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Computer Security & network security

Jun 09, 2015



basic introduction about security

  • 1. 1COMPUTER SECURITYPresented by:- Janardan subhedar Sheetal pandharkame Ashish lad Vaibhavi thakur

2. Content Outline Introduction Basic principle of computer security Security attacks Encryption attack Role of people in security Access control Cryptography Biometrics Conclusion 3. 3IntroductionComputer security is nothing but toprovide security to data, computersystem, services and supportingprocedure.For this purpose various technologywere used like access controlmechanism, cryptography andbiometrics etc. 4. Basic principles of computersecurityAuthorization Integrity5 24 3Availability1BasicprincipleAuthentication 5. Security attacks5 Types of security attack Passive attack1 Active attack2 6. Encryption attack6 Encryption is the process oftransforming plaintext intocipher text, which is inunreadable format known usingspecific technique. 7. Role of people insecurity Username and password Choosing password Managing password 8. Access control8Use of physical access control isthe same as that of computer andnetwork access control to restrictaccess to unauthorized users.Physical access control based onfollowing points:-Something the individual has,Something they knowSomething they are 9. BiometricsAccess control are not only methodto limit the unauthorized access tothe system. Some new approach isto utilize something unique aboutthe users is called biometric.List of biometrics:-FingerprintVoice/SpeechSignature/Handwriting9 10. Cryptography10CryptologyBasic algorithm & techniquesSymmetric & asymmetricCryptographyCryptanalysis 11. ConclusionHackers will never stop hacking.You should never stop defendingyourself from attack.Security is a very difficult topic.Everyone has a different idea ofwhat ``security'' is, and whatlevels of risk are acceptable.11 12. 12

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