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Cory mosley what matters most

Aug 20, 2015



  1. 1. Cory Mosley Principal, Mosley Automotive What Matters Most 15 Secrets of Sales Success in todays marketplace @corymosley
  2. 2. Secret 1 - Open your Mind Secret 2 - Create Separation Secret 3 - Connecting Matters Secret 4 - Achieving Distinction Secret 5 - Creating a Sales Opportunity Secret 6 - Re-examine the process Secret 7 - Work on the Team Secret 8 - Communication Mastery Secret 9 - Understand Gen-Y Secret 10 - Shift in Selling Process Secret 11 - VOC Secret 12 - Customer Experience Secret 13 - C.S.A. Secret 14 - Take Action @corymosley
  3. 3. The 4.5 Elements of Creating a Deal Separation Communication Branding Value Propositioning Influencing @corymosley
  4. 4. Secret 1 - Open your Mind The Information Age The Challenge to Influence Old School vs. New School @corymosley
  5. 5. Secret 2 - Create Separation M + 3 Rule Law of Diminishing Returns Leverage the Power of Words Be Authentic @corymosley
  6. 6. Secret 3 - Connecting Matters Increases your influence Is all about others Goes beyond words Always requires energy Requires more skill than natural talent Connecting @corymosley
  7. 7. Secret 4 - Achieving Distinction Clarity Creativity Communication Customer-Experience Focus The 4 Cornerstones to Achieving Distinction @corymosley
  8. 8. Secret 5 - Creating a Sales Opportunity @corymosley
  9. 9. Secret 6 - Re-examine the Process What- What are you doing now? Why- Why are you doing it that way? Is- Is there a better way? Next Step...... TAKE ACTION! Focus on the Deals you Dont Make @corymosley
  10. 10. 5 Keys to the Path of More Sales via Employee Development Know Them Grow Them Inspire Them Involve Them Reward Them Secret 7 - Work on the Team @corymosley
  11. 11. Motivation 3.0 Being Self Directed To Get Better & Better For Something that Matters Sourced from DRiVE by Daniel Pink @corymosley
  12. 12. The 4Cs of Core Communication Secret 8 Communication Mastery @corymosley
  13. 13. Secret 9 Understand Gen-Y Close to 84 Million Considered tastemakers Wont be sold- want to be seen, known, and respected Comments from consumers, not reviewers drive decision making More than 26% of American adults are Gen-Y members Currently influences half of auto purchases within household Reduce their spending during challenging times less than any other generation Spending exceeds 200 billion, will top 10 trillion in their lifetime @corymosley
  14. 14. Secret 10 Shift in Selling Process Abandon previous thought patterns Finesses & Influence vs Horsepower & Hunter @corymosley
  15. 15. Secret 11 VOC Voice of the Customer & Social Listening Customer service isnt judged until the customer experiences a problem @corymosley
  16. 16. Secret 12 Customer Experience Design the next level of Customer Experience regardless of brand Take entry level brands up market @corymosley
  17. 17. Common Sense Approach Secret 13 - C.S.A. @corymosley
  18. 18. Secret 14 - Take Action Practicality causes delay, emotion causes action Impact drives income Average performers plan what say, top performers plan what to ask Eliminate or differentiate your from the competition You cant mandate productivity Focus on the presentation @corymosley
  19. 19. Every organization must be prepared to abandon everything it does to survive in the future. - Peter Drucker Those who hate change, will hate irrelevance a lot more - Retired Military General 2 - Good Ones to Take with You @corymosley
  20. 20. Thank You @corymosley