:

    • Updating the existing Employee Profile in Tracker with the newly generated UCPath EMPLID

    • The Tracker Profile ID is needed for this webservice to update the existing Tracker Profile. There is a field for Tracker Profile ID on the template

    § For Worksites with Send Email = N, it is assumed that the employee has an existing profile and I-9 in Tracker, and only the Employee Profile in Tracker needs to be updated with the UCPath EMPLID.

    § Send Email = Y creates an Employee Profile

    § Send Email = N updates the existing Employee Profile

    Worksite Configuration | Send Email


  • § Each location has 1 Worksite that is configured for E-Verify.

    § The Worksite with E-Verify = Y will match the Worksite in Tracker that has E-Verify enabled. All other Worksites for the respective location will have E-Verify = N.

    § Employees who have a funding source update that results in the need to be E-Verified, will have their Worksite automatically flipped to the E-Verify Worksite of that location.

    § Worksite updates invoke a real time webservice to Tracker, and when an employees Worksite is updated to the E-Verify worksite that will begin t he E-Verify process on Tracker’s end.

    Worksite Configuration | E-Verify


  • § Worksites have the option to generate a new I-9 for employees who are Rehired less than 3 years since the previous Hire or Rehire.

    § If a location or Worksite opt to have a new I-9 triggered for a Rehire less than 3 years, Rehire New I-9 should be Y.

    Worksite Configuration | Rehire New I-9


  • § HR Worksite is required to send a real time web service message to Tracker.

    § If HR Worksite is not on the employee’s position at the time of a Hire or Rehire that requires I-9 action, no web service message will be sent to Tracker creating or updating Employee Profile.

    § If a transaction is saved to Job Data without HR Worksite on position, it is required to manually create the Employee Profile or update the existing profile with UCPath EMPLID in order to sync the systems back up.

    § UCPath will write I-9 data for an employee once there is a valid UCPathEMPLID in Tracker, as well as a completed I-9.

    Using HR Worksite


  • § Updating HR Worksite on Position Data can be done by location Position Admins using 2 pages:

    • Position Data

    • Position Control

    Updating HR Worksite