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CRM and Retargeting: Bridging the gap between online and offline marketing

Aug 04, 2015




1. From Prospect to Customer Full funnel marketing with AdRoll and Marketo 2. Agenda What is Retargeting? Case Study Retargeting with Marketo and AdRoll Best Practices Q&A 3. What is Retargeting? 98% of visitors leave an advertisers site without converting. Retargeting converts prospects into customers by reaching them after they ve left the site. 4. Couple your offline data (email or mailing lists) with your online data to create targeted ads for your visitors across the web. What is CRM Retargeting? Target email audiences with display ads 5. AdRolls Marketo Integration Target Marketo audiences with display ads Email Upload AdRoll SmartPixel Marketo Integration 6. CRM Retargeting helps connect the dots Customers increasingly use multiple devices 7. CRM Retargeting helps connect the dots Find users across devices 8. Retail Use Case: Loyalty Campaigns Target your most valuable customers 9. What does Marketo Do? 10. Marketo AdRoll Integration 11. SUCCESS CASES 12. Marketo (Ads) 13. Marketo (Ads) 14. Marketo (Ads) 15. Marketo (Ads) 16. Personalized Retargeting Industry Specific 17. What Are the Benefits? Increase lead quality Optimize ad spend Acquire customers faster 18. Best Practice: Keep Updated Lists Fresh lists perform better > 19. Best Practices: Enrich CRM with intent data More data to drive better performance 20. Best Practice: Align message across channels Make your display and email campaigns work together 21. Best Practice: Leverage conversion segment Exclude or include conversion segment +- 22. Best Practices In Summary Keep updated lists Enrich CRM with intent data Align messages across channels Create and leverage conversion segments

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