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Computers for Newbies For people who don’t know anything about computers

Dec 21, 2015



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  • Computers for Newbies For people who dont know anything about computers
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  • The Course Introduction. The keyboard. The mouse. Windows desktop. Browsing basics. E-mail Explorer. Organizing and finding files and folders. The World Wide Web (searching, travel, reservations, shopping, banking, etc.) Word processing (Word) Internet providers Also????
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  • March 27 Sign in Hardware/ Software The keyboard The mouse The Windows desktop Some vocabulary Using a browser
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  • How to Sign in Login: xsoar1 [Tab or mouse] Password: so12ar [Enter]
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  • Hardware
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  • Qwerty Keyboard
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  • Using a Mouse How to hold Left & right buttons
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  • More Mousing Left click, right click Click and drag (drag and drop) Double click Slide, dont lift Scrolling
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  • The Windows Desktop Wallpaper Taskbar Quick Launch System Tray Start Menu System Icons
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  • Navigating Windows Opening the Start Button Opening a program on the desktop Closing, minimizing, maximizing or moving a window Moving between open windows / applications Scrolling in a window Manipulating and moving through text Right clicking an icon or other element of Windows
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  • Vocabulary PC / Mac Operating system (Windows XP, Vista) CPU Processor (Pentium) Icon Cursor Web (World Wide Web) Browser E-mail Word Processing Message boards, newsgroups
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  • Questions? Comments? Rita Goldberg 45 Judson Street Canton, NY 13617 386-3693 [email protected]
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  • Remember Mistakes are necessary if we want to learn. Rome wasnt built in a day. You wont break it! Everyone needs a friend. To access this complete PowerPoint online, go to:
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  • Homework!! 1)If you have access to a computer and the Internet, open your browser and type the following link in the address space. Then hit [Enter].and do the activities. They will help you learn to use the mouse. 2)Here is another basic mouse tutorial. See if you can do all the activities. 3)Open the browser on your computer (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape) Type in usairways or and find out what flights are available from Massena to Pittsburgh on April 12. What are the prices?