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Configuring vRealize Automation 15 March 2018 vRealize Automation 7.3

Configuring vRealize Automation - vRealize Automation 7 · PDF filePreparing Your Environment for vRealize Automation Management 8 Checklist for Preparing NSX Network and Security

Mar 20, 2018



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  • Configuring vRealizeAutomation15 March 2018vRealize Automation 7.3

  • Configuring vRealize Automation

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  • Contents

    Configuring vRealize Automation 6

    Updated Information 7

    1 External Preparations for Blueprint Provisioning 8

    Preparing Your Environment for vRealize Automation Management 8

    Checklist for Preparing NSX Network and Security Configuration 9

    Checklist For Providing Third-Party IPAM Provider Support 13

    Checklist for Configuring Containers for vRealize Automation 17

    Preparing Your vCloud Director Environment for vRealize Automation 18

    Preparing Your vCloud Air Environment for vRealize Automation 18

    Preparing Your Amazon AWS Environment 19

    Preparing Red Hat OpenStack Network and Security Features 25

    Preparing Your SCVMM Environment 26

    Configure Network-to-Azure VPC Connectivity 27

    Preparing for Machine Provisioning 28

    Choosing a Machine Provisioning Method to Prepare 29

    Checklist for Running Visual Basic Scripts During Provisioning 31

    Using vRealize Automation Guest Agent in Provisioning 32

    Checklist for Preparing to Provision by Cloning 40

    Preparing for vCloud Air and vCloud Director Provisioning 54

    Preparing for Linux Kickstart Provisioning 55

    Preparing for SCCM Provisioning 58

    Preparing for WIM Provisioning 59

    Preparing for Virtual Machine Image Provisioning 66

    Preparing for Amazon Machine Image Provisioning 67

    Scenario: Prepare vSphere Resources for Machine Provisioning in Rainpole 69

    Preparing for Software Provisioning 72

    Preparing to Provision Machines with Software 73

    Scenario: Prepare a vSphere CentOS Template for Clone Machine and Software Component

    Blueprints 76

    Scenario: Prepare for Importing the Dukes Bank for vSphere Sample Application Blueprint 80

    2 Tenant and Resource Preparations for Blueprint Provisioning 85

    Configuring Tenant Settings 85

    Choosing Directories Management Configuration Options 86

    Upgrading External Connectors for Directories Management 144

    Scenario: Configure an Active Directory Link for a Highly Available vRealize Automation 152

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  • Configure External Connectors for Smart Card and Third-party Identity Provider Authentication

    in vRealize Automation 154

    Create a Multi Domain or Multi Forest Active Directory Link 161

    Configuring Groups and User Roles 163

    Create Additional Tenants 168

    Delete a Tenant 170

    Configuring Custom Branding 170

    Checklist for Configuring Notifications 173

    Create a Custom RDP File to Support RDP Connections for Provisioned Machines 184

    Scenario: Add Datacenter Locations for Cross Region Deployments 184

    Configuring vRealize Orchestrator 186

    Configuring Resources 190

    Checklist for Configuring IaaS Resources 190

    Configuring XaaS Resources 307

    Creating and Configuring Containers 318

    Installing Additional Plug-Ins on the Default vRealize Orchestrator Server 338

    Working With Active Directory Policies 338

    3 Providing Service Blueprints to Users 343

    Designing Blueprints 343

    Exporting and Importing Blueprints and Content 345

    Scenario: Importing the Dukes Bank for vSphere Sample Application and Configuring for Your

    Environment 347

    Scenario: Test the Dukes Bank Sample Application 350

    Building Your Design Library 352

    Designing Machine Blueprints 353

    Designing Software Components 431

    Designing XaaS Blueprints and Resource Actions 443

    Publishing a Blueprint 502

    Assembling Composite Blueprints 503

    Understanding Nested Blueprint Behavior 505

    Selecting a Machine Component that Supports Software Components 508

    Creating Property Bindings Between Blueprint Components 509

    Creating Explicit Dependencies and Controlling the Order of Provisioning 510

    Managing the Service Catalog 510

    Checklist for Configuring the Service Catalog 511

    Creating a Service 512

    Working with Catalog Items and Actions 514

    Creating Entitlements 517

    Working with Approval Policies 524

    Request Machine Provisioning By Using a Parameterized Blueprint 549

    Scenario: Make the CentOS with MySQL Application Blueprint Available in the Service Catalog 550

    Configuring vRealize Automation

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  • Managing Deployed Catalog Items 554

    Running Actions for Provisioned Resources 554

    Specify Machine Reconfiguration Settings and Considerations for Reconfiguration 575

    Reconfigure a Load Balancer in a Deployment 582

    Change NAT Rules in a Deployment 583

    Add or Remove Security Items in a Deployment 584

    Display All NAT Rules for an Existing NSX Edge 585

    Configuring vRealize Automation

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  • Configuring vRealize Automation

    Configuring vRealize Automation provides information about configuring vRealize Automation and yourexternal environments to prepare for vRealize Automation provisioning and catalog management.

    Intended AudienceThis information is intended for IT professionals who are responsible for configuring vRealize Automationenvironment, and for infrastructure administrators who are responsible for preparing elements in theirexisting infrastructure for use in vRealize Automation provisioning. The information is written forexperienced Windows and Linux system administrators who are familiar with virtual machine technologyand datacenter operations.

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  • Updated Information

    The following table lists the changes to Configuring vRealize Automation for this product release.

    Revision Description

    15 MAR 2018 n Updated Troubleshooting Workload Placement to include the log file name.n Updated downloadable scripts in Prepare a Windows Reference Machine to Support Software and Prepare a

    Linux Reference Machine to Support Software.n Updated Force Destroy a Deployment After a Failed Destroy Request.n Minor updates to Configure an Active Directory over LDAP/IWA Link.

    18 JAN 2018 n Updated Configure External Connectors for Smart Card and Third-party Identity Provider Authentication invRealize Automation to make information more generic.

    4 DEC 2017 Minor updates.

    30 AUG 2017 n Administrator Requirements for Provisioning NSX Universal Objectsn Updated Install the Guest Agent on a Windows Reference Machinen Updated Obtain and Import a Third-Party IPAM Provider Package in vRealize Orchestrator.n Amazon AWS User Roles and Credentials Required for vRealize Automation

    EN-002417-02 n Updated Install the NSX Plug-In on vRealize Orchestrator.n Updated Configure an Active Directory over LDAP/IWA Link.

    EN-002417-01 n Updated Configure an External vRealize Orchestrator Server.n Updated and added KB article links in Considerations When Working With Upgraded or Migrated Endpoints.n Updated Scenario: Import the Dukes Bank for vSphere Sample Application to resolve a case-specificity issue.n Added a KB article link in Reconfigure a Load Balancer in a Deployment.n Added an external reference in Creating and Using NAT Rules.n Added an external reference in Create an NSX Endpoint and Associate to a vSphere Endpoint.n Updated Using Container Properties and Property Groups in a Blueprint.

    EN-002417-00 Initial document release.

    VMware, Inc. 7

  • External Preparations forBlueprint Provisioning 1You may need to create or prepare some elements outside of vRealize Automation to support catalogitem provisioning. For example, if you want to provide a catalog item for provisioning a clone machine,you need to create a template on your hypervisor to clone from.

    This chapter includes the following topics:

    n Preparing Your Environment for vRealize Automation Management

    n Configure Network-to-Azure VPC Connectivity

    n Preparing for Machine Provisioning

    n Preparing for Software Provisioning

    Preparing Your Environment for vRealize AutomationManagementDepending on your integration platform, you might have to make some configuration changes before youcan bring your environment under vRealize Automation management, or before you can leverage certainfeatures.

    Table 11. Preparing Your Environment for vRealize Automation IntegrationEnvironment Preparations


    If you want to leverage NSX to managenetworking and security features of machinesprovisioned with vRealize Automation, prepareyour NSX instance for integration. See Checklist for Preparing NSX Network andSecurity Configuration.

    vCloud DirectorInstall and configure your vCloud Directorinstance, set up your vSphere and cloudresources, and identify or create appropriatecredentials to provide vRealize Automation withaccess to your vCloud Director environment.See Preparing Your vCloud DirectorEnvironment for vRealize Automation.

    VMware, Inc. 8

  • Table 11. Preparing Your Environment for vRealize Automation Integr