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Continuous Skylights Typ b

Jun 03, 2018



  • 8/12/2019 Continuous Skylights Typ b


    CI-System continuousroofight B

    robust - safe - best-of-breed statics

  • 8/12/2019 Continuous Skylights Typ b


    Serving the customer is our focus

    Dipl. Ing. Joachim Hessemer

    Technical Director

    Safety First

    Extreme weather conditions are becoming

    more frequent. Storm, hail, heavy snow

    all of these inclement weather conditions

    affect the roof, and thus the continuous

    rooights. As a building owner you will

    appreciate that there is no real protection

    against freak weather conditions. But you

    are right to ask your suppliers for maxi-

    mum protection against these natural risks

    when choosing building materials. This is

    why we placed great emphasis on the stability

    and robustness of the construction during the

    development of CI System continuous roof-

    light B to make sure it can withstand even

    the most adverse weather conditions.

    Our system stands for tried-and-trusted safe-

    ty: a large number of certicates from buil-

    ding supervision authorities give customers

    access to many approved variants and thus

    maximum design freedom. Also approved

    and safe the smoke outlet device to DIN

    EN 12101-2 and hail proong to LAMILUX


    Even more benets:

    Saves energy: Free of thermal bridges

    thanks to optimized isothermal


    Our technology:

    The isothermal load converter (ITL)

    Benet from excellent re protection

    - DIN 18234 compliance at a low cost.

    Our technology: Linear burn-through

    protection (LDS)

    State of art technology you can rely on

    and best-of-breed static safety.

    Our technology: the active expansion

    absorber (ADA) and dynamic torque

    control (DTC)

    The CI System continuous rooight B sets a

    new standard with respect to roof protection

    and safety in combination with excellent

    daylight incidence qualities. Customized

    intelligence serving the customer is our


    If you create a mission statement, you have

    to live by it!

    In LAMILUXs case this means:

    : We develop best-of-breed quality - and that

    means genuine benets for our customers

    : We are innovative and guide you throught

    your projekts thanks to top quality technical

    consultancy and comprehensive aftersales


    : We offer competence - fast, reliable, friendly

    : Our service is tailored to your requirements

    and wishes

    Protected against Wind and Weather

  • 8/12/2019 Continuous Skylights Typ b


    CONTENTThe active expansion absorber (ADA)

    Stability thanks to intelligent components

    page 6

    Dynamic torque control (DMR) Safety thanks to new technology

    page 7

    The isothermal load converter (ITL)

    Patented innovations prevent thermal brid-


    page 8

    Linear burn through protection (LDS)

    Fire safety thanks to DIN 18234

    page 10

    Architectural freedom

    Roof connection & tting variants

    page 12

    Glazing variants

    Functional versatility

    page 13

    Smoke and heat ventilation systems

    Approved safety

    page 14

    Actuating technology

    Can save lives in an emergency

    page 17

    A continuous rooight with many facets

    More than just standard

    page 18


    New materials

    page 19


    Maintaining value

    page 20

    Maintenance and & controls

    Competence for your safety

    page 21

    Technology & Innovation Practicality & Detail Versatility & Options

  • 8/12/2019 Continuous Skylights Typ b




    CI system continuous rooight B

    Value added by default

    Dynamic torque control


    Page 7

    The new CI System continuous rooight B combines a high incidence of daylight with maximum safety in case of heavy loads on the roof

    construction caused by wind and weather, along with best-of-breed protection in case of re. Thanks to its modular design the continuous roof-

    light can be tailored to cope with individual snow and wind loads, even in case of larger spans.

    Innovative technologies, developed by LAMILUX, prevent ames from spreading, as specied by DIN 18234, give you more safety in case of re,

    provide superior heat technology, best-of-breed statics, an optimum seal and plastic sheet mountings that react exibly and maintain value.

    Linear burn-through protection

  • 8/12/2019 Continuous Skylights Typ b


    r burnthrough

    ction LDS

    Page 10

    Isothermal load

    converter ITL

    Page 8

    Technology & Innovation

    Versatility &



    Upper edge of roof clear width

    (interior dimensions of upstand)

    1.50m to 6.00m

    Gable elevation:

    Longitudinal side elevation:

    Practicality & Detail

    Active torsion

    absorber ADA

    Page 6

    Axial dimension of truss

    Cassette length



    Upper edge of roof clear length (interior dimensions of upstand)

  • 8/12/2019 Continuous Skylights Typ b


    The active expansion absorber - ADA

    Stability thanks to intelligent components



    IServing the customer is our focus

    A new technology, the active expansion ab-

    sorber (ADA), guarantees additional safety

    in extreme weather conditions. The glazing

    cannot slip in the vicinity of the bars.

    The principle:

    Thanks to the active expansion absorber

    (ADA) the whole tension bar system is

    constructed in a such a compact way that

    the seal at the joints remains unimpaired de-

    spite adverse, external weather conditions.

    The seal and the tension bar are kept con-

    nected by non-positive, form-locking joint.

    The positive effect:

    The ADA system absorbs differences in

    expansion rates between the tension bar

    and the seals in the continuous rooights

    to prevent seals slipping out when the con-

    tinuous rooight construction is subjected

    to heavy load this means best-possible

    protection in case of snow, ice, wind or


    Glazing bars viewed from underneath

    Aluminium tension bar

    with ADA system

    Tensile stress vector

    in tension bar


    Y glazing bar - aluminium


    non-positive, form-locking

  • 8/12/2019 Continuous Skylights Typ b


    Dynamic torque control - DMR

    Safety thanks to new technology





    Tensioning view of DMR spring

    Thanks to our new dynamic torque control

    (DMR) technology, CI System continuous

    rooight B offers even more safety and

    protection in case of storms and heavy

    snow loads.

    The principle:

    DMR technology helps to anchor the poly-

    carbonate sheet glazing even more rmly in

    the ventilation, and smoke and heat exhaust

    cassette system.

    The glazing is exibly mounted and optimally

    secured by means of a spring-loaded mul-

    tipoint system. The clamping torque of the

    springs in the DTC system adapts to match

    the load, driven by the spring characteristic.

    The positive effect:

    In case of heavy load on continuous roof-

    light constructions the polycarbonate

    sheets stay perfectly tensioned, and are

    perfectly secured as they absorb and thus

    damp loads in an optimum way. The same

    principle applies when the SHEVS aps

    are open: when subjected to gusts of wind,

    DTC and spring-bedded multiple joint tra-

    verses provide best possible protection.

    View of underside of ap

    Flap hinge


    Glass bar


    Flap frame

    made of Aluminium

  • 8/12/2019 Continuous Skylights Typ b


    The isothermal load converter - ITL

    Innovation removes thermal bridges


    SAFTEY BY INNOVAServing the customer is our focus

    One of the most important instruments of

    ongoing product optimization is the ability

    to calculate heating technology. Maximum

    customer benets from our products

    means: removal of thermal bridges, taking

    care that none of our composite elements

    breaks a sweat due to condensation. The

    results of our work: an intelligent overall

    system at the foot of the continuous roof-

    light construction.

    One of our most important building compo-

    nents, and one that has given us amazing

    results in the optimization of isothermal cha-

    racteristics is the isothermal load converter

    (ITL). Lets face the facts: The ITL guarantees

    a supporting structure free of thermal brid-


    The principle:

    The isothermal load converter (ITL) channels

    the load on the continuous rooight into the

    supporting structure. This keeps the base

    prole free of loads and torsion, thus enabling

    the use of materials with excellent heat insula-

    tion propert ies.

    The positive effect:

    ITL technology means that we can guaran-

    tee optimized temperature characteristics

    and thus a low incidence of condensation

    at the base prole of the continuous roof-


    Tensioning plate

    Base prole

    Isothermal load

    converter (ITL)

  • 8/12/2019 Continuous Skylights Typ b






    Thanks to ITL te

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