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CONSTRUCTION solution outdoor , indoor and maintenance equipment

CONSTRUCTION solution · UTILITY LOCATING A full line of RIDGID locators and transmitters are available to meet your needs for fast and accurate identification of buried electric,

Aug 07, 2020



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    outdoor, indoorand maintenance


  • COMBINATION HAMMER DRILL RANGE Metabo’s powerful hammers are always the right choice when it comes to processing hard materials such as stone or concrete. The pneumatic impact mechanism generates high-energy impacts with almost no extra force required from the user. The high performance hammer mechanism is precisely mounted in a housing made of aluminium alloy, which is resistant even to the hardest mechanical loads. The enormous power combined with user-optimised ergonomics make the Metabo hammers the ideal tools for demanding applications.

    CHIPPING HAMMERThe Chipping Hammers are compact and light weight. The application; renovation works of inside buildings and light duty concreate breaking works, laying the water and gas supply line, electric cable laying works and removing the concrete rest from the concrete mixer.

    CONCRETE BREAKER TPB breakers are made from forged steel and high quality components. They are tough and robust. These features are well suited for rental industry. TPB breakers are used in road construction and building foundation jobs. They are used for breaking highly densed concrete. Anti-vibration type of handles are available (as option).

    PICK HAMMER TCA-7 was originally developed for the coal mining industry and in mining works. Due to its impact size and light weight, they used the TCA-7 in horizontal applications. The TCA-7 is easy to handle and effective to work with on steep slopes and rough terrain job sites.

    ANGLE GRINDER RANGEWe listened closely to the needs of demanding users. From now on you will define the limit - not your tool. Don’t be afraid to challenge our new power packs from 900 to 1,700 Watt: Our new angle grinders go on and on, bring out the best in you and enthuse with their ergonomics. Maximum power has never been this compact.


    Air tool forconstruction and mining

  • DUSTLESS CONCRETE SYSTEM The problem-solver with effective extraction for easy fascia renovation: our new WE 15-125 HD SET GED Renovation Grinder with its high-performance triple reduction gearbox ensures the maximum removal of plaster, adhesive remains on screed or old coatings. The speed can be adjusted and is ideal for heat-sensitive coatings.

    HEAVYCOAT HC950 E This high-performance piston pump is ideally suited for large building sites where it is also able to handle high-viscosity materials. Faster than ever: Quick-change fluid section for ease of servicing and shorter reaction times.

    LINECOAT LC 840 The family of marking units from Wagner: Mature Airless equipment for making, remaking and maintaining lines and markings on communal areas, roads, parking areas, sports areas, airports, storage halls.

    PROSPRAY PS 3.21With a choice of 230 V or 400 V electric drive or independent of mains electricity with the Honda petrol engine. The right answer for every application: All HC units can be converted from electric to petrol drive (or vice versa) in a few minutes! This makes them independent and able to be used on building sites with no power supply.

    PROSPRAY PS 3.34 Optimum value-for-money: Ideal for all users who mostly spray-coat small surfaces For trouble-free operation: Integrated high-pressure filter. Compact design with outstanding performance data: 0.023“ nozzle size, 2.0l/min Max. delivery rate, 16 kg weight.

  • PIPE/TUBING CUTTING AND PREPERATION RIDGID® Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutters for fast, burr-free cutting of steel pipes up to 6”. Extra-long shank protects adjustment threads, while an extra-large handle is provided for quick, easy adjustment. Sturdy cast iron housing. Perfectly balanced. Hardened cutter wheels of high quality alloy steel. By changing the cutter wheel the cutters can be used for other materials (see page 73 for cutter wheel overview). Available with 1 wheel, 3 wheels, 4 wheels or with extra wide rollers.

    THREADING RIDGID® threading machines are dependable heavy duty machines for maximum up-time, superior quality threads and minimal threading time. We offer the industry’s widest selection of hand and power threading equipment. We have manual “hammer” type chuck and “auto-chuck” models.

    WRENCHES Always use the correct pipe wrench. RIDGID® pipe wrenches come in a number of different forms and sizes. Each one is designed for a particular use.

    MULTI TOOL Whether preparing cut-outs for switches and sockets or making changes to the stud frame, a multi-tool is essential in drywall construction. The new MT 18 LTX is a major addition to our cordless Pick+Mix system and can be combined with our proven 18 volt battery packs and charging units.



  • LONG NECK SANDER Faster, more convenient, cleaner: needs voiced by pros when sanding walls and ceilings. Whether sanding close to edges or the need for optimal extraction – our new long-neck sanders fulfil all the desired criteria with distinction so that you can more easily achieve your goal: precise surface finishing!

    IMPACT DRILL RANGE Metabo impact drills are perfectly equipped for demanding applications in the workshop and on the construction site. Impactdrilling in bricks, stone or concrete. Non-impact drilling in wood, steel, aluminium or even glass: no problem. Even screwdriving jobs, stirring, grinding, polishing and rust removal are easy play for our all-rounders. It is not without reason that already decades ago the world’s first impact drill produced in series has justified our reputation as manufacturer for durable, robust and technically sophisticated impact drills.

    MITER SAW RANGE Our KS and KGS models are really portable machines. The machines are practical for a quick change of location thanks to the transport lock, ergonomic handle and compact dimensions. The workbench made of die-cast aluminium saves weight and makes the saws extremely robust. The cordless models with Ultra-M technology and impressive powerful cutting output provide a high number of cuts per battery charge and offer even more freedom on the construction site.

    TABLE SAW The new table saws with integrated stand are extremely light and can be set up and dismantled in a matter of seconds. The heart of our patent-pending mobility concept is the stand with wheels which is integrated completely in the housing. Thanks to this design, the TS models are very compact and can be stored easily occupying little space. With the robust hard rubber tyres you can comfortably pull the saw to the site of application. Whether in the workshop or on the construction site: The TS set a new mobility standard for table saws.

    long neckwalls & ceiling sanding

    Table sawwith integrated stand

  • UTILITY LOCATING A full line of RIDGID locators and transmitters are available to meet your needs for fast and accurate identification of buried electric, cable, water, gas, oil, telecom, drain and sewer utilities.

    DRAIN CLEANING RIDGID® offers a complete selection of drain and sewer cleaning machines, cables and tools. Whether it is a 30 mm sink drain or 600 mm main line, RIDGID® machines get the job done quickly and efficiently.

    DRAIN AND SEWER VIDEO INSPECTION No matter what you need to see into, around or behind, there is a RIDGID inspection system available. With a wide selection of cameras, push cables, reels and monitors, there is a system that meets your needs. Each one is easy to use and durable – traits that you have come to expect from RIDGID.

    ELECTRICAL MULTITOOL The RE 60 from RIDGID® features our unique QuickChange System™, allowing you to quickly and easily switch between interchangeable heads for cutting, crimping and punching.


    Drain & SewerVideo Inspection

  • TERMAL INSPECTIONBridging the gap between single spot IR thermometers and FLIR’s legendary infrared cameras, the TG165 gives you the advantage of thermal imaging to help you discover temperature issues you can’t see with typical spot radiometers. You’ll work more quickly and have confidence you won’t miss anything vital.

    INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASURENTMENTExtech continually introduces new test & measurement tools that provide world-class versatility and real-worldaffordability. Packed with features designed to enhance performance and productivity, these new products refl ect technology trends and market shifts towards Advanced Diagnostics, Multifunctional Capabilities, Sustainability & Safety, and Connectivity & Collaboration.

    HEAVYDUTY HAND CLEANERQuick action lotion formula with pumice scrubbing particles for cleaning a broad range of industrial soils, medium dirts and grease including inks/printing inks. Orange citrus scent.

    GLOW IN THE DARKLuminous (glow-in-the-dark) egress path markings are now required for the full width of every stair and handrail, among other markings. Brady offers a complete line of egress marking products that meet the current requirements for the 2012 means of egress regulations.

    PIPE MARKING AND VALVE TAGPipe markers and valve supplies, tools and identification products let workers trace process problems and find solutions faster. Our pipe and valve marking solutions help satisfy safety and ASME (ANSI) standards and are available in a wide range of materials that meet your need for indoor, outdoor, harsh environment or light duty applications.

    TAGSOur industrial tags are made of high performance, durable materials that can withstand harsh environments - both indoors and outdoors. They can be used for hazard warnings, valve identification, equipment instructions, accident prevention and more.

    PORTABLE PRINTER Portable label printers allow you to create custom safety messages, component id and wire labels whenever and wherever you need them. They are lightweight and easy-to-use so they can be taken with you in the field, on the job site, or in your toolbox. For on-the-spot labeling in datacomm, electrical, material handling and industrial workplaces, our portable printers and handheld label makers are the ideal solution.

    DESKTOP PRINTERS Our desktop printers provide high-end performance industrial printing and labeling. These options include high-volume or low-volume sign and label making, cable and wire identification. With a range of durable materials available for our industrial desktop printers, you will be able to conform to specific application requirements or regulations that you need to meet. Output size and color options vary depending on the model selected.

    TAPESOur tapes guide foot traffic, outline important areas, or barricade hazards. By using tape to outline or block off sections of your facility you can effectively inform your employees or visitors of critical facility information at a glance. These tapes come in a range or size, colors, and materials, including durable polyester and glow-in-the-dark, making them an ideal solution for almost any facility.

    LABELS Labels will help you place important information like instructions, warnings and identification at the point of need for equipment, cables and much more. Material options range from cost-effective economy labels to durable long-lasting labels. Our labels have been designed and tested to last in many different and harsh environments, giving you the confidence to use them in almost any application. Some suggested applications include: barcodes and tracking, product ID, hazard communication, electrical, facility, equipment and laboratory.

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