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Corona virus presentation

Aug 09, 2015



  1. 1. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
  2. 2. Types of Corona virus. Four to five different types of Corona viruses infect humans. The most famous human Corona virus, is SARS.
  3. 3. A sixth was discovered , known as Novel Corona virus in 2012 was discovered in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This is mostly seen in Middle east countries causing Middle East Respiratory syndrome. In addition to humans, MERS has been found in camels in Qatar and a bat in Saudi Arabia. Still studies are going on to find whether the origin of this virus is from Camels as it is common animal in Middle East.
  4. 4. MERS does not spread easily from person to person. In the cases where it has appeared to have spread between people, those cases involved close contacts: family members, co-workers, fellow patients and healthcare workers.
  5. 5. Corona viruses primarily infect the upper respiratory and gastrointestinal tract of humans. Most people who got infected with the novel corona virus developed severe acute respiratory illness with symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath. Some people were reported as having a mild respiratory illness
  6. 6. Countries Cases (Deaths) France 2 (1) Italy 3 (0) Jordan 2 (2) Qatar 2 (0) Saudi Arabia 53 (32) Tunisia 2 (0) United Kingdom (UK) 3 (2) United Arab Emirates (UAE) 1 (1) Total 68 (38)
  7. 7. Keep away from someone with a heavy cough. Use a tissue to cover the nose/mouth when coughing, sneezing, wiping and blowing noses. If a tissue isnt available, cough or sneeze into the inner elbow rather than the hand. Avoid Direct hand contact with eyes and nose. Wash Vegetables and Fruits very well before cooking. Adhering to food safety and hygiene rules such as avoiding undercooked meats, raw fruits and vegetables unless they have been peeled, or unsafe water
  8. 8. Wash hands with hot water and soap at least six or seven times a day Disinfect common surfaces as frequently as possible. Wash hands or use a sanitizer when in contact with common surfaces like door handles. Avoid contact with camels and other live farm or wild animals, including not visiting camel farms. If contact has been made, thoroughly wash hands with soap PPE (Mask,gloves)and appropriate hand hygiene also help reduce the spread of infection.
  9. 9. Together we can Prevent Corona Virus Thank You