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Cusat It 7th Sem Qstnpaper

Apr 07, 2018



Jinu Madhavan
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  • 8/6/2019 Cusat It 7th Sem Qstnpaper


    BTS (C) - VII - 09 - 059 - T

    B. Tech. Degree VII Semester Examination, November 2009

    Time: 3 Hours




    I V .V.





    Maximum Marks: 100PART-A

    (Answer ALL questions)(All questions carry EQUAL marks) (8 x 5 = 40)

    Describe about WAN and LAN technologies.What are the different functions ofBGP?Explain about Ethernet properties.Distinguish between internet multicasting and broadcasting.Why path attributes are important in BGP?Write short notes on Mobile IP.Differentiate between infrared and radio transmission.What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless transmission?

    PART-B(4 xIS = 60)

    What do you mean by ARP? ExplainOR

    Explain about (i)(ii)(iii)

    Classful addressing schemeClassless addressing schemeFast and Gigabit Ethernet

    Explain about any two Interior Routing Protocols within an autonomous system.OR

    Explain about ICMP, DHCP and IGMP.

    Explain about cellular system. What are the advantage and disadvantage.ORCompare SOMA, FOMA, TOMA and COMA.

    Explain the GSM architecture.OR

    Explain about Wireless LAN and Mobile IP... . . . . .






  • 8/6/2019 Cusat It 7th Sem Qstnpaper


    BTS(C) - VII - 09 - 061 - AO

    B. Tech Degree VII Semester Examination, November 2009Time: 3 Hours




    IV .V. (a)(b)

    VI. (a)(b)


    VIII. (a)

    IX .


    Maximum Marks: 100PARTA(Answer ALL questions)

    (All questions carry EOUAL marks)(8 x 5 = 40)


    Explain the biological model of a neuron with a neat sketch.What is Mc.Culloch Pitts neuron? How it is used to implement XOR function?Explain a Hopfield net and its characteristics.Briefly explain full counter propagation network and its application.Explain Learning Vector Quantization method.Describe Associative Memory Networks.What is Simulated Annealing? Explain its relevance to neural network training.Comment on the usage of neural networks in Image Processing and Classification.

    PARTB (4x 15=60)Discuss perceptron training algorithm with a suitable example. What are itslimitations? Explain. (15)

    ORWith suitable examples explain Delta and Hebbian teaming rules. ( I S )

    Explain the training of back propagation network and also give its derivation. (15)OR

    Describe CPN Architecture and Discrete Hopfield bets. (10)Briefly explain content Addressable Memory. (5)

    With a neat diagram explain the different stages in the operation ofan ART. (8)Briefly explain ART training method. (7)

    ORWrite brief notes on :


    Kohonen SaMMax netBAM

    (b)Explain how support vector machine classifiers can be used to classify twosets of data points. Give exampleBriefly explain Boltzmann machine.

    ORDiscuss the following neurofuzzy systems.



    Fuzzy neural hybridsNeuro fuzzy Hybrids (7+8~I5)

  • 8/6/2019 Cusat It 7th Sem Qstnpaper


    B1''',(') - Vir - 09 - 061-BH

    B. Tech Degree VII Semester Examination, November 2009IT 705 (B) DATA MINING AND WARI(HOUSING

    (2006 Scheme)Tillltl' 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 100

    PART A(Answer ALL questions)(AU questions carry EQUAL marks)

    (8 x 5'" 40)

    (b)(c)(d)(e)(f)(U )(h)

    What is data mining? Describe the steps involved in data mining when viewed as 1 1process of knowledge discovery.What is association analysis?How is a data warehouse different from a database? How are they similar?Differentiate between OLTP and OLAP.Describe various methods for handling tuples with missing values.What is noise? Discuss the data smoothing techniques?Discuss the general procedure for class comparison.What is a concept description?

    PARTB (4xlS:::60)11. Discuss the different data mining functionalifies.

    ORIII, Discuss the major issues in data mining.

    IV, Discuss the different schemas for multidimensional databases.ORV. Discuss the different OLAP operations in the multidimensional Data Model.

    VI. Discuss the fine methods for numeric concept hierarchy generation.ORVII. Explain the main strategies for data reduction.

    v II" Explain attribute - oriented induction with proper exam pies.OR

    IX, t Discuss mining descriptive statistical measures in large data basis.


  • 8/6/2019 Cusat It 7th Sem Qstnpaper


    BTS(C) - VIr - 09 - 060 - U

    B. Tech Degree VII Semester Examination, November 2009Time: 3 Hours

    II. (a)(b)


    I V .



    VII (a)

    VIII. (a)(b)XI. (a)(b)

    CS/IT 704 DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING(2006 Scheme)Maximum Marks: 100

    PARTA(Answer ALL questions)(All questions carry EQUAL marks)Compare client-server architecture and peer-peer architecture.What do you mean by marshalling and unmarshalling of data? Explain the needfor the same.What are idempotent functions? List a few applications of idempotent functions indistributed systems.What are the requirements of a distributed file system?Briefly explain the three architecture for multithread servers.Describe Christian's method for synchronising physical clocks.Explain ring based electron algorithm.What do you mean by phantom deadlocks.



    What are the challenges of a distributed system?Explain the design and implementation of Remote Method Invocation.ORCompare UDP and TCP communication protocols.Describe the architecture of an event based system with an example,


    Explain the different operating system architectures in distributed system.Describe the Sun Network File System in detail.ORA file server uses caching and achieves a hit rate of 80%. File operations in

    the server cost 5ms of CPU time. When 'the server finds the requested block inthe cache, and takes an additional ISms of disk 11 0 time otherwise Explainingany assumptions you make estimate the servers throughput capacity for eachof the following cases.(i) single threaded(ii) two threaded running on a single processor(iii) two threaded running on a two processor computer.

    Discuss how name-address resolution takes place in a DNS.b)


    Explain the network time protocol for synchronization.What do you mean by distributed mutual exclusion? Discuss two algorithms formutual exclusion.OR

    (b)Describe in detail the replication techniques used for fault tolerance in distributedsystems.What is the need for clocks in distributed system? What are the different typesof clocks used?

    What do you mean by a distributed database system? Illustrate with an example.Describe the two-phase commit protocol.ORWhat are the different concurrency control techniques in distributed transaction?

    What is a distributed deadlock? Explain its relevance in DDBMS.***

    (8 x 5 =40)







  • 8/6/2019 Cusat It 7th Sem Qstnpaper


    BTS(C) - VII- 09 - 057 - P

    B. Tech Degree VII Semester Examination, November 2009


    (2006 Scheme)Maximum Marks: 100

    I. a.b .c.d .e .f.g .




    IV .V .

    VI . a.b .

    VII. a.b .

    VIII. a.b .

    IX. a.b.

    PART A(Answer All questions)

    (8 x 5 =40)What is s pan of control? Explain the factors affecting span of control.State the principles you will use for designing the organization chart.Indicate the three levels of management and make a note on managerial skills and roles.Explain the importance of communication and decision making.What is cost accounting? Classify the different costs with a brief note on each.Discuss the features of market segmentation.Explain 'Inventory Management'. Derive an expression for EOQ making suitableassumptions.What are the elements of integrated materials management? Also explain purchase cycleand vendor selection.

    PARTB (4 x 15 =60)Explain with sketches, the different types of organization structures used for themanagement of industrial undertakings? Which among them is best suited forlarge manufacturing under takings? Give reasons for your answer. (15)

    OREnumerate the types of ownership. Discuss the salient features of each. (15)

    Discuss the development, role and significance of modem day scientific management. (15)ORExplain the different functions of management. (15)

    Explain the different methods of product pricing. (7)Write notes on (i) Inflation and profitability

    (ii) Methods of allocation of overhead (8)OR

    Classify budget based on time and function. Explain budgetary control. (8)Explain the role of advertisement inmarketing. (7)

    Define productivity. Describe-the various methods to improve productivity. (8)Explain inputs to MRP and outputs. (7)


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    BTS (C) - VII - 09 - 058 - V

    B.Tech Degree VII Semester Examination, November 2009IT 702 MULTIMEDIA COMPUTING( 10 06 S ch eme )

    Tim e : 3 Hours M ax im um M arks : 100PART-A(Answer AU questions)

    (8 x 5 = 40)I. (a)(b)

    (c)C d )C e )(f )(g)(h)

    E x pla in d iffe re nt m u ltim e dia s oftw are to ols .W rite short n otes on p rop erties of a m ultim edia system .E x pla in c omp ute r im ag e p ro ce ss in g.W rite s ho rt n ote s o n T ele vis io n B ro ad ca stin g s ta nd ard s.E x pla in th e key differences between MPEG - 2, MPEG - 4 and MPEG - 7.E x pla in c ha ra cte ri stic s o fMu ltirn ed ia D ata B as e.W rite short no tes on H yper tex t and H yper m edia.W rite short no tes on M HEG .

    PART-B (4x 15=60)II . D efin e mu ltim ed ia . E x pla in b rie fly d ata s tre am c ha ra cte ris tic s of a mu lt imed iasys tem. (15)

    ORm (a) D iscu ss th e featu res o f MM H ardware. (7)(b) E x pla in d iffe re nt c la ss ific atio n o f m ed ia . (8)IV. (a ) E x pla in th e s pe ec h re co gn itio n c omp on en ts a nd th e s ch em atic re pre se nta tio n

    o f s pe ec h re co gn itio n s ys tem. (9)(b) W rite short notes on M P3. (6)

    ORV. (a ) B riefly d iscu ss ab ou t M ID I. (9)(b ) B rie fly d is cu ss d iffe re nt A n im atio n T ec hn iq ue s. (6)V I . D efin e comp ressio n. E xp lain b riefly JP EG comp ressio n tech niq ue. (15)onV 1 1 . E xp lain MMUBs. E xp lain v ario us m ultim ed ia d atab ase o peratlo ns. (15)VIII. D efin e D ocumen t a nd M ultim ed ia d ocumen t. B riefly ex plain d ifferen tdocumen t a rch it ec tu re inMult imedia. (15)ORIX. (a ) B ri ef ly e x pla in Mu ltim ed ia App li ca ti on s. (10)(b) W rite short n otes on D VI. (5)


  • 8/6/2019 Cusat It 7th Sem Qstnpaper


    BTS (C) - VII - 09 - 058 -: A

    B. Tech Degree VII Semester Examination, November 2009IT 702 SOFfW ARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT

    (Common for 1999 & 2002 Schemes)Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 100

    1. (a) D iscuss why an engineering approach is required in Software D evelopment. (10)(b) Desc ri be P ro to ty pi ng Mode l. (10)ORII. (a ) T ra ce th e e vo lu tio n o f S oftw are E ng in ee rin g d is cip li ne , (10)

    (b) What is C la ssic al W ate rfall M od el? E xp la in th e im prov em en t m ade in Iterativ eWa te rf all Mode l. (10)

    III. Describe COCOMO Model. (20)ORIV , Ex pla in t he f ollow in g:(i) P ro du ct F low D ia gr am (ii) Gantt Ch ar ts

    (iii) Product Breakdown Structure (iv) SS"ADM. (4 x 5 =20)

    V. (a ) E xp la in the struc ture of p la n comp on en ts of a S oftw are P roje ct. (10)(b) D iscu ss o n P roje ct M on itorin g an d C on tro l. (10)ORVI. (a ) D es cri be d iff ere nt le ve ls o f S oftw ar e P ro je ct p la nn in g. (10)(b) Ex pla in th e te rm s:(i) Qual it y Review (ii) Qua li ty As su ran ce

    (iii) Quality P lanning (iv) Quali ty charac te r is tics. (10)

    VII, D is ti ng ui sh b etwe en Co nf ig ur ati on I de nti fi ca ti on and Co nf ig ur at io n Con tr ol. (20)ORVIII. E x pla in A cc ou ntin g a nd A ud it c on ce pts in C on fi gu ra tio n Mana geme nt. (20)

    IX. (a) Write v ario us p ro du ctiv ity a ttr ib ute s a nd e xp la in , (10)(b ) H ow to e sta blis h a P ro du cti vity Im p ro veme nt P ro gram? (10)ORX, (a ) D escribe H ertzbe rg Two - facto r theo ry of M otivation , (10)(b) Ex pla in d iff ere nt ty pe s o f te am s tr uc tu re s. (10)