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Congratulations class of '13!

Mar 11, 2016




  • May 31, 2013 / 22 Sivan, 5773

    Graduation Day

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    Senior Siyyum


    Class of 2013

    Passing the Torch

    El Malei Rachamim

    Bike the Drive

    Physics Expo

    Math Team Party

    Exam Schedule

    Summertime Torah


    STAND UPdate

    Baruch Dayan Emet

    A Taste of Torah

    Siyyum Sets the Tone For Graduation

  • Alumni Trivia

    Save the Date

    Sun., June 9


    Tues., August 13

    New Teacher Orientation

    Wed., August 14 -

    Thu., August 15

    Staff Development

    Mon., August 19

    New Student Orientation

    Tues., August 20

    First Day of School

    P. O. Corner

    Gelt Program The P.O. is pleased to once again introduce the gift card "Gelt program" to our families and we have made it much easier (look for upcoming email with details on how to register). Faculty and staff can also buy Gelt that will help to support programs provided for the school by the P.O. This program is designed to help families earn money toward their children's junior year Panim program and/or the Senior Israel Experience. The program is a passive earning system, in which you buy the things you ordinarily purchase anyway, and earn money which will be credited to your family for designated school trips. If you have any questions, contact Sheri Sandrof at [email protected] or call her at 847.324.3723.

    Community News

    and Events

    Libenu Beauty Night for

    "Before we intellectualize,

    before we use the tools of

    reason in which we have

    been schooled for years,

    we must allow ourselves

    to appreciate that

    wondrous expanse which

    is so much bigger than we

    are. That ultimately

    allows us to be at our

    most human," Rav Beit

    Sefer Zach Silver

    explained, fondly recalling

    the desert experience

    shared by the Class of

    2013 this winter in Israel.

    The Class of 2013 culminated their studies at morning

    services with a passage from the kedushah, expressing

    awe at the divine

    omnipresence and

    simultaneously trying to

    locate and quantify the

    infinite ("Ayeh mekom

    kevodo?"). With the


    g for




    ated and shared with others, Rabbi

    Silver formally concluded his teaching of

    our senior students, and the rest of the

    staff rose to acknowledge the gifts and

    good memories contributed by every

    member of the class.

    "If my heart breaks on

  • Women

    Look and feel your best! Join us for the Libenu Evening of Beauty and Wellness for Women.

    Tuesday, June 4

    6:30-9:30 PM

    Women's LifeCenter

    118 Skokie Blvd., Wilmette

    Support this wonderful Jewish organization with a wine and cheese reception, expert consultations with health and beauty experts, and free beauty products!

    For tickets, click here or call 847.982.0340 ext. 227. Libenu is a 501(c)3 organization that fosters independence and inclusion by providing supervised group homes and vocational training for Jewish adults with special needs.


    Sponsor Breakfast What's better than a birthday celebration with friends? Celebrate your student's birthday or other milestone with a special breakfast at CJHS. For a donation of $180 (10x chai), bagels, cream cheese, and orange juice will be served to everyone. An announcement will be made in Tefillah and in the dining hall, and the occasion will also be listed in our weekly E-News and on the school announcement board. If you have any questions,

    the spot, one of you

    parents please call 911,"

    Mr. Griffith opened his

    remarks to his

    students. Rabbi Belgrad

    described Zoe

    Goldhirsh's graceful

    dance as a metaphor for

    her life, while Dr. Miller

    predicted brave things for

    Gabe Gavrielov, who will





    ' backs

    in the

    IDF next year. Mr. Griffith described the

    talented Jonathan Tupper as the best-

    kept secret at CJHS. "Pescadito"

    Fishbaum and "Margarita" Tunik

    were sent off with hugs and affection by

    their Spanish teachers, while the late-

    working Dani Sery was

    saluted by fellow

    nighthawk Ms. Gladstein.

    Mr. Marchenko paid

    tribute to the fearsome

    leadership skills of debate

    queen Ceren Maeir, and

    Dr. Auslander compared

    Aitan Licht to other

    great New York Yankees

    of history--this from

    a Dodgers fan, no

    less! Rabbi Silver

    applauded the passion for

    ethics and organizational

    genius of Miranda

    Smerling, whose IFYC

    programming enabled

    Muslim, Jewish, and

    Catholic students to talk about the Israeli-Palestinian

    conflict without a single feather flying. And Mrs. Eliaser, as

    always, sent off Ilan Hulkower with Star Trek references

    and quotes from Pirkei Avot.

    If you've ever wanted to learn how to say, "And now the

    teacher chokes up and cries," in American Sign Language,

    you'd find this year's Siyyum particularly noteworthy. In

  • please call 847.324.3713 or email [email protected] Order forms are available online here.

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    2012-2013 Year


    Lunch Menu

    Join the Tiger


    addition to our fond and teary teachers, CJHS wishes to

    extend an extra-special thank you to our team of talented

    and dramatic ASL interpreters, who navigated through

    Hebrew prayers, inside jokes, Talmudic citations, and

    basketball puns to make the morning an inclusive and extra-special experience for everyone present.

    "I love this tradition!" was heard

    on all sides, from parents and staff

    alike, as one by one, the

    graduates were called up to be

    addressed and congratulated by a

    favorite teacher. "You can just see

    how well the teachers know these

    kids and how much they've shaped

    each others' experiences. You

    don't get moments like these at

    any other school!"

    Commencement Exercises

  • Preceded by class marshals Zach Erlichman and Annie

    Schrayer, the Class of 2013 marched down the aisle for

    this year's graduation. Aaron Zell

    began the proceedings with a

    mighty blast of the shofar, and

    Nate Swetlitz gave the

    invocation at this year's

    commencement exercises. Aitan

    Licht and Rachel Rubinstein

    reflected on the bewildering

    number of opportunities at CJHS

    that threatened to overwhelm the

    Class of '13 during their freshman


    the sense

    of unity,


    m, and


    ity which they have grown into so


    "What says CJHS more than bagels

    for breakfast and dozens of club

    meetings at lunch?" asked Va'ad

    president Elan Sykes and Senior

    Gift Chair Eryn Minkow. The

    Class of '13 leaves to CJHS a

    brand new 46" monitor to be used

    for birthday announcements,

    student group meetings, athletic schedules, and other daily

    data. (At the moment, it's being used for Prom pictures--

    were you there?)

    "When you are called, how will you answer?" Board

  • President Michael Small urged the outgoing class. "For

    each of you, in ways direct or subtle, by great causes or by

    those near and dear, will be called, and not just once--

    many times. How will you answer? Will you say: hin'ni

    muchan um'zuman? Here I am, prepared, and ready for

    the moment!"

    "Be active and involved participants

    in the larger community," Head of

    School Tony Frank charged the

    graduates. "Find a niche in which to

    exercise leadership; strive for a

    healthy balance between your

    academic and extra-curricular

    pursuits. Be true to yourselves, but

    continue to do for others. And finally-

    -in true CJHS fashion--never forget

    to hold the

    door open

    for the


    coming in behind you."

    On behalf of all the graduates, the

    eloquent Ceren Maeir concluded

    the ceremony with these blessings,

    "May we always have the courage

    to seek truth and goodness during

    moments of struggle, to stand for

    what we truly believe in even if it

    is not the norm, to never let the

    light that lives within our souls

    fade even when it flickers in

    darkness. May we always

  • remember the precious lessons our dedicated teachers

    have impressed upon us and allow them to continue to

    guide us. May we continue to live by the ethics and morals

    of our tradition, to find comfort and a home in the

    community we have created together, and to appreciate

    the gift of having parents and teachers that lead us, guide

    us, and love us unconditionally. May we always remember

    to accept and care for our fellow human beings, for this is

    all that truly matters. May we never let our zest and

    passion for life fade no matter the circumstance. But most

    of all, may we never, ever let the bond between us break!"

    The Class of 2013

    "I love CJHS because it is, more than anything

    else, a community. It is one big dysfunctional,

    weird, amazing, beautifu

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