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CREATING CUSTOM BILLS USING XML PUBLISHER. Session # PSFT-101280 Date: July 25 th , 2013. University of Central Florida Established in 1963 as Florida Technological University. Second largest public university campus in the US About 60,000 students. 12 colleges – 10 regional campuses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation


University of Central FloridaEstablished in 1963 as Florida Technological UniversitySecond largest public university campus in the US

About 60,000 students12 colleges 10 regional campuses

Over 10,500 faculty & staff$128.9 million external research funding

Anchoring a new medical cityQuestDirect.orgStarted in 1963 as Florida Technological University, and had our first classes in 1968

We have grown to be the second largest single campus university in the US, behind Ohio State.

We have 12 Colleges on our main and 11 regional campuses. Our 128.9million external research funding is expected to expand significantly with the maturation of the medical disciplines. The school is anchoring a new medical city which includes Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, VA Medical Center and Nemours Childrens Hospital.

Our 2011 2012 Operating budget is almost 1.4 Billion.

2AgendaIntroductionOverview of XML PublisherGetting Started with XML PublisherSteps to Create a Custom Invoice FormUCF InvoicesRTF XSL codeQuestionsQuestDirect.orgPresenterVarsha Das, University of Central FloridaHigher Education (16 yrs), Consulting and TrainingSystems Analysis & Programming Manager14 years PS implementation, Technical Development, UpgradeMember, Quest PeopleTools Product Advisory group (Quest PT-PAG)HEUG General Ledger product advisory group (HEUG GL-PAG 7 yrs)GL-PAG liaison to Student Financials PAG (HEUG SF-PAG 3 yrs)OAUG Fusion Council Steering CommitteeQuestDirect.orgUCF Current Applications and PeopleToolsApplicationsPeopleToolsCampus Solutions 9.0 8.52.06Human Capital Management 9.0 8.52.06Enterprise Portal 9.1 8.50.03Customer Relationship Management 9.1 8.52.06Financials & Supply Chain Management 9.1 8.52.06QuestDirect.orgCurrent UCF ERP ProjectsApplicationProjectScheduled Go-LiveFSCM 9.1Additional Modules: Project Costing, Contracts, Billing and Accounts Receivables Nov 2013CS/HR 9.0Split HRMS and Campus Solutions databases 2014CS 9.0Mobile ApplicationsNov 2013HRMS 9.0Upgrade to version 9.12014QuestDirect.orgOverview of XML PublisherQuestDirect.orgXML Publisher

- Leverage common productivity Tools- Multi-output format- Feature-rich report

- Focus on Data Extraction, rather than layout- Develop once, use manyManage Securityreduce report maintenanceIT resources freed up to focus on data extraction

- Focus on report layout, not data extraction- Deliver feature rich reports, charts, analytics- Provide multiple formats (PDF, RTF, Excel, HTML), translationsQuestDirect.orgXML Publisher Tools levels8.48/8.49 -PS Query, Rowset, XML-File & XML Doc8.50 -PS Query, Connected Query, XML File

QuestDirect.orgGetting Started with XML PublisherQuestDirect.orgGetting Started: Step 1 - Add-in for WordSTEP 1: Add-in for WordDownload the XML Publisher ToolbarLogin to PeopleSoftNavigate: Home> Reporting Tools> XML Publisher> Setup> Design Helper

QuestDirect.orgGetting Started: Step 1 (contd.)Save .ZIP file

QuestDirect.orgGetting Started: Step 1 (contd.)Unzip the file xmlp_desktop.zipNavigate to folder XMLP_DESKTOP. In this folder, select BIPublisherDesktop.exe Installs the XML Toolbar in Microsoft Word

QuestDirect.orgGetting Started: Step 2 - Set Up Report CategoriesSet Up Report CategoriesNavigate: Home> Reporting Tools> XML Publisher> Setup> Report Category

QuestDirect.orgGetting Started: Step 3 - Assigning XMLP Permissions to UsersLevel 1: XMLP Report User (Example PTPT1000)Level 2: XMLP Power User (Example PTPT2500)Level 3: XMLP report developer (Example PTPT2600)

QuestDirect.orgCreating an XML Publisher ReportStart with a basic query and add to itYou need developer access create a new XMLP report defnDownload sample file to local driveMake sure Template definition is Active not In progress

QuestDirect.orgSteps to Create a Custom Invoice FormQuestDirect.orgStep 1: Create a new Data SourceNavigation: Reporting Tools, BI Publisher, Data SourceData Source : BI_INVOICE_DATA This step not required, use delivered data sourceQuestDirect.orgStep 2: Create New Custom Report

QuestDirect.orgStep 2: Create New Custom Report (Cont.)

QuestDirect.orgStep 2: Create New Custom Report (Cont.)

QuestDirect.orgStep 3: Upload new template into PeopleSoftNavigation: Reporting Tools, BI Publisher, Report Definition

QuestDirect.orgStep 4: Create or Modify the File LayoutUse the Delivered File Layout: BI_EXTRCTRefer to PeopleBooks understanding BI Publisher Invoices for full list of BI tables and App designer for list of Fields.

QuestDirect.orgStep 5: Create a New Application Engine programYou can clone delivered application engine for your new XMLP report: FXBI_UTLTST1Modify peopleCode FXBI_UTLTST1.Init.GBL.InitVar.OnExecute

/* Initialize Variables for the Report */BI_XMLP_AET.FLDDEFNNAME = "BI_EXTRCT"; /* File Layout Name */BI_XMLP_AET.CONSOLIATED = "N"; /* Non-consolidated */BI_XMLP_AET.REPORT_DEFN_ID = "FXBI_UTLTST1"; /* XMLP Report Definition - must be same name as AE program*/BI_XMLP_AET.TMPLDEFN_ID = " "; /* Report Template - Blank means use default template */BI_XMLP_AET.ACCEPTGIRO_IND = "Y";BI_XMLP_AET.SUM_IVC_PRINT_OPT = "SUM";

QuestDirect.orgNote. The line of the code that specifies the name of the Report Definition is the line that needs to be changed to reference the new Report Definition.Note: A new Application Engine program must be defined in the PeopleTools, Process Scheduler, Processes component. It must be defined with a Process Type of BI Publisher, not Application Engine, and the Process name must be same name as the Application Engine program.

24Step 6: Create a New Process Definition for the Application Engine ProgramNavigation: PeopleTools, Process Scheduler, ProcessesMust be defined with a Process Type of BI Publisher, not Application EngineProcess name must be same name as the Application Engine program

QuestDirect.orgStep 7: Add a New Invoice FormPeopleSoft Billing delivers Invoice Form ID XMLPUB, associated to Report Definitions: BI_PRNXPN01 and BI_PRNXPC01Option 1: XMLPUB Invoice Form ID to specify a different Report Definition that you have created.Option 2: create a new invoice form, associate it to a different Report DefinitionEach invoice form is associated to one, and only one, Report Definition for non-consolidated invoices

QuestDirect.orgStep 7: Add a New Invoice Layout Identifier (contd.)Navigation: Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Product Related > Billing > Setup Invoice Options >Invoice Layout IdentifiersOnly 10 chars allowed

QuestDirect.orgStep 8: Create a New Invoice FormNavigation: Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Product Related > Billing > Setup Invoice Options >Invoice > Formatting OptionsOnly 10 chars allowedNote: Currently Cons report is same as Non-Cons. Create new Cons report ID in the same way and update this here.

QuestDirect.orgStep 9: Create Custom Single Action Invoice JobJob Name: FXBIXPJ0 UCF XMLP Inv Job

UCF XML Publisher Job to include into UCF Single action Invoice: FXBIXPJ0 (clone of job BIXPJ00)JobSet ReportFXBIXPJ0

1 FXBI_UTLTST1: UCF test XML Pub Invoice (XML Publisher)

2 BI_XMLPBURST: Invoice Bursting Program (Application Engine)QuestDirect.orgStep 10: Create Custom Single Action Invoice JobBIJOB031 BIIVC000: Pre-process & Finalization (Application Engine)2 BI_IVCEXT: Invoice Extract Process (Application Engine)3 BISPJ00: Print SQR Invoice (PSJob)1 BIIVCPN: Print Portrait Invoices (SQR Report)2 BIIVCLN: Print Landscape Invoices (SQR Report)3 BIIVCPNA: Print Portrait style invoices. (SQR Report)4 BIXPJ00: Print XML Publisher Invoice (PSJob)1 BI_PRNXPN01: XML Publisher Invoice (XML Publisher)2 BI_XMLPBURST: Invoice Bursting Program (Application Engine)5 BI_XPSF103X: XML Publisher 1034/35 Invoice (XML Publisher)6 BICPJ00: Print Crystal Invoice (PSJob)1 BIPRNT00: CRYSTAL - Invoice (Crystal)2 BIPRNT01: PS/PC - Projects Invoice (Crystal)3 BIPRNT02: PS/OM - Order Mgmt Invoice (Crystal)4 BIPSA01: PS/PSA01 -Projects By Employee (Crystal)5 BIPSA02: PS/PSA02 -Projects By Activity (Crystal)6 BIPSA03: PS/PSA03 - Project Detail (Crystal)7 BICA: PS/CA - Contracts Invoice (Crystal)7 BICPJA00: Print Crystal Acceptgiro Inv (PSJob)1 BIPRNTA0: BIPRNTA0 (Crystal)2 BIPRNTA2: BIPRNTA2 (Crystal)3 BIPSAA1: BIPSAA1 (Crystal)4 BIPSAA2: BIPSAA2 (Crystal)5 BIPSAA3: BIPSAA3 (Crystal)6 BICAA: BICAA (Crystal)8 BISLSUM: Landscape summarize Invoices (SQR Report)9 BICLSUM: CRYSTAL - Summarize Invoice (Crystal)10 BIGIVCPN: Grants Print Portrait Invoices (SQR Report)11 BICURCNV: Billing Currency Conversion (Application Engine)12 BIPRELD: Billing Pre-Load Process (Application Engine)13 BILDGL01: Load GL Interface (SQR Report)14 BILDAR01: Load AR Pending Items (SQR Report)15 BISF108X: Standard Form 1080 and 1081 (SQR Report)16 BIGNAP01: Generate AP Vouchers (SQR Report)QuestDirect.orgUCF InvoicesQuestDirect.orgUCF Contract and Grants InvoicesUCF C&G has 14 Invoice typesReduced from 40!!!Also Utility billing and Work Orders

QuestDirect.orgUCF Invoices

QuestDirect.orgXSL codeQuestDirect.orgRTF XSL code

Change the template import call before you upload

More XSL.

If more than one project, Print on page 2

QuestDirect.orgSubtemplatesCreating sub-templates

More XSL.


Biller signatures based on BILLING_SPECIALIST on XML data

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