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Congratulations Class of 2018! · PDF file for the latest Campus Construction Project information. Congratulations Class of 2018! ... This year a new session titled Book Breakout was

Mar 24, 2020




  • Woodridge Local Schools

    May 2018 | Volume 4, Issue 9

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    Students Of The Month

    31st Annual Reading and Writing Festival

    Fourth-Graders Visit WHS to Learn About Science

    Key Maker Award Winners

    November 2018 Operating Levy

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    Gravity Racing Challenge 2018

    Reading Doesn’t Take a Break!

    NEOIAAA Meritorious Service Award

    Woodridge Service Organization

    State Leadership Conference

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    Woodridge Bands Perform at Blossom Music Center

    Farewell to Primary and Intermediate Schools

    4th Grade Poetry Jam

    WPS Fun Run/Jog and Walk

    Calendar of Events

    www.woodridge.k12.oh.usPlease visit for the latest Campus Construction Project information.

    Congratulations Class of 2018!

    On May 21, 160 students from the Woodridge Class of 2018 walked across the stage for graduation at Blossom Music Center. Students in the Class of 2018 went above and beyond, demonstrating academic achievements and receiving an impressive number of honors and scholarships. Students in the Class of 2018 were offered over $3,000,000 in college scholarships. Local scholarships totaling over $25,000 were awarded at the Senior Recognition Ceremony held on May 16 in the Woodridge High School Auditorium. Several seniors earned full-ride college scholarships to continue their education. Merit Award recipients included Rachel Abood, Sophia DeBord, Matthew Demangeont, Kaela Folatko, Elizabeth Gale- house, Austin Hindley, Abigail Kozma, Zachary Kumar, Lana Norris, Ryan O’Leary, Spencer Robinson, Walter Sterling and Casey Teodecki. Anne Holan received this year’s National Honor Society Scholarship. The Man of the Year and Woman of the Year selected by Woodridge staff were Robert Taylor and Molly Howard. Finally, the top ten students from the Class of 2018 were Devin Vanyo, Zane Patterson, Molly Howard, Casey Teodecki, Noah Perrin, Walter Sterling, Austin Hindley, Julianne Dryer, Ryan O’Leary and Kaela Folatko. Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

  • Woodridge Local Schools


    31st Annual Reading and Writing Festival By: Lauren Witsaman & Laura Rorrer

    The weather was beautiful on Tuesday, May 1, as 20 seventh and eighth-grade students ven- tured to Kent State University’s Student Center to attend the 31st Annual Reading and Writing Festival. The Six District Educational Compact hosts this event every year for any seventh or eighth-grade student willing to read six prede- termined young adult literature books. After reading and demonstrating an understanding of the plot in these books, the students then at- tended the Festival at KSU where they listened to a celebrated YA author (whose books are on the list) and participated in several reading and writing-themed breakout sessions. This year the students were laughing as Patrick Car- man, author of “House of Power” and “Pulse,” shared his childhood memories and his wisdom about how to become a writer. After the author talk, students were dismissed to the sessions of their choice. This year a new session titled Book Breakout was a hit. Book Breakout created an “Escape Room” experience using information from the Festival books. Students had to form teams, decipher clues, and assemble a key that would unlock their box. Other sessions included book art design, book trivia, drama, and poetry to name a few. One session titled, So, You Want to Be An Author? allowed students to workshop their own writing with the Festival author. This year, seventh grader, Ailed Solis participated in this amazing opportunity, discussing one of her short stories with Patrick Carman. At the conclusion of the day, awards are handed out for students who demonstrated outstanding achievement in writing, group activities and art. This year, Ian Ricillo, Kyle McPherson and El- len Dejarnett were called to the stage to accept awards for their work at the festival.

    Fourth-Graders Visit WHS to Learn About Science

    Fourth-grade students in Mr. Lathem’s and Ms. Bartilson’s classes were treated to activities cre- ated by Woodridge High School students. Stu- dents reviewed animal biomes and adaptations, matched animals to their biome homes, used virtual reality devices to visit different habitats around the world, and even met a real, live, corn snake named Sam. So much fun was packed into a short time, that students didn’t want to leave! What a great review of science standards and a terrific opportunity to interact with stu- dents at the high school. Thank you, Woodridge High School students; we had a fabulous time!

    Key Maker Award Winners Congratulations to this year’s Key Maker Award winners. The Key Maker Award is sponsored by the Woodridge Parent Mentor Program. It is meant to provide an opportunity for parents to recognize Woodridge Local Schools’ person- nel and volunteers that have played an import- ant part in their child’s education. This year’s awardees are Guy Bonnay, Regina Chluda, John Galehouse, Patricia Grindshaw, Beth Har- rington, Lori Jogodzinski, Jill Kline, Kate Mat- vey, Keith Shovestull, Christine Sterling, Anne Travis, Patricia Wnoroski and Kara Zimmer. Congratulations and thanks to these individuals for making a key to open the door of education to all the children they serve!

    Woodridge Begins Work on November 2018 Operating Levy By: Superintendent Walter Davis Thank you to everyone who supported Issue 5 on the May ballot, especially those who worked so hard to communicate the importance of the issue. Unfortunately, the levy failed by only 72 votes. The need for additional operating dollars is still very real, now more so than ever, as we have a final chance to pass a levy in November

    Please visit for the latest Campus Construction Project information.

    WPS Students Of The Month

    Woodridge Primary recognizes students for demonstrating positive ways of thinking. Each month we encourage students to focus on a different growth mindset. The month of May’s mindset message was “I Can Al- ways Improve!” Congratulations to the May Monthly Mindset winners! Killian McKitrick, Kayla White, Dadnelis Marcelo Lebron, Hadley Forcina, Dylan Mazalic, Harper Hodge, Aaron Seward, Bailey Nixon, Addison Carswell, Roziya Islomova, Daylan Seward, Ryan Whims, Olivia Steedley, Aayusha Thapa, JaeDien Lamb, Lilly Mengon, Milly McGee, Armani Anderson-Daniels, Raya Sperrazza, Clara Donovan, Peyton Nixon

    WMS Students Of The Month


    The WMS Students of the Month for May were: Rachael Demangeont, Angelo Caruso, Ailed Solis-Mazariegos, Adam Abdulla, Will Schmeltzer, and Lilly Raines May’s theme was Improvement.


  • May 2018 | Volume 4, Issue 9 3Like us on Facebook! Woodridge Local School District • Follow Us on Twitter!

    before being forced to make $5.6 million in cuts. This would be devastating to our district and jeopardize all non state-required programming. We are already working on the details for the November ballot issue and will continue to pro- vide updated information. Thank you again for your support of the Wo- odridge Local Schools.

    Derby Dogs in the Gravity Racing Challenge 2018 by Don Lathem, WIS

    Woodridge Intermediate was well represent- ed on Saturday, May 19, at Derby Downs. Two teams of fourth and fifth graders were able to cheer on the cars they built, driven by fourth grader Caroline Kajimura and fifth grader Faith Johnson. In the Stock Division, Caroline fin- ished 3rd out of 33 racers. In the Super Stock Division, Faith finished 9th out of 95! Wonder- ful parents and grandparents rallied around the students for the entire project!

    Reading Doesn’t Take a Break! Don’t forget that the easiest way to combat the “summer slide” is to read every day. Thankfully, we have a lot of local libraries who want to help you. Check out the READING ROCKS pro- grams at both the Cuyahoga Falls and Peninsula Libraries this summer. More information can be found at the WPS library page or on the local libraries’ websites. Students are also able to access our wonderful

    resources through INFOHIO all summer long including Early World of Learning and Book- flix. Usernames and passwords will be sent home with students. Our Follett Shelf of ebooks is another great way to read, listen to reading or interact with reading. Look for usernames and passwords on end of year papers from your child’s library teacher. Lastly, @WPSLib will be posting Twitter Chal- lenges all summer long. Follow Mrs. Sterling to see what reading activities you can participate in through the digital world.

    Woodridge Athletic Director Receives NEOIAAA Meritorious Service Award

    Athletic Director Nick Mayer was presented with the Northeast Ohio Interscholastic Athletic Administration Associa- tion (NEOIAA) Merito- rious Service Award. The Meritorious Service

    Award is given to athletic directors in Northeast Ohio who have shown a strong commitment and contribution to interscholastic athletics at both the local and state levels. The recipient demonstrates an emphasis on the growth and development of its student athletes, coaches and the community. During his time at Woodridge, Mayer has worked tirelessly with the coaching staff to build on the success that the Woodridge athletic pro- grams and athletes have demonstrated, both on and off the field. During Mayer’s tenure, Wo- odridge has amassed 42 league titles, 12 sec-

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