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Content marketing planning for high impact product launches

Sep 13, 2014



Product Camp Austin 10 presentation by David Moore

Content Marketing Planning for High-Impact Product Launches

Content Marketing Planning for High-Impact Product LaunchesDavid MooreDemand Generation @Dave_Marketing

Great Product = Great Sales? @Dave_MarketingWhat is Content Marketing?Marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. (From Wikipedia)WebinarsVideosWhitepapersBooks/e-BooksBlogsHow-To DocumentsCase StudiesTestimonialsFAQsCatalogs @Dave_MarketingIts getting the right information to prospects at the right time to increase interest and push a prospect towards a buying decision.4Quick Case Study: Workplace AnswersPurchased a list of prospects that match our target marketImplemented SEO & PPC plan to increase visibilityHigh level webinar by a leading SMEEmail invitations and remindersPolling questions to discover pain pointsUse lead grading & poll answers to:Send qualified leads to salesPut Non-Qualified leads in drip @Dave_MarketingQuick Case Study: Workplace AnswersPost-webinar whitepaper to registrantsDemo request form on pageWays to solve prospects pain pointsOnline product demos Case studies & testimonialsCustomizable sales pitch @Dave_MarketingDid it Work?Email database increased 450%Monthly website traffic increased 300%Lead flow increased: 900%Sales cycle shortened from over 90 days to under 60

Lots of challenges along the wayDid not happen overnight @Dave_MarketingDefine Your Target MarketWho will influence or make buying decision What are their pain pointsHow can your product solve these pain pointsWhat are key product featuresIdentify industry thought leaders @Dave_MarketingContent PlanningDifferent content is relevant at different timesGoals and targeted outcomes differ at each stagePush the prospect toward buying decision @Dave_MarketingBuilding AwarenessPurposeContent ToolsCast a wide netDrive new traffic to website/storeBuild a database of potential customersEmail/ Direct MarketingSEO & PPCTraditional AdvertisingPartnerships w/ Industry LeadersPress ReleasesSocial @Dave_Marketing10Sharing KnowledgePurpose Provide valuable info but dont spill all your candyBe seen as an a valuable resourceDrive repeat visitsDevelop loyal following

Content ToolsNewslettersGeneral topic webinarsShort WhitepapersSocial Shares @Dave_MarketingGetting ConsiderationPurposeContent ToolsRaise interest levelGenerate qualified leadsDemonstrate benefits more than features

Client TestimonialsTargeted Case StudiesProduct Demonstrations @Dave_MarketingThis is about the time leads are getting delivered to sales. Get feedback from sales & modify as new pains are discovered.12Finally SelectionDirect Contact From SalesMore detailed informationLonger and more technical

Content ToolsCompetitor comparisonsTechnical whitepapersSales pitch Decks @Dave_MarketingMaking it All Come TogetherGet the Right ToolsA Good, Coordinate TeamSoftware Solutions Clear Campaign Outlines for SalesWho, What, When, Where & WhyTalking PointsFeedback from Marketing & SalesRemoval of Poor Performing ContentAddition of New Content Improvement of ProcessesNew Product Ideas @Dave_MarketingPotential ChallengesEnsuring brand consistencyTime and resource constraintsTransfer of information @Dave_MarketingAdditional ResourcesMarketingProfsMarketing Sherpa Content Marketing InstituteThe Content StrategistCopyblogerMarketing Automation Companies

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