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Nov 22, 2014



1. IntroductionThe Neco Group , The largest foundry group in India, established since 1976.At present the group mainly deals with the Engineering casting, Automobile and stationary castings, Valves ceramics and Infrastructure projects. Also manufactures castings for different industries as Railways, Automobiles, Constructions, Petroleum & chemical industries. The main purpose of the company is to provide the growing demands of the clients and customers for the quality Gray Iron Castings for the diverse needs of integrated steel plants, Mini steel plants, Engineering industries and the sugar industry. The group includes following companies.

Jayaswals Neco Ltd. (JNL). Neco Castings Ltd. (NCL). Neco InfoTech. NSSL Limited.

AMR Associates. Neco Ceramic Ltd.

Neco Group Of Companies, the largest Indian Group of Iron and steel Foundry with a capacity of 100,000 tones and turn over of US $ 150 Million, both per annum, covering a wide range of finished castings for Automobile, Engineering and construction industries in addition to Cast/Ductile Iron pipes and pipe Fittings; has also diversified into Industrial valves, Infrastructure projects (Roads & Bridges), Valve castings, Food products, Ceramics, Ferro alloys, Pig iron and steel.


Neco Castings Ltd.A division of NECO group of industries, Nagpur (India) it is today a largest foundry group in the country with the nine foundries having a combined capacity of 1,30,000 MT. castings per annum NCL has started manufacturing Gray Cast Iron for recovery type as well as non recovery type coke ovens. NCL as being a leading Indian supplier of the different types of castings and with the distinguished track record, NCL has the experience and a resource to effectively service clients operating in todays demanding Indian and the international market. The company spends more than 15 years in Large Castings in Gray and Ductile Iron. NCL was incorporated as a Private Ltd Company in 1987 for manufacturing Grey Iron Castings such as Ingot Moulds, Bottom Plates, Slag Pots required in Mini Steel Plants as well as Graded Cast Iron Castings for Engineering Industries. The foundry processed castings are used for machine building for static equipments in finished, semi finished or in cast condition depending upon the final use. The Company was later converted into a Public Limited Company. The Company expanded its activities to manufacture heavy/medium castings like counter weight castings for earth moving equipments, elevators, lifts etc., pump body castings for pumps & butterfly manufacturing units, roller shell castings for sugar cane crushing plant, paper dry cylinder castings for paper manufacturing plant, coke oven doors, hard cooling plates, floor plates & pig moulds.

Jayaswals Neco Limited (Formerly Nagpur Engineering Company Limited)The flagship Company of NECO Group The Company was incorporated on 28th November, 1972 as a Private Limited Company and became public in 1985. The first manufacturing unit was commissioned in 1976 in Nagpur for the manufacture of Railway Track materials viz. Sleepers, Brake Blocks, Bearing Plates and other Castings for Indian Railways as well as C.I. Pipes, Fittings, Manhole Covers for Construction Industry. The second & third manufacturing facilities for the same product range were established in 1987 & 1991 at Bhilai & Anjora in Madhya Pradesh respectively.


The principal customers of the Company are the Indian Railways, various municipalities & the construction industry. The current manufacturing capacity of the Company is around 1, 08, 000 tones per annum.



Fig 1.1.1 Automotive cast components HCV

Fig 1.1.2 Brake drums

For Cars, Trucks, Agricultural (Tractors and Harvesters) and Off-Highway Vehicles (Mining and Excavating machines)

Braking, Suspension and Steering System Components Transmission and differential Housings Engine System Components Components manufactured in Grey Cast Iron and Ductile Iron, as the case may be, in the latest state-of-the-art Foundry facilities on high pressure Moldings lines and machined on CNC Machines only Breaking, Suspension & Steering System Components Transmission and Differential HousingsBrake Drums Brake Discs (Normal Cars, Light & Heavy Trucks Grey Iron


& Ventilated ) Gear Boxes Brake Housings Brackets, Shackles & Clutch Housings Retainers Steering Knuckles

Type of Engine/ Vehicle Iron Power Material Cars, Commercial Vehicles Grey Petrol & Diesel Engines (Passenger / 150 HP Grey Iron Tractors & Farm Equipments Grey Iron Comm. vehicles) Petrol & & Off Road Vehicles Grey Iron/Ductile Iron All On Diesel Engines (Passenger / 150 HP Grey IronComm. Vehicles) Cars, Jeeps and Trucks Ductile Iron 4

Transmission Cases Differential Housings Rear Axle Housing Center Lift Housing Hydraulic Lift Housings-Table 1.

Diesel Engine Tractors Diesel Engine Tractors Commercial Vehicles Diesel Engine Tractors Farm Tractors

75 HP 75 HP 200 HP 75 HP 75 HP

Grey Iron Grey Iron Ductile Iron Grey Iron Grey Iron

Fig Axle Housings Vehicles

Fig Gear Boxes for Commercial Engine System ComponentsFor Passenger cars, Commercial vehicles, Farm Tractors, off road vehicles and stationary engines ComponentsCylinder Blocks

EngineWet sleeved & non sleeved engines

FuelPetrol & Diesel

Power Material150 HP max. Grey Iron

RemarksAlloy as Customers per Specifications 5

Pre-combustion Direct Injection Cylinder Heads Direct injection with heater plugs Petrol Cylinder Heads Water Circulation Inlet manifolds Exhaust Manifold


150 HP Grey Iron Alloy as Customer per Specifications

Alloy as Customer Petrol NA NA Grey Iron Grey Iron Ductile per Specifications Alloys as per Customer Specifications

Petrol & Diesel

Petrol & Diesel





Fig Cylinder block for diesel engine

Fig petrol cylinder heads Cylinder Heads (Cast Iron)Sr. No.01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08

Item PERKINSP-3 Cylinder Head P/6-354 Cylinder Head P-6 Cylinder Head P-3 Cylinder Head S-3 Cylinder Head S-4 Cylinder Head P-4 Cylinder Head

ISUZUCylinder Head ( Diesel ) 3 Cylinder 6

09 10 11 12 14 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

Cylinder Head ( Petrol ) 3 Cylinder Cylinder Head ( Isuzu )

SWARAJ ENGINESCylinder Head RB-32 Cylinder Head ( IMA )

HMT ( ZETOR )Cylinder Head ( Normal )

M&M ( International Harvester )AVL-3 Cyl. Head AVL-4 Cyl. Head AVL-3 Cyl. Head Cyl. Head ( Diesel )

FORDCylinder Head 2.9 Ford Cylinder Head 4.0 Ford Cylinder Head 4.9 Ford Cylinder Head 7.3 Diesel Cylinder Head 1.8 Ford

MERCEDES BENZCylinder Head OM-352 Cylinder Head OM-366

MANNCylinder Head


CATERPILLAR7C3906 ( 155-8006 ) 110-5100 ( 110-509 ) 105-3797 ( 143-0046 )

-Table They also develop, reverse engineer and manufacture Cylinder Heads based on the sample provided to us. Contact us and let us know your requirement and we shall come up with a solution. Cylinder Heads are manufactured in the latest Foundry facilities and machined on CNC Machines and tested for vacuum and pressure. The high quality heads are fitted with Valves Seats, Guides and Welch Plugs as applicable. Contact us for a proposal with your specific requirements.





Cast Iron Valve Meter Boxes Pipe Fittings Manhole Covers & Frames - Ductile Iron Cast Iron Spun Pipes - Drainage Cast Iron Fittings , Ductile Iron Fittings


Construction Castings Manhole Covers & Frames in ductile & grey iron MANHOLE covers are manufactured as per BSEN IS: 497, IS: 1726 specifications and also as per the drawings / specifications supplied by our customers ranging from some of the types of manhole covers manufactured are As follows: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Square type single seal manhole covers Square type double seal manhole covers Rectangular type single seal manhole covers Rectangular type double seal manhole covers Recess type manhole covers Circular type manhole covers with frames Circular type manhole covers with square frames8

8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Single triangular type manhole covers Double triangular type manhole covers Gully gratings with frames Gratings Double triangular gully gratings

MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS: The metal used for manufactured the above products are of different grades as per BS: 1452, ISO: 185, JIS: 5501, ASTM: A48, DIN: 1691, IS: 210 depending upon customer requirements. Ductile iron manhole covers and fittings are also manufactured in different grades as per DIN: 1963, BS: 2789, ASTM: A 536, ISO: 1083, IS: 1865 etc. Depending upon customer requirements Cast Iron Spun Drainage Pipes Jayaswals NECO Limited is leading in innovative designs of new drainage

systems and has redefined drainage systems under and above the ground. SMP is the product of an intensive and detailed research and development

programme. SMP combines all the advantages of performance and strength inherent in iron with the benefits of simplicity, speed of installation and economy. In a single system SMP offers an unrivalled, a choice of security, light weight

and ease of installation through a comprehensive but much simplified range of modular interconnecting components to meet every need. The cost benefits made possible by designers, stockiest and instal