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Creating Fearless Matches

Jul 08, 2015




Creating Fearless Matches

Match Support

Match Support

What You Will Leave With:Understanding the Importance of Orientation

Monitoring/Screening Plan

Match Support Plan

Monitoring and SupportMentoring programs that provide monthly calendars of low-cost events, offer tickets to events or provide opportunities to participate in structured activities are associated with positive outcomes.- mentoring.orgStandard: Monitor mentoring relationship milestones and support mentors with ongoing advice, problem-solving, support and training opportunities for the duration of the relationship.

Support for both the mentor and mentee is critical throughout the length of the match.*Benchmarks: Monthly contact Documentation of all meetings Two types of resources Assessment of relationships Post-match training

Monitoring and Support

It is important to check in with both the mentor and mentee on a regular basis to make sure they have the resources and support they need. *

Monitoring and SupportEnhancements:Quarterly contact with a key person in mentees lifeGroup ActivitiesThank mentorsFearless OrientationIntroduction Mentor/MenteeMentor / Mentee AgreementSchedulingTeamMates Room or Designated areaMake a GREAT 1st impressionGive Support a PurposeCommunicationGroup ActivitiesRecognition Appreciation

Be Specific Example EmailRecognizeShout-out (birthdays, match milestones, match length, etc.)AppreciateThank youResourceEvent, articles, activitiesAnnouncementsNew mentors, safety/ethics reminders, schedulingRecognition Counts12 visits by end of 1st semester/ 24 + visitsMentor MilestonesMatch of the MonthNational Mentoring MonthThank You from MenteeGraduationTeamMates Recognition Wall of FameCreate a lasting impression

Fearless MonitoringPurposeEnsure the match is meeting regularlyReinforce during mentor interview/training

Monitor the quality of the match through end of year surveys for both mentees and mentors.

Address challenges with the matchHow to Monitor EffectivelyCheck the sign-in sheet weeklySame day each week and contact if neededAfter 2 weeks missed, what is your plan?Communicate with mentee alsoCheck-in with match frequently

Continually monitor for safetyRely on your gutSupport Action PlanHow will you support/monitor your matches

Board Support Champion

Do not reinvent the wheel

What works? Whos responsible?WeeklyMonthlySemesterAnnuallyResources and Being ResourcefulBe efficient and work togetherDo not rely solely on coordinatorHave a Support Leader/Champion on boardDelegate the tasksPhone calls, thank you, etc.Identify the type of support neededKeep it simple and meaningful

Thank you for attending Fearless Matches

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