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JULY - SEPTEMBER 2013 MCI (P) 125/12/2012 Do Together

Cooperator Jul-Sep 2013

Mar 09, 2016



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MCI (P) 125/12/2012

Do Together

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03 Chairman's Message - DO TOGETHER

04 JCCU – A Co-op Union for its Members, By its Members COSEM – A Co-op That Leverages on Members’ Expertise

05 YES to Co-operative Model Social Enterprise Carnival Planting Seeds From Primary To Secondary

06 SNCF 32nd Anniversary Dinner 'Rocking Good Times'

07 Central Co-operative Fund Grants

08 Towards Sustainability

09 Coming Together as One Co-op Hot Shots - Snap Away!

10 Comics Competition 2013 Co-op Wheels Explorer

11 SNCF Bursary for ITE Students Co-operative Bursary for Polytechnic Studies

12 Mark Your Calendar & SNCF At Your Service


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Our MissionTo promote and develop co-operatives as sustainable enterprises

that address social and economic needs through the principle of

self and mutual help so as to foster a more resilient society.

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This year, SNCF celebrates its 32nd Anniversary.

While much has changed for us over the last three decades, one thing remains constant in SNCF - we value Togetherness.

We Learn Together. The Annual Co-operative Leaders’ Conference (ACLC) held in Bangkok brought more than 120 affiliate delegates from 30 co-operatives under one roof to gain insights on running sustainable enterprises from distinguished speakers who have made a mark for their organisations. The conference provided a valuable platform for co-operative leaders to dialogue and share ideas and experiences.

We Work Together. At the conference, we heard the inspiring story of doing together from Colonel Yazid, CEO of Co-operative of SCDF Employees Ltd, who shared how the co-operative gets good support from Singapore Civil Defence Force senior management and the Board of Directors; and how they work closely together towards a common vision. COSEM’s current staff strength is 123 with a turnover of $9 million for FY2012, ending 31 Mar 2012. Sustainability is made all the more possible with collaboration. Read more about the COSEM story in this issue of Co-operator.

We have fun Together. As a one big family, we celebrated SNCF’s 32nd Anniversary with the Rocking 60s theme and the Co-op Got Talent contest. The outcome was a memorable night of enjoying friendship and the lighter side of life. Co-operators not only work hard; we play hard too. That night was also made special with the presentation of SNCF scholarships to two promising youths who will pursue their university studies with our support and encouragement.

DO TOGETHERWe do family Together. One of the highlights of our 32nd Anniversary celebration is the ‘Come Together As One’ event to be held on 1 September at Ang Mo Kio – Bishan Park. Some 4,000 co-operators will be gathered to enter the Singapore Book of Records as they form the SNCF Logo with placards to raise awareness of the co-operative movement in Singapore. We are inviting our co-operators to bring their loved ones to the event where we will appreciate nature, watch a movie under the stars and enjoy the day as one big family.

As a family, we go through good and bad times together. We even grieved together. It is with deep sadness that on 2 July, we learnt about the passing of our friend, Jasni Jamil, who had worked in SNCF for 12 years. It did not take long before condolences poured in from different ranks, races and religions in different forms – phone calls, visits, emails and more. It was a touching moment to experience co-operative spirit demonstrated in this spontaneous way. Jasni‘s family is also our family. We feel the pain and grieve with them.

A famous Helen Keller’s quotable quote reads: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

The Co-operative Movement in Singapore has chosen to do Together.

And we can do amazing things – Together.

Chan Tee SengChairman, SNCF Executive Council


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JCCU – A Co-op Union for its Members, By its Members


The Japanese Consumer Co-operative Union (JCCU) works together with the government and relevant organisations to ensure the best safety and security of its products. Today, 30 per cent of all households in Japan belong to a co-operative.

Since its establishment in 1951 as a federation of co-ops across Japan, JCCU member co-ops include community-based retail co-ops, co-op business federations, prefectural co-op unions, nationwide co-op unions such as the National Federation of University Co-operative Associations (NFUCA), the Japan Co-op Insurance Consumers’ Co-operative Federation (JCIF), and the Japanese Health and Welfare Co-operative Federation (HeW Co-op Japan).

JCCU business encompasses Co-op products development, Co-op Insurance and other service businesses. Its retail businesses consist of store operation, home delivery, catalogue and internet businesses involving the sale of food and non-food items to members. Responding to competition, JCCU strengthened their business effort in the home

The Co-operative of SCDF Employees Ltd (COSEM), established on 1 June 2005, is a self-financing business entity. Its subsidiary, COSEM Safety & Security Services Pte Ltd was established a year later, to market the type of services that leveraged on the expertise of SCDF personnel. With this, COSEM was able to fulfill its primary objective of providing secondary careers for the SCDF officers who have retired. It has since provided full-time and part-time job opportunities for retired SCDF personnel based on their skills set; and dispersed surplus through cash dividends to its members consisting of SCDF full time employees and retired/resigned personnel.

Colonel Yazid (pictured left), CEO of COSEM, shares two major highlights of this co-operative.

Meeting one of its objectives, COSEM has provided jobs for retired

SCDF officers and to personnel who have completed their full-time

National Service. COSEM continues to look into means to expand

its business and to create opportunities for its members.

When COSEM first started, its core business was in retail ie. the sales of fire safety products. Today, COSEM’s

line of business has diversified from providing fire warden and security services, fire and rescue stand-by

services, to conducting company emergency response teams (CERT) training, incident management courses

and consultancy services in civil defence systems to foreign governments in the Middle East.

A unique quality of the co-operative is perhaps found in its aim of creating job opportunities for retirees of SCDF. And the fact that it is part of the bigger SCDF family means that ‘doing together’ has been the key

contributor to its growth.

COSEM – A Co-op That Leverages on Members’ Expertise

delivery service, which utilises a group-buying system to offset the lower returns from the store business. JCCU also entered into internet business to meet the changing needs of consumers and internet-savvy members. In the insurance line of business, JCCU’s insurance co-ops offer products that suit members’ needs at reasonable premiums and better coverage, through its two affiliates, JCIF and the National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Co-operatives (Zenrosai).

It has been seen that JCCU’s collaborative efforts in ‘doing together’ has truly benefited the people who participate in the co-operative movement.

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SNCF raised awareness and piqued the interest of students to explore the possibilities of social entrepreneurship at the school’s assembly talk. It was an opportunity to plant a seed in the minds of students and explain to them the proper support and avenues available.

There has been a burgeoning interest among students seeking to pursue their undergraduate studies at renowned universities locally or abroad. At the Career and Scholarship Fair on 30 May 2013, SNCF went in search of scholars with a big heart who are keen to play a part in the community. Many students found the social entrepreneurship movement interesting, where they could be involved in community projects, strategic planning and participation in overseas conferences and programmes. The SNCF scholarship garnered much interest because of the rich experience promised to the scholar who would be able to choose from a wide range of over 80 organisations for their internship and develop their potential to the fullest.

YES to Co-operative Model


Social Enterprise Carnival

Who has what it takes to be the entrepreneur of tomorrow? Aspiring individuals who have a creative vision and passion in business are the future entrepreneurs. But, greater still are those who incorporate social responsibility into their business plans. That’s the co-operative model,

The Social Enterprise (SE) Carnival @ DBS Marina Regatta, organised by the Ministry of Social and Family Development in partnership with DBS Bank on 18 and 19 May 2013, made big waves. Not only did the event mark Singapore’s annual Dragon Boating Festival, it also celebrated social enterprises and their meaningful contributions to the community. Graced by Singapore President Tony Tan, the carnival saw the launching of the second run of the President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Award, an award that seeks to recognise outstanding and innovative enterprises that are making a significant social impact in Singapore.

For the first time, such a public event provided a platform for social enterprises to reach out to the public while creating opportunities for networking and collaborations. SNCF made its presence felt and visitors who dropped by the booth learnt about the spirit of social entrepreneurship.

In an effort to spread the Co-operative movement and ignite the flame of social entrepreneurship among the youth, SNCF made its stamp in three schools, planting the seeds of co-operativism. The active involvement of SNCF will accelerate the growth of a dynamic social enterprise force, driven by youths that will work for the greater benefit of our society.

Thinking about one’s future while still in primary school might seem too early for some, but at Bukit Panjang Primary School they are not wasting any time. SNCF set up a booth to share on social entrepreneurship at the Educational and Career Guidance Fair targeted at Primary 6 pupils. The spirit of doing good and doing well fascinated the students and hopefully

inculcated good va lues and qualities in the students.

said SNCF when they were invited to educate budding entrepreneurs at the annual Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium (YES 2013), organised by nEbO on 12 – 14 June 2013. The talk by SNCF had ignited some sparks among the 450 students from various junior colleges in Singapore, who gathered at the NUS Business School.

"The SE Carnival has shed light on what some of the social enterprises do and has gotten me thinking about doing something good for the society as well," said an aspiring young entrepreneur. SNCF hopes that the carnival will become an annual affair, giving greater awareness and visibility of social enterprises in Singapore.

Planting Seeds From Primary To Secondary

Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium 2013 12 to 14 June 2013

@ Bukit Panjang Primary School

@ Broadrick Secondary School

@ River Valley High School

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SNCF 32nd Anniversary Dinner'Rocking Good Times' They came, decked in their best 60's retro outfits, all prepared to let

their hair down and have fun. And party they did!

It was one delightful evening for the 400 co-operators

from 44 co-operatives who turned up in full force to

celebrate SNCF 32nd Anniversary, which was tied

in with the celebrations for the International Day

of Co-operatives on 6 July 2013. Providing

high energy entertainment were

the multi-talented co-operators

themselves who danced and

sang to loud applause and

shouts of approval in

the Co-op Got Talent


Colourful Top Three winners of Co-op Got Talent with SNCF Chairman Mr Chan Tee Seng

At the event held at Hotel Re!, SASCO Evergreen, from Singapore Amalgamated Service Co-operative Organisation, danced their way to the top prize of $1,000. Mr Kamsari Jalil from Sembawang Co-operative Thrift & Loan Society Ltd who proved that he has got talent with his song and dance won second prize of $500, while Mr Ranjit Singh from Singapore Prison Service Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Ltd sang his heart out in Mandarin to win third prize of $300.

Among the highlights was the presentation of two SNCF scholarship awards to Mr Yeo Tiong Hui and Ms Guo Mei Qi to pursue their tertiary education at local Universities.

Mr Chan Tee Seng, SNCF Chairman, spoke on growing the Co-operative movement by attracting, developing and nurturing young, talented and aspiring individuals in a bid to build the next generation of co-operatives leaders.

The celebrations ended in style with the crowning of the Best Dressed couple and the presentation of lucky draw and table prizes, some sponsored by the generous SNCF affiliated co-operatives.

SNCF Chairman Mr Chan Tee Seng addressing the biggest gathering of 44 co-operatives at

an anniversary dinner

Co-operators warming up for a groovy night ahead!

SNCF Chairman Mr Chan Tee Seng (third from right), with two SNCF scholarship recipients, Ms Guo Mei Qi (second from right) and Mr Yeo Tiong Hui (extreme right), joined by SNCF 2012 scholars, (from left) Ms Li Mengzhu, Ms Joan Loh and Mr Koh Wei Meng

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SNCF Courses (Local/Overseas)




In re-positioning the Co-operative model to be viewed as a viable form of social enterprise, the Central Co-operative Fund Committee (CCFC) established the Grant for New Co-operatives in 2008 to encourage and aid in the establishment of new co-operatives with high social mission. Co-operatives with approved funding will be subject to quarterly follow-up evaluation, where they will be assessed based on their business objectives and their progress in fulfilling their social mission.

The funding is on a cost-sharing basis that will be seeded for up to 3 years.

The funding aims to defray initial set-up costs and operating expenses to create financially and economically sustainable Co-operatives This aligns with SNCF’s goals of developing a dynamic, vibrant, and innovative Co-operative movement in Singapore.

Areasof Aid...

Eligible funding items are:Capital Expenditure, e.g. Office equipment

Indiv idual i tems are subject to SNCF’s approval .

Who can apply... Newly registered Co-operatives (Within 24 months of registration)

Other areas of support:Areas of expertise and knowledgeEndorsementOperating expenses

e.g. Staff cost related to start the Co-operative Referral aspects of the business

1st Year up to 85% or $90,000, whichever is lower

2nd Year up to 70% or $75,000, whichever is lower

3rd Year up to 55% or $45,000, whichever is lower

Capability TrainingCapacity DevelopmentWhat...


The CCFC launched the Capacity and Capability Development (CCD) grant with the objective of encouraging existing co-operatives in Singapore to better themselves. The grant supports co-operatives in capacity development, capability training, and consultancy services.

1st Tier1 Category Only

Up to 50% of cost incurred but capped at

$8,000, whichever is lower

2nd TierUp to 50% of cost incurred but capped at

$15,000, whichever is lower

1st Tier2 or More Categories

Capped at $10,000 per year

2nd TierCapped at $20,000 per year

*Tier refers to CCF Levy contributors.

Contact... For more details, please contact your respective sector’s Relationship Manager.

Contact... For more details, please contact Mike Chian, Business Developer Manager,



Software & Systems

up to 80% of the local course fees/overseas registration fees & capped at $1,000 per pax and max. of 2 pax per co-op per course.

SNCF’s Approved Coursesup to 30% of the fees & capped at $500 per co-op, whichever is lower

May apply every year & funding will be on reimbursement basis and claim period is within the Training year.

Consultancy Service (including CPA/accountant)

Consultancy Services

Up to 15% of the Co-op’s total contribution & capped at

$15,000, whichever is lower

To comply with regulatory requirements through hiring a CPA or a qualiified accountant. Only 2nd Tier levy contributors may apply annually.


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Towards Sustainability

Building on the momentum following the International Year of Co-operatives (2012), the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) held its Annual Co-operative Leaders’ Conference (ACLC) on 30 May – 1 June 2013 at the Montien Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.

SNCF CEO, Ms Dolly Goh said that, while the last ACLC dealt with differentiating the value propositions, products, services, brand and customer experience of co-operatives, this year’s focus on sustainability shows how the co-operative formula can succeed. Thus, the theme provided food for fodder as conference delegates discussed how co-

operatives can benefit from employing a ‘sustainability’ strategy and discovered how some organisations have succeeded in doing so, by raising awareness and through collaboration.

Officially opened by Mr Chan Tee Seng, Chairman of SNCF, the high-level, multi-discipline conference saw more than 120 affiliate delegates from 30 co-operatives receiving timely insights into the unique challenges of the co-operatives sector in Singapore and the rest of the world. Conference attendees had the opportunity to glean from high-ranking and distinguished chairs and speakers such as Mr Karl Chong, the Founder of Beeconomic and CEO of Groupon Singapore; Mr C V Nathan, Chairman of Singapore Amalgamated Services Co-operative Organisation Ltd (SASCO); Chef Benny Se Teo, founder of Eighteen Chefs; Colonel Yazid Bin Abdullah, CEO of the Co-operative of Singapore Civil Defence Force Employees Ltd (COSEM); Mr Chua Poon Guan, Honorary Treasurer of Singapore Teacher’s Co-operative Society Ltd; and Mr Wong Chee Meng, CFO of Ya Kun International Pte Ltd. The conference programme offered a rich choice of session formats and networking opportunities aimed at highlighting excellence, promoting dialogue and stimulating the exchange of experiences. Among the unique highlights of ACLC was the setting up of a live Social Media desk, which reported the events in real-time. This proved quite popular with participants with postings made on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Let’s move towards a stronger and sustainable co-operative.

Annual Co-operative Leaders’ Conference 2013 30 May to 1 June 2013, Bangkok, Thailand

Annual Co-operativeLeaders’ Conference 2013

Montien Hotel, Bangkok Thailand30th May - 1st June 2013

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The Co-operative movement is about to get bigger! Co-operators will be gathered to enter the Singapore Book of Records as they form the SNCF Logo with placards at the Ang Mo Kio/Bishan Park on 1 September to raise awareness of the co-operative movement in Singapore. Families can get together for a 2.5km walk, play games on stage, and finally enjoy a movie screening under the stars.

The Co-op Hot Shots photography competition ends in just over amonth! Whether you are young or old, everyone is more than welcometo submit images that portray co-operation, self-reliance, mutual help,equality, and care for the community.

Choose to participate in the print or online categories, where your images will be judged based on its relevancy, composition, focus, lighting, and creativity. Submissions to the online category will be judged by the number of “Likes” each photo gets on the SNCF Facebook page.

Date: 1 September 2013, SundayTime: 3pm to 9pmVenue: Ang Mo Kio/Bishan Park

Register here:

Guest-of-Honour: Ms Josephine TeoMinister of State, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transport


Upcoming SNCF Activities

Coming Together as One

Snap Away! Competition closes on 30 August 2013

Visit SNCF Singapore on Facebook!


Co-op Hot Shots 2013, a photography competition with the 5 competition themes:

Co-operation, Self-help, Equality, Mutual Help, Care for Others; in celebrations of the

Co-operative Movement in Singapore. Snap photographs in relations to any of the 5

themes to participate in either of the 2 categories; Online or Print. Competition submission

starts on 17 Jun 2013 - 30 Aug 2013. Rules and regulations apply. Refer to website: for more information.

Singapore Award (For Singapore Citizen & PR Only)

Online Fun Category1st $388, 2nd $288 and 3rd $188 cash prizes

+ 3 Judges’ Choice $68 cash prizes

Open Print Category1st $1000, 2nd $500 and 3rd $300

+ 10 merit $100 cash prizesInternational Award (For Non-Residents of Singapore Only)

Online Fun Category1st $388, 2nd $288 and 3rd $188 cash prizes

+ 3 Judges’ Choice $68 cash prizes

Open Print Category1st $1000, 2nd $500 and 3rd $300

Submit Now!More than$5,000cash prizes!Application Closes30 Aug 2013

Family Walk


Come Together


Only for Registered Co-operators


Under The Stars


Only for Registered Co-operators



Date & Day: 1st Sep 2013, SundayVenue:

Ang Mo Kio - Bishan Park

To Register as a Co-op or for more details:SCAN THE QR CODEor visit

Be sure to register yourself by 2 August 2013 to secure

your Goodie Bag and Bento Set!**Limited to 1 Goodie Bag and Bento Set per pax,

and first-come-first-served to the first 4,000 participants

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Are you an aspiring comic artist and storyteller who’s bursting with creativity? Join SNCF’s inaugural Comics Competition - Coopow! Based on the theme ‘Co-operatives in Unity’, tell a story with co-operative values through comic illustrations. May the best comic win!

There are just some things that can never be experienced any other way except on a road trip. A road trip such as the Co-op Wheels Explorer to Malaysia's less travelled side - Port Dickson and Malacca.

Coopow! will be holding a workshop to give everyone a little help like we always do!

Date: 5 October 2013, Saturday

Time : 10am to 3pm

Venue: Goodman Arts Centre (to be confirmed)

Upcoming SNCF Activities

Comics Competition 2013

Co-op Wheels Explorer









Comic_Logo_eBanner_200613_OUTLINED.pdf 1 7/18/2013 6:00:23 PM


Singapore - Port Dickson - Malacca - Singapore

6 - 8 September 2013Organized by:

Supported by:

Singapore - Port Dickson - Malacca - Singapore

6 - 8 September 2013

For more details on the upcoming activities by SNCF, “Like” SNCF on Facebook to get the latest updates!

Submit your artwork from 1 October 2013 to 10 January 2014!

Come join fellow co-operators for an automobile adventure of mouth-watering, eye-catching and far-reaching proportions. That’s the whole adventure of it all.

Page 11: Cooperator Jul-Sep 2013

Eligibility Criteria

• The applicant must be one of the following:

‣ Member of any locally registered co-operative

‣ Staff of Co-operatives

‣ Immediate family members of the staff of Co-operatives

• First priority will be given to staff and immediate family members of the staff of the co-operative;

• Gross monthly household per capita income does not exceed S$2,500/-;

• Is not in receipt of any scholarship/ bursary/ financial assistance except subsidies from the Government;

• Is not a sponsored student;

• Applicable for full-time & part-time courses which are relevant to the business of co-operatives;

• Recipient of award may apply in subsequent years, subject to good academic performance.

For further clarifications, please contact the Relationship Managers of your respective sector.

Calling all staff and members of SNCF affiliates.The Co-op Bursary is available for those seeking higher education or those wishing to upgrade their skills at the Polytechnics.

The bursary, valued at 50% of the nett course fee (after government subsidies) subject to a maximum cap of $1,000, will be

awarded to the successful applicant.

Co-operative Bursary for Polytechnic Studies

Approach your Student Affairs Division in ITE for the bursary application form today!

This scheme is intended to provide financial assistance to the deserving ITE students who are Members of ITE Co-op, or who are staff of a locally registered co-op or the immediate family members of the staff of a locally registered co-op.


For further clarifications and/or enquiries, please approach your respective Student Affairs Division:


AWARD: $500 per award per annum.

*Registration is open throughout the year.


a) Member of the ITE Co-operative; orb) Staff of any locally registered co-operatives and their immediate family members. (Immediate family refers to children, spouse and parents and if single, siblings)b) Gross monthly household per capita income do not exceed $1,500/-d) Is not in receipt of any scholarship / bursary except MOE Bursarye) Is not a sponsored studentf) Has at least 3 months’ study to undergo till the end of the academic year

ITE College CentralMr Mohd Amanullah Peer MohdStudent Services 5128

ITE College EastMs Shirley Lim Head/Student 9657

ITE College WestStudent Services 1080

Furthering Co-operative Developmen




Images are copyrights of Inst i tute of Technical Education C


Page 12: Cooperator Jul-Sep 2013

Sheela “Right-hand lady” DID: 6602 0741

Dolly “Chief Inspiration officer”

haRRy “Knowledge Champion”

DID: 6602 0755

mIKe “Growth

Champion” DID: 6602 0752

maRIa “Infocomm Champion”

DID: 6602 0753

Soo lenG “Credit Guru”

DID: 6602 0745

Bee Bee “Wonder lady”

DID: 6602 0742

mooI ChenG “accounts & hR Samurai”

DID: 6602 0756

helen “numbers Guru” DID: 6602 0743

emIly “Campus Samurai”

DID: 6602 0759

may lInG“Relationship & IT Guru”

DID: 6602 0744

RaJeSh “Social media

Whiz” DID: 6602 0746

haWa “Digital Samurai”

DID: 6602 0749

BelInDa“Brand & marketing Guru”

DID: 6602 0240

RameSh “events

Champion”DID: 6602 0746

DanIel “Credit Samurai”

DID: 6602 0750

MARK Your Calendar!Be informed of events, programme updates and more at

September 2013

Come Together as One (mini Co-opalicious)

Co-op Wheels Explorer

ACCU in Nepal (for Credit Co-operatives)




August 2013

National Co-operative Day Expo 2013 (Malaysia)


October 2013

COOPOW! - Awareness of Co-ops through Comics Design Competition

November 2013

ICA Global Conference & General Assembly (Cape Town, South Africa)


01 Oct-31 Jan 2014

December 2013

13th Annual SNCF Inter-Cooperative Bowling Competition


January 2014

06 SNCF New Year Reception