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Costa navarino anazoe spa & thalasso en

Dec 18, 2014



  • 1. Natural forces within usare the true healersHippocrates
  • 2. Anazoe the Greek word for rejuvenation.Unveiled in June 2010, Anazoe Spa & Thalassotherapy offers a fullrange of unique treatments based on health and beauty practices ofancient Greece and the father of medicine, Hippocrates. Clay tabletsdiscovered in the nearby Nestors Palace, offered us the recipes forsome of our signature oleotherapy treatments.Treatments are performed to the accompaniment of soothing,therapeutic music based on ancient Greek modes and scales,especially composed for Anazoe Spa by Petros Tabouris.A unique to the world spa philosophy
  • 3. The new prime Spa & Thalassotherapydestination in Europe One of the biggest Thalassotherapy centers in Europe 4,000 sqm 3,500,000 EUR Investment cost 17 individual treatment rooms 4 Spa Suites Heat Experiences & Wet Areas including: Ice Grotto Rooms, Cold Rain Showers, Dousing Buckets, Mist Showers, Saunas, Brine Light Steam Baths, Herbal Steam Baths, Bi Thermal Showers, Scottish Showers, Vichy Showers, Rasul, Jet Showers. Sea Water Hydro massage baths & soak rituals
  • 4. 4,000 years of wisdomThe ancient Greeks used seaweed for manyhealing benefits and used to often combineseaweed and sea water baths, which played akey role in treatment.Anazoe uses this long lasting tradition andknowledge inherited by our ancestors, andcombining with the latest of modern scienceand equipment, it has created one of thebiggest Thalassotherapy centers in Europe.Clay tablet inscribed with textin Linear B Script which wasfound in Nestors palace
  • 5. Personalized programs for aholistic healingA professional team of highly educated and trained professionals, customize yourwellness program, combining hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy , aestheticsalong with nutritional consultation based on the Omega diet, which is considered tohave macrobiotic effects, to help you achieve optimal results.All programs are also under medical guidance to ensure the maximum effectivenessand ensure the proper adaptation on guests specific needs and requirements.The customized wellness programs can be of one or two weeks duration.
  • 6. A rich abundant at the service of our guestsMessinian nature offers the olive tree and refreshing local herbs, flowers,and sea extracts, which are the main ingredients of the Anazoes treatmentsand products.All Anazoe products are produced following the natural extraction method,based on wild crafted herbs. Tapping into the secrets of ancient wisdom, theactive ingredients of these precious gifts of organic origin are slowlyextracted by boiling.This natural process of extraction, described on the tablets found at NestorsPalace, effectively preserves the anti-oxidants, vitamins and pure vitalessence of each plant
  • 7. Sports & OutdoorsAnazoe is located in a majestic environment of verdant land andpristine sea, with a wealth of natural attractions and cutting edgesport facilities.The Anazoe programs can be combined with sports and outdooractivities offering a holistic approach towards wellness.
  • 8. Two 18hole signature designed and awarded golf courses with the a fullyequipped Golf Academy
  • 9. Sports & OutdoorsThe Costa Navarino Sport activities also include theNavarino Outdoors with guided biking and hiking tours
  • 10. Sports & OutdoorsNavarino Racquet Academy which include tennis, mini-tennis, padel, squash,badminton, table tennis, speedmintonNavarino Sea offers a vast range of water experiences such as surfing and diving
  • 11. A healthy mind in a healthy bodyPolitics & Philosophy - Is there such a thing as Uncorrupted Governors ?Revenge Moral values and justiceCosta Navarino revived from Ancient Greece the Philosophy Walks to enable guests toparticipate in an innovative activity and discuss important modern-day issues throughthe prism of ancient Greek philosophical thinking and writings. The introduction toGreek philosophy is held during a leisurely walk taking in the idyllic Messiniancountryside, amidst hundred-year old olive trees.
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