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Computer Simulation with Flight Simulator X Introduction to Flight Simulator – Level 1

Computer Simulation with Flight Simulator X Introduction to Flight Simulator – Level 1.

Dec 23, 2015



Alban Nicholson
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  • Computer Simulation with Flight Simulator X Introduction to Flight Simulator Level 1
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  • What Youll Learn How to use Flight Simulator X software How to use the CH Eclipse Yoke How to FLY! How the forces of lift, thrust, drag, and gravity act upon a plane in flight How to control a plane while aloft How to read various instruments How to bank the plane How to compensate for gravity and drag How to climb and descend How to land and takeoff How to navigate Stuff Youll Need Flight Simulator X software CH Eclipse Yoke
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  • What You Should Know This is Not a Video Game! Flight Simulator X is a realistic computer simulation. You will use it to learn flight dynamics and piloting skills you will not get to shoot down fighter jets or battle aliens. The controller you will use is called a yoke. Handle it GENTLY! There are two good reasons for this. The first is that its a delicate and expensive piece of electronic equipment. The second is that successful flying requires smooth, controlled movements. Can you imagine what it would feel like to be on a plane if the pilot tried to control it with big, jerky movements? In real flight, small movements of the yoke result in big movements of the plane. Most beginners move the yoke too much (over compensate) causing the plane to fly off course by a significant amount. Small, smooth adjustments of the yoke will get you where youre going! This piece of equipment is called the YOKE. If you handle it gently, you will become a successful pilot.
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  • What You Should Know Navigation Bar The blue box on the left side of the home page allows you to find your way around Flight Simulator X. In this engagement, you will only use the tabs: Home and Learning Center. The Home Page Each time you launch the software, it will open to the home page.
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  • What You Should Know Earning your Wings In this PowerPoint, you will learn important concepts and skills through lessons in Flight Simulator X. After completing each lesson, answer the review questions in this Learning Launcher. Then youll have a chance to apply your knowledge and fly a plane with your virtual flight instructor. Are you ready for your first flight adventure? Turn to the next slide Dont worry if youre not able to complete all 7 lessons in the time you have for this project. Its more important to complete and understand each lesson fully!
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  • Finding Flight Simulator Double click the Microsoft Flight Simulator X icon on the desktop.
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  • Do It! Accessing Lesson 1 Step 1: Load the software or open Flight Simulator X from the desktop. Step 2: On the Navigation Bar, select Learning Center. Step 3: Select the Lessons tab from the top of the Learning Center page. Step 4: Select the first lesson, Lesson 1: Straight and Level Flight
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  • Lesson 1: Straight and Level Flight You must complete Lesson 1 before moving on! Each Lesson has four steps: Step 1. Ground School (Complete Ground School for Lesson 1 in Flight Simulator X.) How the Airplane Remains Airborne May the Four Forces Be With You Flight Controls Straight-and-Level Flight Step 2. Ground School Review (Answer the questions in this Learning Launcher.) Step 3. Flight (Fly with Rod) Step 4. Flight Analysis (Use Print Screen to record your flight.) Do It!
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  • Lesson 1: Straight and Level Flight Complete Ground School for Lesson 1, now. After completing Ground School, return to this PowerPoint for Questions/Research.
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  • Questions/Research Lesson 1: Straight and Level Flight Ground School Review Name the four forces that act on an airplane once it is in flight. Forces 1. 2. 3. 4.
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  • Questions/Research Lesson 1: Straight and Level Flight Ground School Review Name the axis used to describe the movement of a plane. Axis 1. 2. 3.
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  • Do It! Lesson 1: Straight and Level Flight Ground School Review The instrument panel on the plane appears very complicated. Its okay if it takes you several lessons to learn to read the various instruments. When you begin the lesson you will see the instruments and the view outside the plane. There are some instruments that are more important than others and you will use them often. Can you recall the use of each?
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  • Do It! Attitude Indicator: This instrument shows you where the nose of the plane is pointing compared to horizontal. Compass: This instrument shows you where the plane is heading relative to north. Vertical Speed: This instrument shows how fast you are climbing or descending. Turn Coordinator: This instrument helps you to perform a smooth turn. Ground School Review Altimeter: This instrument shows how far above the ground you are flying. Airspeed: This instrument tells you how fast you are flying.
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  • What You Should Know The Yoke A Yoke is the set of controls that you use to fly the airplane. The yoke contains many control switches, knobs, and levers. To use your CH Eclipse Yoke with Flight Simulator X, first make sure that the cable from the yoke is connected to the computer through a USB port. USB Cable
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  • What You Should Know The Yoke As a beginner, you need to know a few main controls on the yoke. The throttle is used to increase or decrease the amount of gas, and thus the speed of the plane. The Hat and Toggle switches allow you to look at the screen and out of the plane from various views. The yoke handles steer the plane as you fly. Pull back or push forward on the yoke handles to raise or lower the nose of the airplane. Turn right and left by turning the handles right or left. Yoke handles for steering
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  • Research Yoke Review Copy this slide in your Word document. Label the following four (4) parts of the yoke. Throttle Toggle view switch Yoke handles USB cable
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  • Do It & Research Lesson 1: Straight and Level Flight Flight & Flight Analysis After completing Ground School Review, youre ready to take off! Click, Fly this Lesson Now. Read the flight brief and then click, Fly this Lesson Now a second time. The computer will load the software. This may take some time. Remember to capture the Flight Analysis image after each flight for your Word doc.
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  • Questions/Research Watch the two (2) 60 Minutes videos on the Flight Simulator website. Formulate at least five (5) sentences about what you learned from them.