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Coronavirus Mistakes You're Making

Jan 03, 2022




You're staying home. You're washing your hands for 20 seconds at a time. You're social distancing. But you've still got to function in the world, which means you're still at risk for catching the coronavirus, aka Covid-19. Here are some things that put you at risk. Read on, and to ensure your health and the health of others. 

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The coronavirus pandemic has made us all acutely aware of our personal wellbeing, prompting us to stay indoors, wash our hands more diligently and frequently than ever before, and even adopt new habits like disinfecting our mail and deep-cleaning our homes on a regular basis. However, even the most diligent among us have a few blind spots when it comes to our coronavirus vulnerability. In many cases, normally conscientious folks are making major mistakes that could put them in harm's way.