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Counterfactual Thought Experiments in World Politics

Mar 08, 2016



Anuta Costinel

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  • Copyright 1996 hy Il 'r S, .. 11, 1 ,-; , "," I I Published by f' rincct(l fl l 'If", ,I I Princeton. New Jersey In the United Kingdum: Princeton 11 I1, vC"'IV I'" West Sussex All Rights Reserved

    Library 0/ Congress Cataloging-in-Publicallon 1)111" Counterfactual thought experimcnlS in worl d l"r " " I, methodological, and psychological perspecti ves I cd"ed hy 1'111 111' I Tetlock and Aaron Belkin.

    p . cm . Includes bibliographical references and index . ISBN 0-691-02792-7 (cl : alk. paper). - ISBN 069 1.027

  • vi CONTE NTS

    PART FOUR: Countcrfnct lJ llls 111111 CIIIIII' ' 1111'111 Y 9 Counterfactuals and Intcnl!lt illlHlI A I hil i

    from Game Theory Bruce Bueno de Mesqllilll

    SI1 I11 C Insights 211

    10 Off-the-Path Behavior: A Game-Thcore tic Approach to Counterfactuals and Its Implications for Polit ical and Historical Analysis Barry R. Weingast


    PART FIVE: Computer and Mental Simulations of Possible Worlds II Rerunning History: Counterfactual Simulation in

    World Politics 247 Lars-Erik Cederman

    12 Counterfactuals, Past and Future 268 Steven Weber

    PART SIX: Commentaries Conceptual Blending and Counterfactual Argument in the Social and Behavioral Sciences 291 Mark Turner

    2 Psychological Biases in Counterfactual Thought Experiments 296 James M. Olson, Neal J. Roese, and Ronald J . Deibert

    3 Counterfactual Inferences as Instances of Statistical Inferences 301 Robyn M. Dawes

    4 Counterfactuals, Causation, and Complexity 309 Robert Jervis

    References 317 Index 337

    Contributors ---------------

    AARO N BELKIN Doctoral candidate , Department of Political Science University of California, Berkeley GEO RGE W . BRESLAUER Professor, Department of Political Science University of California, Berkeley BRU CE BUENO DE MESQUITA Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution Stanford University LA R S-ERIK CEDERMAN University Lecturer in International Relations, Somerville College Oxford University RO BYN M. DAWES University Professor Carnegie Mellon University RO N ALD J . DEIB ERT Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science University of Toronto J A MES D. FEARON Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science University of Chicago MI CH AEL P. FISCHERKELLER Doctoral candidate, Department of Political Science The Ohio State University R ICHAR D K . H E R RMANN Associate Professor, Department of Political Science Director, Program in Foreign Policy Analysis, Mershon Center The Ohio State University ROB E RT J ERVIS Adlai E. Stevenson Professor of International Relations,

    Department of Political Science Columbia University YUE N FOONG KHONG Fellow, Nuffic1d College John G . Winant University Lecturer in American Poreign Policy Ox foru Universi ty