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Six Districts Report CAMBA CORNEA ANDHATV MUKT BHARAT ABHIYAN CAMBA Phase-1 conducted in six pilot districts in the year 2016-2017 Vision of CAMBA CAMBA Phase-2 30 Districts Phase-2: 2017-19 CAMBA Phase-2 50 Districts Phase-3: 2018-20 Our vision is to provide Right to Access to high quality preventive measures and affordable treatment for Corneal Blindness to all people across the length and breadth of India, no matter where they live, what they do, what their age and gender could be. Phase - 1: 2016-2018 30 Districts 6 Districts

CORNEA ANDHATV MUKT BHARAT ABHIYAN Six Districts … increase in the number of Corneal transplants. In this

Aug 05, 2020



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  • Six Districts Report


    CAMBA Phase-1 conducted in six pilot districts in the year 2016-2017

    Vision of CAMBA

    CAMBA Phase-2



    CAMBA Phase-2



    Our vision is to provide Right to Access to high quality preventive measures and affordable treatment for Corneal Blindness to all people across the length and breadth of India, no matter where they live, what they do, what their age and gender could be.

    Phase - 1: 2016-2018



  • According to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Government of India) nearly 20 lakh people are suffering from corneal blindness and 40 to 50 thousand new cases are been added every year. Because awareness regarding eye donation is still low in our country, we want to create momentum in eye donation in India.

    with reference to the above, Cornea Andhatv Mukt Bharat Abhiyan (CAMBA) is relevant, result oriented programme initiated by Samdrishti Kshamta vikas evam Anusandhan Mandal (SAKSHAM). In one side we had organized multiple programmes to encourage the eye donation awareness all over India. On the other side there was a remarkable increase in the number of Corneal transplants. In this whole year we have done Cornea donation awareness programmes in 149 Districts. Our aim is to complete cornea recipient registration survey in Jabalpur, Karnal, Mahaboob Nagar, New Delhi and Nagpur. Very shortly we are starting Eye collection centres/Eye Banks in as many places as possible. Cornea Andhatv Mukt Bharat Abhiyan (CAMBA) has organized four regional workshops in North-New Delhi, South-Hyderabad, East-Guwahati, and West India - Jabalpur cities respectively which were attended by Eye surgeons, Eye Bank directors & SAKSHAM members working in the field of CAMBA. Various strategic issues related to corneal donation, corneal transplantation and post operative care were discussed which focus on development of good coordination between eye surgeons, eye banks and community.

    All the SAKSHAM members are dedicated to eradicate (Prevention and Treatment) of corneal blindness from India.

    With best regards

    th25 June, 2017.

    Dr. Pawan SthapakNational Convenor, CAMBA


    madrishti, amata vikas evamnusandhan mandal ( )

    Dr. Pawan SthapakNational Coordinator


  • Visual disability is one of the major public health problems in the world, not only

    because of the high number of blind persons in the developing countries, but also due to

    social, cultural, economic and educational factors influencing the vision.

    CAMBA is pursuing humanitarian approach. Collectively we can combat corneal

    blindness by creating awareness and motivation for eye donation in India.

    I convey my best wishes and pray the Almighty to give us courage in achieving the

    goal for service of mankind.

    With best regardsth11 June, 2017.

    Dr. B.K. ThakurNational Co-convenor, CAMBA


    madrishti, amata vikas evamnusandhan mandal ( )

    Dr. B.K. Thakur


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  • Samadrishti, Kshamata Vikas Eveam Anusandhan Mandal (SAKSHAM),Madhav Netrapedhi, 16, Devadutta Bhavan, Ranapratap Square, Pratap Nagar,

    Dr Alexander EvansActing High CommissionerBritish High CommissionShantipath, ChanakyapuriNew Delhi 110021

    Tel: +91-11-2419 2421Fax: +91-11-2687 2464

    BritishHigh CommissionNew Delhi

    2nd March 2016

    There is little more important than sight. So it’s crucial to identify the key challenges

    To sight, and work to prevent and mitigate blindness where we can.

    The SAKSHAM initiative Corneal Andhatv-Mukt Bharath Abhiyan (CAMBA) aspires to make India corneal blindness free by 2018. This laudable goal deserves our fulsome support.

    It is easy to think about blindness in a binary fashion ; either one can see or not. The reality is more complex; the visually challenged encompass a range of people from those who are completely blind to those who are partially sighted. The visually challenged experience the world differently. What can be easy to a fully-sighted person can be deeply challenging for someone with impaired vision. The everyday can become complex, the routine stressful, and participating fully in life activities deeply difficult.

    There is no way for the fully sighted to properly experience the world of visual challenge. Some have tried - a pioneering exhibition in London in the 1990s set up a temporary enclosed road space, office and kitchen totally plunged into darkness, Groups of 3-4 members of the public were guided around it by either blind or partially sighted guides. Ordinary daily tasks acquired a completely different level of difficulty. Those who visited the exhibition departed with a new appreciation of the variability and impact of sight.

    I welcome CAMBA because it matters. CAMBA represents the aspirations the India and the United Kingdom stand for, not least engaging on and meaningfully supporting the rights of the visually impaired. I wish CAMBA well in he important task of fostering innovation, furthering change, and combating corneal blindness.

    With very best withes,

    Dr. Alexander Evans


  • Why CAMBA

    •mitigating the Corneal Blindness

    • Connect the “Dots” of Eye Donation Awareness

    • Improve community participation

    • Create centralized data bank

    • Enhance eye collection

    • Promote Eye Banking

    • Leverage and connect public and private health system

    • Develop transparent and timely health-financing support systems

    • Develop, harness, and support centers of excellence

    Be a "Catalyst" in aiding all steps for preventing and

    Mission of CAMBA

    6 Districts Report

    •to corneal opacity and blindness in India.

    • No consistency in data related to actual cornea collection in India.

    • Inadequate infrastructure related to Eye banking / Eye collection in India.

    • Lack of awareness in the community on eye donation.

    • Lack of awareness on preventive aspects in eye care.

    • Lack of bridge between various stake holders.

    No consistency in yearly estimates related

    No consistency in statistics related to prevalence ofcorneal opacity in India


  • 6 Districts Report

    Survey Form

    Methodology Adopted by CAMBA

    An Optometrist and an Opthalmologist, Eye Camp Equipment in an Ambulance usually visit camp site

    Optometrist Optometry Equipment Ambulance

    Based, on the further diagnosis,the patients are referred for eithersurgeries or medical treatment.

    Netrarakshak Door to DoorMethod

    Key InformationMethod

    Camp Based Method


    Eye Camp

    Surgery Or Treatment



  • Survey form and flip chart used by Netrarakshaks (Sight Keepers)

    6 Districts Report

    Survey Form

    dŸ¿£ŒyŽT ̀ ¿±+u²¿±]•jáÖ n+

  • Survey in six districts

    6 Districts Report

    Data collection form in Hindi from Jaipur

    Data collection form in Telugufrom Mahaboobnagar

    Survey in six districts


  • 6 Districts Report

    Netrarakshak’s Training

    Netrarakshaks training at Lions Ramireddy Hospital, Palamur on 10th January 2017

    District Medical Health Officer of Mahaboobnagar training Netrarakshaks Training for Taluka level Netrarakshaks at Karnal, Haryana on 6th October 2016

    Training session at Nissing town, Haryana on 26th October 2016Training session for Mandal level Netrarakshaks at Karnal, Haryana on 15th October 2016


  • 6 Districts Report

    Delhi Camps

    Jabalpur Camps

    Karnal Camps

    Mahaboobnagar Camps

    CAMBA Ambulance inauguration by the Honourable Union Minister of State for Health Shri Faggan Singh Kulastiand CAMBA National Convenor Dr. Pawan Sthapak and camps being conducted in Jabalpur with the help of Ambulance, supported by SAKSHAM

    The one out of 40 eye camps conducted by Delhi SAKSHAM team using the Ambulance and portable slit lamp.

    Dr.Bharath Thakur, National Co-convenor of CAMBA

    Shri Anil Rana, Karnal District CAMBA Convenor conducting eye camps in Karnal District, Haryana.

    Shri Karunakar, SAKSHAM State Secretary conducting eye camps and awareness sessions along with team from Pushpagiri Eye Hospital & Lions Ramireddy Hospital.

    The one out of the 40 eye camps conducted by Delhi SAKSHAM team with the help of SAKSHAM’S using the Ambulance and portable slit lamp.


  • 6 Districts Report


    Some of the representative photographs from the eye camps, awareness sessions, patients being transported and survey being conducted by CAMBA teams in their respective Districts.


  • 6 Districts Report

    thCAMBA Survey, Eye Camp and Surgery Details as on 30 June 2017


    Karnal 191500 130 27 987 62 90 52 142

    Delhi 388400 40 40 665 18 0 605 605

    Jabalpur 1189778 810 170 7174 366 7 1277 1284

    Nagpur 251576 198 3 123 3 0 0 0

    Mahabubnagar 474866 187 54 5696 215 1 462 463

    Jaipur 50000 16 3 180 11 2 0 2

    Total 2546120 1381 297 14825 675 100 2396 2496

    Population Covered

    (By DTDM)

    No. of villages/basthis


    No. ofeye campsconducted

    No. of visuallyimpaired

    No. of cornealblind


    No. of Keratoplasty

    No. of other


    No. oftotal


    3. Dr.N P Singh at CAMBA Camp in KarnalDr. Ashish Pasricha at Gondar village Camp, Karnal

    Dr Pawan Sthapak, CAMBA National Convenor, examining a patient in Jabalpur

    Dr.Vinod Reddy, CAMBA Convenor, Mahaboobnagar District

    President Shri Satish Agarwal in a CAMBA Screening camp in Delhi

    Dr. Madhu Gupta, CAMBA Convenor, Jaipur Dr.Bharath Thakur, National Co-convenor, CAMBA and Dr. N.P.Singh at Ningdu village camp, Karnal

    Dr. Asish Pasricha, CAMBA Co-convenor, Karnal District at Gondar village camp, Karnal

    Dr. N. P. Singh CAMBA Co-convenor, at a camp in Nissing, Karnal District

    Dr. Veda Prakash, SAKSHAM Telangana President at Sangareddy Govt. Hospital on 24th January 2017


  • 6 Districts Report

    Glimpses of some of the Surgeries done by CAMBA

    Khaja, Reshma and Chand Basha; All the three siblings were operated for squint surgery and are successfully pursuing their studies now.

    Name-GurDyal, 65 - M, Village Mohidipur Karnal Ph: 8979059645Name-Shiv Kumar, 36 - M, Village Jharwan U.P Ph: 8979059645 Name-Husan, 71 - F, Yamuna Nagar Haryana Ph: 9627646212

    Name-Kajal, 16 - F, Karnal Ph: 8397088291 Name-Sanjeev, 31 - M, Karnal Ph: 9996059063

    Name-Santosh Paswan, 32 - M, Karnal Ph: 9050740960 Name-Soniya, 08 - F, Village, Karnal Ph: 9756361905

    Name-Kalia, 46 - M, Village Singhra Lalupur Karnal Ph: 9050256571 Name-Sonu, 25 - M, Village Singhra Karnal Ph: 9050740960


  • Partner Hospitals

    6 Districts Report

    Jan Jyoti Super Speciality Eye Hospital, Jabalpur

    SMS Medical College, Jaipur Dr. Rajendra Prasad Centre, AIIMS, Delhi

    Pushpagiri Eye Hospital, Hyderabad Thakur Eye And Maternity Hospital, Karnal Lions Ramireddy Eye Hospital, Mahaboobnagar

    Dada Veerendrapuri ji Eye Hospital, Jabalpur


  • Dr. Santhosh Kumar KraletiSenior Public Health SpecialistNational Programme Manager, CAMBA & ABFVPh: 8333083366, Email:

    CAMBA Central Office:Ph: 8333083355, 9494913210E-mail: