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Curriculum Vitae - Netaji Subhas Open · PDF fileCurriculum Vitae Name: ... ‘Teaching English Literature: ... Enriching the Post Graduate English ODL Curriculum/ UGC-DEB/FY 2015-16

Jun 26, 2018




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    Curriculum Vitae

    Name: Dr Oindrila Ghosh

    Present designation: Assistant Professor in English,

    School of Humanities,

    Netaji Subhas Open University

    06.05.2015 onwards

    Previous affiliation in

    substantive post: Assistant Professor in English,

    Naba Ballygunge Mahavidyalaya


    Graduation: Presidency College,

    University of Calcutta

    First Class Second in BA English (honours) Examination,

    (First in College) 2003

    Post Graduation: Jadavpur University

    First Class Fourth (First among Girl Students)


    PhD: Jadavpur University, 2013

    PhD dissertation topic:

    Less-than-Perfect Mother, Perfect Victim: A Study of Motherhood and

    Victimization of Women in Hardys Shorter Fiction

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    Awards in College: Silver Medal, Gold plated Plaque and several book prizes

    for standing first among English Honours students of

    Presidency College in B.A. Honours Examination, 2003.

    University level: 1) Junior Research Fellowship, December 2004

    (JRF at JU from September 2005-September, 2006)

    2) NET for Lectureship in December, 2004.

    3) National Scholarship for studying Masters (2003-2005)

    having ranked among first 100 in BA Honours Examination

    of the University of Calcutta, 2003.

    Other Awards/Fellowships:

    1) Charles Wallace India Trust Grant of GBP 1000 to source materials at the

    British Library London, 2009.

    2) Frank Pinion Award of GBP 250 to attend the Thomas Hardy Conference,

    2014 as upcoming Hardy scholar.

    3) Special Bursaries of GBP 300 and GBP 500 in 2014 and 2016 respectively,

    towards travel and attendance of Hardy Conferences in Dorcherster by The

    Thomas Hardy Society.

    4) UGC Associateship (3 Months) at the Inter University Centre at Indian

    Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla (First Spell availed in September, 2016).

    Areas of interest: Thomas Hardy, Victorian Studies, Gender studies,

  • 3

    Nineteenth Century Bengal, Indian English Women Poets


    1. Monograph:-- NIL

    2. Edited volume: Protean Images: A Study of Womanhood In Victorian Society

    and Literature (Forthcoming, 2017)

    3. Research paper in peer reviewed journal:

    1) Breaking Victorian Taboos: Unwelcome Motherhood and the Case of

    Thomas Hardys Short Stories. ed. John Wallen. The Victorian, Volume

    3, issue 3, International journal, ISSN: 2309 091X).

    2) Supernatural Soliciting?: Vestiges of Gothic Horror, Fantasy and the

    Supernatural in Thomas Hardys A Withered Arm and Barbara of the

    House of Grebe. Eds. Chandreyee Niyogi & Saswati Halder. The

    Confidential Clerk, Journal of the Centre for Victorian Studies,

    Jadavpur University Department of English, Issue 2, 2016 ISSN


    3) Title: Raising Doubts? The Victorian Maternal Ideal and Unnatural

    Mothers in Thomas Hardys Short Stories. FATHOM [Online], 3 | 2016,

    Online since 30 April 2016, connection on 30 September 2016. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/fathom.517 .Journal

  • 4

    of the French Association for Thomas Hardy Studies, Issue 3/2016

    Hollow Amidst the Text Ed. Isabelle Gadoin , Anne Ramel and

    Laurence Estanov. ISSN 2270-6798.

    4) Sacrificing Motherhood? Or Maternal Overindulgence? The Case of

    Thomas Hardys The Sons Veto. ed Sanjukta Dasgupta. Journal of

    the Department of English, University of Calcutta. Vol. XXXIX

    2014-15. pp. 144-158. ISSN 2249-4537.

    5) . . . quaint and Curious War is: Hardy and the Poets of the First World

    War. Ed. Phillip Mallett. The Thomas Hardy Journal, Autumn 2015,

    published by The Thomas Hardy Society, UK. Vol XXXI. Pp. 130-139.

    ISSN 0268-5418.

    6) Surrogacy, Adoption and Hardys Unsentimental Views on

    Motherhood: Study of a Few Select Short Stories, in The Hardy

    Review, ed. Rosemarie Morgan, (ISSN 1938-8908, International Peer

    Reviewed Journal of Hardy Studies published by The Thomas Hardy

    Association, UK) Vol. XVI no. 1, 2014, pp. 62-77.

    7) Motherly Men?: The Fiddler of the Reels and Hardys Vision of

    Alternative Motherhood. The Hardy society Journal Vol 9 No

  • 5

    2(Summer Issue, 2013), Thomas Hardy Society, UK. Ed. Phillip

    Mallett (ISSN 1746-4617, pp. 60-74).

    8) Challenging the Victorian Maternal Ideal: The Case of Thomas

    Hardys An Imaginative Woman in Appropriations Journal of the

    Department of English Bankura Christian College, Volume XI,

    December 2015. ISSN 0975-1521.

    9) The Philosophy of the New Woman in Tagore: With Reference to

    Home and the World, The Grain of Sand and Laboratory in

    Indraprashtha (ISSN peer reviewed journal of Guru Gobind Singh

    University, Delhi), Vol III ISSN 2278-7208. Pp. 110-116.

    10) Progenitor of Revolutionary Nationalism or Communal Unease?:

    Revisiting Anandamath. English Forum: Journal of the Department of

    English, Gauhati University ISSN 2279-0446. Vol 4. PP. 7-18.

    11) The Colonised Postcolonial: Womens Search for Freedom and

    Self-Identity in Bravely Fought the Queen (accepted for publication in

    the forthcoming issue [Volume 11 & 12, 2015] of the Indian Journal of

    World Literature and Culture (ISSN 2229-7251).

  • 6

    12) Darwin, Evolution and Unity of Life: Far From the Madding Crowd and

    Hardys Ambivalent Vision of Nature in The Golden Line: A Magazine

    of English Literature Volume I, issue 2 , October 2015, The

    Department of English Bhatter College, Dantan ISSN: 2395 1583

    (Print), ISSN: 2395 1591 (Online).

    13) The Serious Business of Life: Treatment of Marriage and Victorian in

    George Eliots Middlemarch, in Oasis: An Annual Peer Reviewed

    Refereed International Journal of English Language and Literature. Vol

    5, June, 2013. (ISSN: 0975-4334, pp. 99-104) Editor Dr Gourhari


    14) Mother or Monster?: Portrayal of Motherhood and Emphasizing the

    Need for Good Parenting in the Novels of Charles Dickens. Lapis

    Lazuli An International Literary Journal / Vol.II/ Issue I/SPRING 2012

    ISSN 2249-4529. ed. Dr. Dinesh Panwar.

    15) From Here to Eternity: Treatment of Time in Thomas Hardys Fiction.

    New Voices: Multilingual International Refereed Journal of

    Multidisciplinary Studies. July, 2012. Ed. Shaikh Parvez Aslam. (ISSN:

    2231-3249, 55-57).

  • 7

    16) Female Bonsais: Bravely Fought the Queen and the Arrested Growth

    of Women. Vishwanth Bite (ed.). Galaxy: International

    Multidisciplinary Research Journal. ISSN: 278-9529. January, 2012.

    17) Reticence? or Self-Assertion?: Changing Nuances of Love in Sarojini

    Naidu and Kamala Das in Indo-Anglian Poetry: An Appraisal. Ed. Dr.

    Vishwanath Bite (ed.) Galaxy: International Multidisciplinary

    Research Journal. ISSN: 2278-9529. April, 2012.

    18) Kate Chopins The Awakening: A Womans Journey Within. New

    Voices: Multilingual National Refereed Journal of Multidisciplinary

    Studies. December, 2011 issue. (ISSN 2231-3249, 13-18). Dr.

    Shaikh Parvez Aslam.

    19) Pride, Pestilence and Annihilation: Destruction of the Family Idyll in

    Mary Shelleys The Last Man. The Criterion: An International Journal

    in English. Vol. II, Issue, II, June, 2011 (ISSN 0976-8165). Ed. Dr.

    Vishwanath Bite

    20) Conflating Binaries and Creation of Dangerous Womanhood in Mary

    Elizabeth Braddons Lady Audleys Secret. The Criterion: An

  • 8

    International Journal in English. Vol. II, Issue, IV, December, 2011

    (ISSN 0976-8165).ed. Dr. Vishwanath Bite.

    21) To lay claim to ones portion of the earth: Leaving a Mark on History

    in A House for Mr. Biswas. Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary

    Studies in Humanities (ISSN 09752935), Vol.3 No.4, 2011.Ed. Tirtha

    Prasad Mukhopadhyay.

    22) Kate Chopin and the Rise of the Uninhibited Voice of Female Desire in

    American Fiction, in Appropriations: A Refereed Journal of the

    Department of English, Bankura Christian College, Vol. VII: 2012.

    (ISSN: 0975-1521, pp. 121-27).

    23) Transvestism and Social Anxiety in The Roaring Girl. Appropriations:

    Journal of the Department of English, Bankura Christian College.

    Vol.6, December, 2010 (ISSN 0975-1521, pp. 119-29).

    4. Other publication:

    1) Teaching English Literature: Challenges, Innovations and Applications

    Within an ODL Curriculum in Open and Distance Learning System:

    Recent Developments ed. Anirban Ghosh. Kolkata: Netaji Subhas Open

    University, 2016. ISBN: 978-93-82112-28-0. Pp. 41-50.

  • 9

    2) Exploring Possibilities for Re-reading Thomas Hardy in the Light of

    Ecofeminism in Text and Theory: Reading and Re-readings. ed.

    Sarbojit Biswas. Jaipur: Aadi Publications, 2015.(pp. 28-36).

    3) The Influence of John Stuart Mill on Thomas Hardy and his Fiction in

    De-coding the Silence: Reading John Stuart Mill's The Subjection of

    Women, ed. Sarbojit Biswas and Saptarshi Mallick. Jaipur: Aadi

    Publications, 2015, pp. (186-193).

    4) Naga-Mandala: Mockery of the Ageless Chastity-Test and Triumph of

    Female Selfhood in Representation and Resistance: Essays on

    Postcolonial Theatre and Drama.eds. Sunita Murmu and Gourhari

    Behera. ISBN: 978-81-930148-9-9. Pp. 155-160.

    5) The Changing faces of lov

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