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Conversation - a case of Crisis Management on Social Media

Aug 20, 2015



  1. 1. Conversa)ons Everythinghappensforgood..J
  2. 2. A Simple yet beau)ful e x a m p l e o f c r i s i s Management, keeping in mindtheinvolvementofthird par)esandindividuals TalksabouthowanOnlinebrandused oinechannelsforBrandinuence whichwentwrongandhowthatturned theopportunityintoaBranding exercise..
  3. 3. Howitstarted? SuddenpingfromthebrandManagementping almostamonthback..
  4. 4. DiscussionsandthenformFill by various Users majorly seniorfolksfromIndustryand some Individuals who are faceoftheIndustry
  5. 5. Inthebackend Branding/Agencydida)eup with some courier agency to c o u r i e r a N i c e l y d o n e personalized mug along with some coupons and a Intro BrochureofBrand.
  6. 6. Andthensomethingwentwrong! .the courier agency goofedupandtheMugin the Package reached one of the senior person in Industrybut ..itwasbroken!!
  7. 7. AndthushePostedon his wall, not because he wanted to pull them but was feeling sad..
  8. 8. So? Anunexpectedresponsefromaveryseniorveteran oftheIndustrymusthavetakentheteamabackand musthavefelt.. - WhytheF___heposteditonline,itwasFREE! - Itwasnotourfaultandheshouldnthave etc.etc.
  9. 9. ButNo! rst the Senior folk from the Agency got ac)ve and apologized and promised to have sendonefreshpiece.
  10. 10. AND. thentheOwnerpostedacommentwhichwasnotonly aClearcaseofCrisismanagementbutalsohavesetan exampleformany.
  11. 11. .andnally!!
  12. 12. andalso.
  13. 13. Keypoints: Customers/ConsumersorProspectsTreatthem Humbly,youneverknowwhocanbecomea BrandNoise/Voiceforyou.. Networkingisveryimportantbutbeac)veis superimportantaClearcase TrackingSocialBuzzaboutBrandisveryimportant andthususingsomethirdpartytoolsisnotjust costbutalsological/ra)onal!
  14. 14. Personalviews, nothinginten)onal.. GETINTOUCH: @SirfMayuR +919826020980