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Computers & Consumer society

Jun 22, 2015




Quick analysis on how computers contribute to increase the consumption rate in the modern society

  • 1. By Andrew Petukhov, 8 A

2. 1. The Consumer Society2. Computerization of society3. History of computing4. Great People5. Computers today6. Shopping online 3. To prove that the computer is the maininstrument of the consumer societys livingarrangement. 4. Consumerism is a social and economic orderthat is based on the systematic creation andfostering of a desire to purchase goods andservices in ever greater amounts. 5. Buy somethingSatisfaction Satisfactionends 6. Computerization of society is thedevelopment and implementation of technicalbase of computers that provide quick receiptof results of information processed and itsaccumulation. 7. The era of modern computing began with aflurry of development before and duringWorld War II, as electronic circuit elementsreplaced mechanical equivalents, and digitalcalculations replaced analog calculations. 8. George Stibitz is internationally recognized as one of the fathers of the modern digitalcomputer. 9. William Henry "Bill" Gates III, (born October28, 1955) is an American business magnate,philanthropist, author, and is chairman ofMicrosoft, the software company he foundedwith Paul Allen. 10. Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs (born February 24,1955) is also an American business magnateand inventor. He is the co-founder and chiefexecutive officer of Apple Inc. 11. The explosion in the use of computers beganwith "third-generation" computers. 12. The amount of computers in the Worldincreases every day. In 2008 it exceeded 1billion. Scientists forecast that it will exceed 2billion in 2014.25000000002000000000Amount1500000000of1000000000computers in the 500000000World 0 20032004 20052006 20072008 20092010 20112012 20132014 2015 13. Online shopping is the process wherebyconsumers directly buy goods or servicesfrom a seller in real-time, without anintermediary service, over the Internet. It is aform of electronic commerce. 14. OnlineshoppingForFun transport ForStudying scienceCom Searchin pute rsg Chattinginformation ConnectiAccounti ng withngfriends WatchingProgramivideosng