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Aug 17, 2014



Technology Takeout Tools: A Presentation of Technology Tools to Support the Upper Elementary Classroom

  • By Jennifer ShapiroCreative Commons Image Styrofoam Takeout Box.jpg. Digital Image. Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Foundation, 4 Nov. 2013. Web 31 Jul 2014. Technology Takeout. Digital image. Note. Image Chef, n.d. Web. .
  • Easy for you to navigate! Engaging for your students! Public Domain Pictures (Photographer). (2014, July 30). Green Street Sign Reading Easy Street [digital image]. Retrieved from Public Domain Pictures (Photographer). (2014, July 30). Students Computer Young Boy [digital image]. Retrieved from computer-young-boy-99506/
  • Four Amazing Tools Answer Garden Tuxpi Animoto QR Codes (QR Monkey & QR Voice)
  • AnswerGarden
  • Use it as an exit card to determine the level of understanding following a lesson about homophones. SOL 5.4c
  • Have students brainstorm prefixes, suffixes or root words.
  • AnswerGarden can be used to answer social studies and science questions as well.
  • AnswerGarde n
  • Tuxpi
  • Have students create a wanted poster for a famous Virginian abolitionist during the Civil War Era. SOL VS 7a Wanted Poster. Digital image. poster. Tuxpi, n.d. Web. .
  • Have students create a fake television newscast snapshot about an important event in history. History SOL 3.3 TV Newscast Photo Effect. Digital image. effects/fake-newscast. Tuxpi, n.d. Web. .
  • Include in a: Book Report Glog Getting to Know You Activity Photo Shape Editor. Digital image. effects/shape-tool. Tuxpi, n.d. Web. .
  • Tuxpi
  • Animoto
  • Document a Fieldtrip Watch my Animoto video about my field trip to Neyagawa, Japan.
  • Document a Group Project English SOL 5.1b
  • Document the Process of Creating a Science Project Science SOL 5.1 US Navy 110121-N-2513M-003 Yeoman 1st Class Nicole Oliver asks a student to explain her science project during a science fair at Campostella Elemen.jpg. Digital image. Wikimedia Commons. Wikimedia Foundation, 21 Jan. 2011. Web. 31 May 2014.
  • Animoto
  • QR Code Monkey & QR Voice
  • QR Code Math Walkabout Math SOL 4.14
  • Have students create a video trailer for their favorite book and link it to the cover with a QR code. Book Cover: Image retrieved from English SOL 5.1 & 5.2
  • Please listen carefully to the directions. 1. On a sheet of loose-leaf paper Embed Directions for an Assignment
  • QR Code Monkey & QR Voice
  • Is your technology takeout box full?