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Coorabell Public School · PDF file Coast Dance Festival to be held this Wednesday at the Gold Coast Arts Centre. This festival is a wonderful opportunity for these Coorabell kids

Oct 18, 2020




  • Coorabell Public School Community Newsletter

    Always Do Your Best

    Coorabell P.S. is a proud member of Lighthouse Valley Learning Community

    Mango Lane, Coorabell NSW 2479 t: 02 6684 7281 f: 02 6684 7161 w: e: [email protected]

    Principal: Mr Geoff Coghlan

    We are a nut aware school

    To Be Considerate, To Be Positive, To Be Safe, To Be A Learner


    Term 2 Week 6 - Monday 29th May, 2017

    CARE Care for yourself, others and the environment



    Edie, Eden, Tanika & Ysa representing us in great spirit!

    Congratulations to Edie, Eden, Tanika and Ysa who represented Coorabell, combined small schools and the Brunswick Valley in fine style at the Far North Coast Cross Country Carnival last Friday. Well done girls!

    Class 2/3 and 5/6 have been rehearsing the house down in preparation for the Far North Coast Dance Festival to be held this Wednesday at the Gold Coast Arts Centre. This festival is a wonderful opportunity for these Coorabell kids to experience the big lights in front of an audience of over 1,000. Good luck kids!

    It is with great sadness that I need to let you know that unfortunately Graham Jessup passed away last weekend. Graham was a tremendous teacher and artistic mentor to so many children over the years at Coorabell and many other schools in our region. He established a fantastic film making initiative called The Lucinda Project. Graham had an incredible ability to bring out every child’s creative flair which was showcased each year at a black tie Lucinda Movie Matinee where each of the school’s films were shown in front of a packed theatre audience. On behalf of the entire Coorabell School Community and the thousands of children he inspired in other schools I would like to give my sincere condolences to Graham’s family and friends.

    Huge thank you to Lisa (Freya’s mum) who has generously given up her time each Friday morning to work with Year 5 and then Year 6 in

    Apart from giving the students an insight into the media around them, Mr Jessup said he enjoyed seeing the schools come together.

    Vale Graham

    emotional wellbeing. In the first two weeks we have learnt about being our own best friend (where I always thought I was my own worst enemy). Last week the children and I learnt about validation which is a powerful way of ensuring that children and adults alike feel good (continued over page)

  • Coorabell Public School t: 02 6684 7281 w:

    Coorabell Public School Community Newsletter

    POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR LEARNING This week we are focusing on

    the SANDPIT


    May 31 Far North Coast Dance Festival Class 2/3 & Class 5/6 Jun 29 VOSS Athletics Carnival 30 LAST day Term 2

    TERM 3

    Jul 17 FIRST day Term 3 28 Gymnastics - 8 week program Aug 6-11 Canberra/Ski Trip (Yr 5 & Yr 6) 28 Life Education Sept 5 School Photo Day 20 NORPA ‘The Arrival’ (Yr 3-6) 22 LAST day Term 3

    TERM 4 Oct 9 FIRST day of Term 4 Dec 15 LAST day of Term 4

    NO Friday Assembly this week Next School Assembly will be on FRIDAY Term 2

    Week 7 - Commences at 1.45pm

    9th June, 2017

    Kindergarten will present a class item.

    The Year 5/6 students will lead the assembly.


    BUS INFORMATION Wetzler School Bus Phone numbers:

    Ken - 0428847098

    Denise - 0427847098

    (continued from page 1)

    about themselves and value their strengths. This is an easy but highly beneficial outlook and something that I wish to introduce school wide as it fits in with our overall culture of happiness and appreciation of individual differences. Thank you Lisa!

    Stukulele and I have been discussing a way of encouraging each Coorabell student to practice for a few minutes each day on their ukulele at home if they have one. Stu feels that many children don’t really play outside of his Friday lessons. We are looking to purchase another set of ukuleles for the school and therefore plan to sell our current ukuleles to any family who doesn’t have one at home for $10. To inspire parents to get involved in encouraging their children to practice or even join them themselves, Stukulele is putting on a special ukulele night for all parents and students on Wednesday June 21. Stay posted for time and place!

    Massive thank you to Mr Keylock’s 4/5 class who presented a terrific special Sorry Day item at last Friday’s assembly.

    Congratulations also to all of Class 5/6 who happened to be doing a fitness activity called The Beep Test as I walked across the tennis court. This was an exemplary display of Coorabell fitness and determination as I saw ten children reach the elite level 10 in the one class. I was highly impressed, as usually only one or two students at best reach Level 10 or beyond. Yet another great example of healthy body, healthy mind.

    Good luck to all the students who will be sitting the Digital Technology component of the ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) today and the Science component tomorrow.

    Welcome to Bill who will be replacing Al as our General Assistant at Coorabell.

    Big thank you to Collette, Alex, Sybil and Azriel who have all put their hands up to cover library books. The massive pile of new books has almost disappeared. Thanks again!

    Many thanks

    Geoff Coghlan

  • Coorabell Public School t: 02 6684 7281 w:

    Coorabell Public School Community Newsletter

    ASSEMBLY AWARDS - 26/5/17 Kindergarten: Rafi:- for being a good listener and working well independently in all subject areas; Luka:- for being a focused class member who has worked really hard to improve his reading level; Reggie:- for continually challenging himself and others in Maths with pleasing results; Marlu:- for working hard to sound out unknown words needed for his writing.

    Year 1: Ella:- for an outstanding diagram explaining how rain gets to the sea; Hugh:- for making insightful contributions to class discussions; Coco:- for working hard on her reading; Uma:- for showing a deep understanding of the feelings of others; Abbey:- for still working hard on her handwriting; Asher:- for being organised and solving problems.

    Year 2/3: Stella:- for achieving fantastic results in dance practice; Alifie:- for consistent hard work in class and exceptional behaviour; Jasper:- for being switched on for all tasks and working hard. Year 3: Noah:- being a wonderful helper and always doing his best; Silan:- excellent application in Ukulele. Excellent presentation; Archie:- an interseting and well presented procedure; Georgie:- excellent application in all KLA’s.

    Year 4/5: Asher:- for his focus on completing classroom work and activities; Anouk:- for kindness and flexibility when working with others; Caleb:- presentation skills - using a variety of resources; Jesua:- for kindness and flexibility when working with others.

    Year 5/6: Belle:- excellent peer support; Tanika:- excellent writing & publishing; Annabel:- excellent focus, skills, drive, sportsmanship & dedication in sports; Sam:- excellent 5/6 leadership; Ben:- knowledge about atoms & molecules in science.

    SRC Value Award - RESPECT Jasper, Alessia, Mia, Anouk, Tia

    Far North Coast Dance Festival permission note & money ($35) now due.

    Year 6 Ski Trip - keep those instalments rolling in, final payment due by 21/7.

    Student Resources payment now due. ($85 per child)

    Voluntary Contribution now due $45 per child or $80 per family.

    Ukulele Term 1, 2, 3 & 4 Tuition fee due - $25 per term due (or pay $100 for the year).

    IMPORTANT Please make sure notes and money are forwarded in a sealed envelope with correct money and marked with child’s name & activity. Your child should put the money in their class box rather than delivering it directly to the office. DON’T forget you can pay on-line at www.coorabell-p.schools.nsw.


    Has anyone seen Coco’s (Year 1) monkey? He came to school with Coco and he may have been keen to have a play date at someone’s house. He is a very special monkey for Coco so if you’ve seen him please tell him it’s time to go home as Coco is missing him to bits! He won’t be

    in trouble!

  • Coorabell Public School t: 02 6684 7281 w:

    Coorabell Public School Community Newsletter

    PARENT ACTION SYMBOL Parents - this symbol is an easy way to identify what you need to action this




    Chiara (Year 5/6) ran into the classroom after lunch last Thursday and caught this little guy. She was really quick to spot it and amazing that she caught it. He must have wanted his photo taken

    for the newsletter, so here it is!

    Newrybar Fireworks & Fair

    Bonfire, Hot Food, Cakes & Desserts Raffles, Tombola, Glow Sticks, Rides, Laser Tag, Face Painting



    FIREWORKS: 7.30 PM

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