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Customer service strategy social customer

Aug 20, 2015



  1. 1. Design a Customer Service Strategy to Serve the Social Customer Practical IT Research that Drives Measurable Results
  2. 2. Introduction Organizations are exploiting social customer interaction channels for sales and marketing, but adoption of these channels for customer service is much slower. Info-Tech research indicates that customer-initiated service inquiries through social channelsdo notpay off. However,proactively monitoringthe social cloud for service opportunitiesdoeshelp organizations achieve their service goals. IT should not be on the sidelines when it comes to enabling customer service: it must support the technologies involved (i.e.integrationwith CRM platforms). Info-Tech Research Group This solution set will help you: This research is ideal for: IT leaders involved with enabling customer service through technology. IT professionals assigned to support contact center operations. Customer service professionals curious about new channels and technologies. This research is not about: Selecting CRM software:Select the Right CRM Software Social media for sales and marketing:Leverage Social Media for Enhanced Customer Interaction
  3. 3. Executive Summary
    • IT leaders must understand all aspects of emerging social technologies, including the channel interaction strategies underlying their use.
    • Customer service is an integral part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Organizations must seek to provide superior service that increases customer satisfaction and retention.
    • Consumers and constituents are multi-channel. Only hybrid channel customer interaction strategies are effective over the lifetime of a customer relationship.
    • Adding social channels as points of interaction for customers toinitiatenew service inquiries doesnothave a positive impact on achieving customer service goals.
    • However,proactively monitoringthe social cloud for service opportunities improves chances of achieving customer service goals.The service organization must partner with Marketing and PR to ensure social cloud monitoring systems can integrate directly with CRM platforms.
    • Integration of channels with one another and with CRM software is required to achieve customer service goals. Technology integration is a critical IT role in the implementation of hybrid channel customer interaction systems. IT also needs to help manage social channel security risks and support underlying infrastructure.
    • Regardless of service process complexity, most service failures can be attributed to a breakdown in following a handful of key customer service best practices (for example, establishing response times and creating a strategy for escalation and migration).
    Info-Tech Research Group
  4. 4.
    • Social media services have grown at a tremendous rate during the past five years. Consumers are flocking to services such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
    • Social media is ubiquitous: consumers can access social media services from their computers, smartphones, and video game consoles. This ease of access has further fuelled social media adoption.
    • Adoption of social media began with younger consumers, but sustained growth is taking place across a wide range of ages, from young to old.
    • Social media is displacing traditional e-channels, such as e-mail, as consumers preferred method of interactingwith one another.
    Social media has experienced explosive growth; interacting with customers and prospects in the social cloud is a necessity Info-Tech Research Group Social media is being adopted at an incredible rate by a wide range of consumer demographics. Organizations must be in the same space as their customers and stakeholders. Bottom Line Social networking is now more popular than e-mail* Global time spent on social media is up82% over last year* Last year,Tweets grew 1400% Facebooks greatest growth has come from people aged 35-49* *Source: Nielson Online Every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube LinkedIn has users on every continent
  5. 5. Dont assume social channel success in sales & marketing will automatically carry over into customer service
    • Most organizations report to Info-Tech that they arenotusing social channels for customer service.
    • The majority of respondents did not believe they could achieve their service goals through social channels.
    • The one exception was proactively monitoring the social cloud for service opportunities.
    Info-Tech Research Group Dont take a leap of faith and blindly adopt social channels for customer service.First,assess new channels for service value. Adoptvaluablechannels into a hybrid-channel service strategy, not asindependent silos. This research will help you do just that. Bottom Line
  6. 6. Proactively identify and resolve service issues in the social cloud for the greatest benefits
    • Important conversations about organizations and their products are taking place in the social cloud.Word of mouth has become word of crowd.
    • Forward-thinking companies actively monitor the social cloud for customer service opportunities, toprotect and improve their image .
    Proactive Resolution Complaint Monitoring Info-Tech Research Group Reactive serviceis customer-initiated. keeping an eye on social conversations is definitely something thats valuable for a wide variety of organizations. -IT Manager, Municipal Services Proactive serviceinvolves actively monitoring conversations taking place in the social cloud, identifying service issues, and responding to customers and the social cloud. Historically, customer service has been reactive (i.e. customer initiated) and solely between the customer and supplier. Social media forces proactive service interactions between customer, supplier, and theentiresocial cloud.Your dirty laundry just got aired. Bottom Line Customer receives service Customer initiates process
  7. 7. When the opportunity to exploit social channels for customer service does exist, several goals can be achieved Info-Tech Research Group Social media provides another channel for organizations to respond to customer inquiries, both directly initiated by customers and by proactively monitoring the social cloud. Improving Customer Satisfaction :Customers that receive more timely and personal service in the medium that they prefer will be more satisfied. Increasing Customer Retention. Using social media with customers builds barriers to exit since customers are engaged using a medium they prefer something the organization needs to offer to remain competitive. Reducing Cost of Service:Organizations use social media to quickly and efficiently respond to customer service issues. The answer to the problem can be public, making it searchable by other customers that have the same request. 1 2 3
  8. 8. Assess Channel Value & Design a Hybrid Strategy Implement Customer Service Best Practices Customer Service and CRM Integrate Channels with CRM Software
    • ITs role is to educate the business about new interaction technologies and provide infrastructure support especially integration with CRM platforms.
    • Marketing, sales, and customer service form the three pillars of CRM. Customer interaction channels serve all three domains, not just customer service.
    • A broad range of channels are available for customer service. Traditional channels include telephony and e-mail, while newer channels encompass social media and mobile applications.
    • Exploiting new channels does not require rebuilding customer interaction capabilities from scratch. Its all about integration.
      • Section 1: Customer Service - A Key Ingredient of CRM
      • Customer service is an integral part of a holistic CRM strategy:
      • social customer interaction is no exception.
  9. 9. To advise the business, IT must fully understand the underlying channel strategies behind new interaction technologies Info-Tech Research Group
    • IT must become technologyandbusiness experts on social computing technologies before they can explain them to the business. This requires IT leaders who support customer service technologies to have a solid understanding of customer interaction channels and how they should be used to enable service.
    • The business cannot initially be expected to realize the potential business applications or risks of new interaction technologies as they emerge.
    • The business must ask IT to explain the technologies first, before they can create business strategy around them. This requires IT to getaheadof the business and understand the business impact and risks of new technologiesfirst . This has never been more true than with the emergence of social computing.
  10. 10. Customer service is an integral part of a holistic CRM strategy: leverage superior service to bring in repeat business
    • The three domains ofCustomer Relationship Management (CRM)include marketing, sales, and customer service.
    • Providing after-sales customer service and support is critical for creating, maintaining, and growing customer relationships.
    • Providing high-touch customer service is essential becauseit can cost more to procure a new customer than retain an existing one.
    • Businesses typically link sales & marketing strategy, but not service. This can be a fatal mistake: deficiencies in customer service strategy can negatively impact a customers intention to conduct repeat business with the firm.
    Info-Tech Research Group Marketing Sales Custo
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