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Culture under British Rule

Feb 23, 2016




Culture under British Rule. Population of the new British colony. Understand that the Canadiens were a large majority of the population. What did the Canadiens think ?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Culture under British RulePopulation of the new British colonyUnderstand that the Canadiens were a large majority of the population.What did the Canadiens think?The French Canadiens were very afraid that their culture and way of life would be crushed after the change of empire.

Rebellions in the 13 coloniesUnderstand that Britain was afraid the Canadiens would join the 13 colonies in their rebellion.

Why conciliation?Conciliation: come to a compromise, agreement.

Because the Canadiens were a majority, British authorities wanted to keep them happy so they would be loyal to British crown.

Consideration for the eliteTo gain loyalty, British authorities treated the Canadiens elite and Catholic clergy with consideration.

Catholic Church had consideratble influence over population.

CollaborationThe Catholic Church encouraged the habitants to submit to the British authorities because they wanted to preserve their powers and privileges.

The Royal ProclamationGoal: to assimilate the Canadiens people.

Bring in British laws, Protestant religion, township system.

Why was the Royal Proclamation only Partially implemented?TO KEEP THE CANADIENS HAPPY!

Britain was afraid they would rebel, like the 13 colonies..Promoting collaborationThe Catholic Church promoted submission to British authorities by:

Threatening excommunication

Reading newspapers from the pulpit (Quebec Gazette was official voice of British authorities)

Liberalism spreadsBritish colonists were used to certain rights in Britain:

Legislative Assembly the people had a voice in the government, the power of the monarch was limited.

Habeas corpus Right to be seen by a judge before being imprisoned.

Freedom of expression, freedom of pressCanadien professionalsThe Canadien professionals also wanted their voice heard in the government.

They wanted a Legislative Assembly so the rights of the French Canadiens could be protected.Constitutional Act 1791Because of different demands of French and English, two Canadas were formed.

Each Canada was given its own legislative assembly.

Legislative assembly had limited power. An appointed council was above it.

Election of 1792A Canadien majority won the election in Lower Canada, and opposition between British and Canadien started. Which language?

This opposition was expressed through various newspapers where differing viewpoints were expressed.

NationalismA nation is made up of people who share common characteristics.

Promoting and protecting your nation.

RepublicanismPeople should be able to participate in the government and running of their state.

Political groups started to demand more power for the people in government.

Parti PatrioteKeep in mind that not all Canadiens supported the Parti Patriote

Parti patriote promoted their ideas through assemblies (outside churches) and through political associations (Socit St Jean Baptiste)

Represented the French-canadian nationalism

Canadien radicalized their ideasParti Patriote was formed because Canadiens were not satisfied with the level of representation the people were given in the government.

The Parti patriote had many demands that British authorities did not meet.

They took up arms in a rebellion

Parti PatrioteThe rebellion did not last long, British authorities dealt harshly with Patriotes.

Act of the UnionWhen the 2 Canadas were united, the Canadiens were now a minority.

Survival nationalismFaced with the threat of assimilation, the Catholic Church preached a conservative survival nationalism.

They were concerned with protecting the Canadien culture and heritage.

UltramontanismChurch should be involved in all aspects of life.

EducationHealthSocial servicesLeisure activities

Libraries had only Church approved books, certain activities like skiing were denounced!

Ultramontanism 1840sIncrease in number of clergy

Increase in literacy rate

Institut Canadien de MontrealIn1844, young professionals and intellectuals formed a group where they could get together and discuss issues/topics the Church was not in favour of.

They had libraries with science textbooks and foreign newspapers

They had their own newspaper called lAvenir.

Clergys responseGot the Pope to close the Institut Canadien

Excommunicated its members

Didnt like that the library had many books banned by the Vatican and that Anglophone Protestants were welcome to join.AnticlericalismBelief that the Church should only be involved in religion, nothing else.

Many who were involved in the Institut developed anticlerical beliefs.

Printing press

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