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Crazy Facts About Airplane Food

Nov 29, 2021




Airline food can be a lazy punchline at best, and a source of anguish for disgruntled passengers at worst. But there's actually a lot going on behind that flimsy plastic wrap. Digging deeper into the how food service works on planes turns up a lot of weird things about food served on airplanes - facts that are often more interesting than the bland cuisine itself. So, what's up with airplane food? Why is it so tasteless and strange? And why is it such a struggle to get a good meal while traveling? There's nothing natural about eating lasagna while zipping through the stratosphere at hundreds of miles an hour, but airlines and food scientists have worked hard to make the experience as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, for every gourmet meal served in first class, there's an airplane entree that makes passengers sick - and some have even killed people. 

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Most airlines work hard to make sure their passengers are as comfortable as possible, and food is a big part of that. Decent food can be key to helping you survive a long flight, and airline catering has such importance to the overall business that a lot of thought and money goes into it. If you care about what you eat mid-air, you may find these crazy facts about airplane food to be of interest.