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Jun 06, 2020




  • TOT SWIM CLASSES We have started a new program available for Every Child patients, non-patients, siblings, or others, in which parent and child are in the pool together. These small classes, stress water awareness and basic swimming skills for children:

     6 months to 18 months  18 months to 36 months  Preschool: 3 years to 5 years  Class sizes are limited to four parents and

    children per session.

    Sports Rehab

    Credentialed Early Intervention Evaluators and Providers

    For the State of Illinois

    Contracted with all

    Major insurance carriers


    Arlington Pediatric Therapy Management Services Ltd. 3105 N. Wilke Road, Suite H Arlington Heights, IL 60004-1450 847-255-8690 fax: 847-255-2260


    Arlington Rehabilitation for Sports & Orthopedic Injuries A division of APT

    3105 N. Wilke Road, Suite H Arlington Heights, IL 60004

    847-255-8690 fax: 847-255-2260



    While in water, the pull of gravity on the body is not as strong as on land, which enables functional activity and motion to be more comfortable. The water supports the body, provides resistance and assistance to movement, and reduces joint stress.

    The physical properties of water make it a great tool to promote and help with alignment, muscle activation, balance, body awareness, symmetry, strength, flexibility, muscle relaxation, core weaknesses, sensory integration, speech/respiratory disorders, and more. Aquatic Therapy is not meant to replace land- based therapy, but it can be very effective when used in conjunction with it. Unfortunately, not all children are necessarily appropriate for Aquatic Therapy.

    We are very proud to now offer a full Aquatic Therapy program in our new pool located in our remodeled and expanded clinic. The pool opened on Monday, March 30th, 2010. The water temperature is kept at an average of 92 degrees and with an ADA approved lift, it provides full accessibility. We offer Aquatic Therapy for patients who need Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy and provide Aquatic Therapy for our Sports Medicine patients when appropriate. One-on-one sessions start at 30 minutes for young children progressing to 45-minute and 60-minute sessions. All of our licensed therapists, who treat patients in the pool, are also certified as Shallow Water Attendants through the American Red Cross.


    According to Director Linda Haynes, “Aquatic Therapy assists in achieving land-based goals. Habitual habits, natural resistance and other obstacles faced in conventional land-based therapy are more overcome in the water. It will empower parents and family by giving them the ability to reproduce therapy in a fun and effective way. Essentially, Aquatic Therapy bridges the gap between professional therapy and everyday life.” A former patient, now a young adult points out, “The water temperature of the pool helps relax tense muscles to improve flexibility. I think that anyone that has tight muscles will benefit from the soothing water. It will loosen the muscles and help them more.”

    Speech Therapist Sheila Feerich indicates that Speech Therapy in conjunction with Aquatic Therapy helps patients:  Increase attention to a task  Increase strength of speech related

    to musculature  Improve range of motion of chest and

    shoulder region and improve head and trunk as a precursor for speech

     Perform lip and mouth closure  Improve total communication  Improve verbalization, articulation, descriptive language, and sentence formulation  Encourage play and social interaction

    From an Occupational Therapy perspective, Occupational Therapist Monica Griffin (former Monica Ciukaj) states “Aquatic Therapy focuses on therapeutic play-based activities that are functional to help improve range of motion, improve body awareness, facilitate neurodevelopmental growth, and promote sensory integration. The warm water provides increased motivation, opportunity for challenges, and intense proprioceptive and tactile input through which children can continue to develop their skills in a safe and supported environment.”

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