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Jan 03, 2017




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    Dual and Power Mac G5 QuadDesktop ComputersFeaturing dual-core PowerPC processors, a modern PCI Express architecture, and wicked-fast workstation graphics, the Power Mac G5 Dual and Power Mac G5 Quad are the mostpowerful systems Apple has ever made. The Power Mac G5 Dual and Power Mac G5 Quad offer leading-edge expansion with

    industry-standard PCI Express architecture, providing four expansion slots to support high-performance video and audio devices and multiple standard graphics cards to drive anarray of up to eight displays. They support up to 16GB of 533 MHz DDR2 SDRAM and eachfeature two Gigabit Ethernet portsideal for customers working in an Xsan environment.Providing industry-leading connectivity and high-performance I/O, each also includes oneFireWire 800 port, two FireWire 400 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 1.1 ports, optical anddigital audio input and output, and built-in support for AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth

    2.0+EDR. They also include Apples next generation mouse, Mighty Mouse, featuring up to four programmable buttonsand an ingenious Scroll Ball that lets users scroll in any directionvertically, horizontally and even diagonally.

    64-bit Memory Addressing The dual-core PowerPC G5 joins forces with Mac OS X Tiger to enable

    64-bit computation. With 42 bits of physical address space, it supportsa colossal 4 terabytes (4TB) of system memory. Although 4TB of RAMis not currently feasible, the advanced architecture of the PowerPC G5allows for plenty of growth in the future.

    More practical and still far more than a typical PC, the Power Mac G5can be configured with 16GB of addressable memory. Such largequantities of memory enable the system to contain massive digitalimages or a sequence of video entirely in RAM.

    64-bit Computational Power The other advantage provided by the 64-bit PowerPC G5 is the ability

    to perform multiple simultaneous 64-bit floating-point and integercalculations. The PowerPC G5 features full 64-bit data paths and dataregisters, allowing it to express the extreme precision needed forfloating-point mathematics and to express integers up to 18 billionbillion. By contrast, a 32-bit processor must break these types ofcomputations into multiple pieces requiring multiple passesthrough the processor and slowing down application performance.

    Eight Double-Precision Floating-Point UnitsThe PowerPC G5 core contains two double-precision floating-pointunits, each capable of performing a multiply and an add at the sametime. This means a Power Mac G5 Quad, with four processor cores and atotal of eight floating-point units, can complete up to sixteen 64-bitfloating-point operations in a single cycle. Such immense computationalpower accelerates applications in many fields, including audio creation,3D content creation, and scientific visualization and analysis .

    Four Velocity EnginesThe Velocity Engine in each core is optimized with two independentqueues and dedicated 128-bit registers and data paths for efficientinstruction and data flow. This 128-bit vector processing unit acceleratesdata manipulation by applying a single instruction to multiple data atthe same time, known as SIMD processing. Vector processing is usefulfor transforming large sets of data, such as manipulating an image orrendering a video effect. Each Velocity Engine pipeline speeds up thesetasks by processing up to 128 bits of data in four 32-bit integers, eight16-bit integers, sixteen 8-bit integers, or four 32-bit single-precisionfloating-point values in a single clock cycle.

    Dual-Core PowerPC G5 Processor Enter the dual-core PowerPC G5 processor: one silicon chip with two independent 2.5GHz processor coresdouble the computational power in thesame space as a single-core processor. Now take two of those chips and you have the Power Mac G5 Quad, for groundbreaking quad-core processing.With four processing cores, youll have more 64-bit resources: more L2 cache, more Velocity Engines (4) and and more double-precision floating-pointunits (8) for blistering performance of up to 76.6 gigaflops.

    That means you can manipulate mountains of images or miles of footage. Crunch enormous data sets. Encode HD video or high-bit-rate audio. All atspeeds you never imagined possible. Videographers can edit more footage, filmmakers can produce more real-time effects, designers and photogra-phers can process more higher-resolution images, and researchers can crunch through data sets for faster results.


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    Dual Gigabit EthernetTwo independently configurable 10/100/1000BASE-T (Gigabit) Ethernet interfacesdeliver tremendous networking bandwidthwith no contention between your networktraffic and other I/O. Each Gigabit Ethernetcontroller in the new Power Mac G5 supportsjumbo frames (packets up to 9000 bytes),Virtual LAN tags (VLAN 802.1q), and linkaggregation. Dual Gigabit Ethernet is idealfor users in an Xsan environment thatrequires independent networks for metadataand general networking.

    SuperDrive withdouble-layer supportThe built-in SuperDrive reads and writes to awide variety of DVD and CD media, includingdouble-layer (DVD+R DL) discs capable ofholding up to 8.5GB of data. This means youcan author discs with over 3.5 hours of videoencoded in standard MPEG-2 format on oneDVD+R DL disc, compared with 2 hours ofvideo on a standard DVD-R disc

    Serial ATA storageThe Power Mac G5 can hold two internal500GB Serial ATA drives for a total capacityof 1TB of storage. Each drive is on anindependent bus, so theres no competitionfor drive performance as with Parallel ATA.Designed to keep pace with the demands ofdigital video creation and editing, audiostorage and playback, and other data-intensiveapplications, Serial ATA supports 1.5-Gbpsthroughput per channel (equivalent to a datarate of 150 MBps).

    Integrated I/OSerial ATA, FireWire, USB, audio, and wirelesstechnologies are integrated through twobidirectional 800MHz HyperTransportinterconnects for a maximum throughput of1.6 GBps, providing ample throughput for ahost of peripheral devices.

    FireWire and USB 2.0 portsPorts on the front and back two FireWire400, one FireWire 800, and four USB 2.0 allow you to plug in your choice of peripheralsand devices. The included keyboard also hastwo USB 1.1 ports.

    Talk about fast. On the inside, dual-core PowerPC G5processors and a host of state-of-the-art technologiestranslate into ferocious performance. Of course, anexceptional computer demands an exceptionalenclosure. The Power Mac G5 sports a handsomeand meticulously designed exterior thats gracedwith convenient ports and an easy-to-open sidepanel. Take a look inside and outside the sleekaluminum chassis of the Power Mac G5.

    Truly Intelligent DesignApple engineers are pretty obsessive about clutter. Look inside the Power Mac G5 andyou wont see any. A place for everything and everything in its place isnt just somethingyour mom said: Its an important philosophical precept that Apple applies rigorously tohardware design.

    Workstation Graphics Arrive on the MacReady to experience the real world in real time? With an all PCI Express architecturecome state-of-the-art graphics technologies that ensure a spectacular visual experience.And reality looks better than ever when you add the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500, the firstworkstation graphics card for the Mac platform.

    How Much Reality Can You Handle?Each Power Mac G5 graphics card supports two displays inextended desktop and video mirroring modes. The PCIExpress architecture means you can install up to four graphicscards in your Power Mac G5 for connecting up to eightApple Cinema Displays. Imagine viewing high-resolutionsatellite images across an array of displays. Or considercontrolling a suite of public information kiosks or a multimediamuseum exhibit from a single Power Mac G5 system.

    16-Lane PCI Express on Every Power Mac G5A new lineup of PCI Express graphics cards provides professional capabilities andprogrammable graphics choices at all levels. Every Power Mac G5 supports two displays including a glorious 30 Apple HD Display and can be expanded to drive an arrayof up to eight displays. Choose a standard configuration equipped with a card forgeneral graphics applications, or upgrade to a high-performance card for ultra respon-sive graphics and true onscreen stereo 3D perfect for scientific visualization.

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    The new Power Mac G5 introduces a modern PCI Express architectur