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Confidence Building Consultants - Building Inspection Report · PDF file Confidence Building Consultants 2 Links Avenue, Roseville Page 1 of 54 INSPECTING A PROPERTY A property inspection

Jun 28, 2020




  • Confidence Building Consultants - Building Inspection ReportCover Page

    2 Links Avenue, Roseville, 2069

    Inspection prepared for: Estate of the Late Robert Alastair B Holland C/O Mary Stirzaker Real Estate Agent: Craig Ireson - First National Real Estate - Ireson

    Date of Inspection: 30/10/2018 Time: 1.30pm Weather: Sunny (28C)

    06.02.2019 - This is an updated report reflect changes carried out by the vendor siunce the previous report.

    Inspector: Evan Fittinghoff Master Builders Association - Accredited Building Consultant # 3015111

    Email: [email protected]

  • Confidence Building Consultants 2 Links Avenue, Roseville

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    INSPECTING A PROPERTY A property inspection is an important part of gaining independent and objective advice on the state of a property, so you can make informed decisions. An inspection agreement identifying the defined purpose and scope of the non-invasive visual examination will be entered into prior to the inspection. This will cover the extent to which the components of the dwelling will be assessed, including any structural, plumbing or electrical elements. The non-invasive visual examination and resulting report will be conducted at a cost. It will identify any observed material defects and major defects in specific areas of the property, and help form an educated opinion regarding the general condition of the property at the time of inspection. It will not cover future predictions nor will it address each and every issue that exists now or in the future, however, it will identify any visible and apparent defects of the areas observed at the time of the inspection. The written report will identify any major defects, and explore the property’s inspected systems, components and structures and their condition at the time of being observed. A defect is a condition of existing materials that would impact the value of a property, or which presents a current risk to persons at the property. Older components of a property, such as systems and structures, which are near or beyond their normal lifespan, are not considered a defect. The report will give a general impression regarding the extent of minor defects observed. It may also contain recommendations on suggested alterations, monitoring, or further evaluation by other professionals. Such additions are not requirements of the report. Reading your report Any defect that is a serious safety hazard will be highlighted in RED, for example, an imminent collapse of a structural member or an unsafe balustrade. These items are a critical concern for safety and require your attention. We recommend using a licensed contractor to amend the problem for safety and liability reasons. If there is no highlighted RED text in your report, then we have not observed any critical concerns that require your immediate attention. However, it is important you read the entire report. The report will give a general impression regarding the extent of minor defects observed. It may also contain valuable recommendations for further action or assessment. The report uses the following terms to address the conditions observed. We have defined these terms below. DEFC - DEFECTIVE Where a defect is identified in the structure, systems or components on the property, your inspector will report whether it is a major or minor concern. As aforementioned, any major concerns are highlighted in RED. Where DEFC has been used a component, structure or system has been identified as defective, this may be due to damages, distortion, exposure to water and damp, deterioration, operational issues or missing components and incorrect installation. A number of types of defects exist in terms of cracking in structural elements, where found, the opinion of the inspector will identify the type of defect based on the expected impact of the cracking, from appearance only to an issue that compromises the structural integrity. Defective issues are noted for their face value by the opinion and judgment of the inspector at the time of inspection, and with further investigation, may or may not be material defects. The order of the defects does not prioritise them in any way. SAFE –SAFETY The report identifies issues observed in the structure, components or systems that may compromise or present an immediate safety hazard to people on the property. Recommendations may be provided for further analysis or action as a safety precaution, such as employing a qualified electrician to investigate a suspected electrical component, or the addition of fire alarms. While some matters may not be of critical concern, unless specified in red, we recommend they are addressed promptly for safety and liability reasons. MAINT –MAINTENANCE Where MAINT has been used a system or component requiring maintenance has been identified. Maintenance includes minor repairs, servicing or home improvements, which may increase the value or performance of the component, structure or system. REFR –REFERRED – Where REFR has been used the system, component or area listed could not be inspected for the

  • Confidence Building Consultants 2 Links Avenue, Roseville

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    reason stated and may require further analysis at a future time. This may be due to an inspection limitation such as lack of access caused by physical or safety issues, or qualifications required beyond our field of expertise or standard of practice. We recommend any outstanding issues to be addressed by a relevant specialist prior to property settlement. After carefully reading your report, please contact us to go over any questions you may have surrounding the observations. We are happy to provide insight into any concerns you may have of the property during the entire purchasing process.

  • Confidence Building Consultants 2 Links Avenue, Roseville

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    Items Requiring Attention - Summary Items Requiring Attention - Summary

    The summary below consists of potentially significant findings. These findings can be a safety hazard, a deficiency requiring a major expense to correct or items I would like to draw extra attention to. The summary is not a complete listing of all the findings in the report, and reflects the opinion of the inspector. Please review all pages of the report as the summary alone does not explain all of the issues. All repairs should be done by a licensed & bonded tradesman or qualified professional. We recommend obtaining a copy of all receipts, warranties and permits for the work done. Hydraulic Services Page 35 Item: 1 Hydraulic Services • The Vendor advised the bath in the main bathroom is

    leaking and is no longer in use. We recommend engaging a licensed plumber to review and to provide options to repair.

    Grounds Page 44 Item: 4 Boundary Fencing

    & Wall Condition • The boundary fence has collapsed, is leaning and is severely cracked in places. The damage is likely a result of root growth from adjacent trees. Due to the extent of the damage, we recommend the wall is removed and rebuilt by a licensed bricklayer.

  • Confidence Building Consultants 2 Links Avenue, Roseville

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    Our Services

    Vendor Inspection


    Inspection Type

    Inspection Details

    1. Comments DEFC MAINT SAFT REFR

    Please note: • This independent inspection report has been prepared on behalf of the vendor to provide information to prospective purchasers in relation to the property.

    The report does not constitute a guarantee in relation to the property. It is a limited opinion of condition of the inspected property at the time of inspection. The inspection and report is undertaken for the Client named on the report. No responsibility is accepted to any third party.

    Rights relating to this report can be assigned to a third party by way of an assignment letter and associated payment confirmed with a tax invoice.

    For further details relating to assignment of this report, please contact Evan Fittinghoff on 0415 448 783.

    1. Your Inspector Your Inspector: • Evan Fittinghoff

    Contact Information: Email: [email protected] Mobile: 0415 448 782

    1. Inspection Type Type: • Standard - Detailed structural inspection Reason: • Vendor Inspection

    1. Attendance In Attendance: • Vendor present. • Pest Inspector present.

  • Confidence Building Consultants 2 Links Avenue, Roseville

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    Structural Summary

    2. Occupancy Occupancy: • Occupied - Furnished. • Heavy volume of personal and household items observed.

    3. Inspection Limitations Deferred • 1. We are not appropriately qualified to provide you with information in regards to rodents and timber pests or the possibility of hidden damage or health hazards caused by their presence. We recommend the property is inspected for these conditions by a licensed pest inspector in accordance with the latest revision of AS 4349.3. Reporting of mould is limited to the identification of the presence of mould in areas where it is apparent at the time of the inspection. Identification of strains/classifications/types of mould is not possible without sample testing and is excluded from this report.

    2. Entering roof spaces that are heavily insulated can cause damage to the insulation and framing. Roof spaces with deep insulation cannot be safely inspected due to limited visibility of the framing members upon which the inspector must walk. In such cases, the roof space is only partially accessed, thereby limiting the review of the rrof space from the hatch only. Inspectors will not crawl in the roof space when they believe it is a danger to

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