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COMPANY PROFILE - Multimedia · PDF file3 COPPEr sysTEMs Multimedia Connect copper systems exceed standard specifications, from CAT5E to CAT6A, at component level as well as at links

Jul 23, 2018




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    Smart and simple cabling solutions

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    Our MissiOn

    We develop smart & simple solutions of communication infrastructures and sell them internationally. As a member of the TKH Group we

    Focus on quality and innovation. Constantly look for differentiation and niche market opportunities. Explore and develop relevant synergies with sister companies.




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    rECEnT AnD FAsT inTErnATiOnAL DEVELOPMEnTIn2009,MultimediaConnecthasbecometheflagshipoftheTKHGroupforstructuredcablingsolutions.Thanks to this support, MMC has rapidly developed a network of Distribution Partners , mostly in Europe and Asia.Many territories are still to be covered and MMC follows an ambitious plan of international development.

    Since 2007, Multimedia Connect is part of the TKH Group, an internationally operating groupof companies, specialising in creating and supplying innovative systems and networks forthe provision of information, telecommunication, electro-technical engineering, and industrialproduction. TKHkeyfigures:


    MArKET LEADEr in FrAnCEThe brand Multimedia Connect (MMC) has been created inFrance in 1993.It has enjoyed a strong and steady growth and reached, in 2011,the position of number one on the Structured Cabling market inFrance (according to 2012 BSRIA report).








    2013Turnover:1.1BillionEuros 4736employees HeadquartersintheNetherlands Activein24countries(mainlyinEuropeandAsia)

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    COPPEr sysTEMsMultimediaConnectcoppersystemsexceedstandardspecifications,fromCAT5EtoCAT6A,atcomponentlevelaswellasatlinkslevel.

    Twoconnectivityranges: MKSerie:highenduniquetoollessdesign BCSerie:performanceatcompetitiveprice

    Large range of shielded and unshielded copper cables.Patch cords and outlets Copper cables

    FiBEr OPTiC sysTEMs Multimode(OM1,OM2,OM3,OM4)andSinglemode(OS2)systems. Large range of Fiber optic Cables for indoor and outdoor applications. Modularconnectivityrange(patchpanels-WallBoxes-pigtailspatchcords)

    adaptedtoLANDataCenterorTelecomapplications. Pre-terminated solutions (Fiber links, MTP systems, ready to splice patch panels)

    CABinETs AnD rACKs 19 Free standing Cabinets 19 and 10 wall mounted cabinets Large range of accessories

    MK Serie BCTL Serie

    Modular FO patch panelPreterminated solutions


    sYsTeMs & solUTions


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    sOLuTiOns FOr inTELLiGEnT BuiLDinGs MultiApplicationplugs:

    IP based equipments require direct connection with solid core cables.MMCtoollessfieldterminationplugsofferuniquefeaturesadaptedtotheconditions of connection of most IP materials.

    Cablesforoutdoorapplications:CCTV cameras and other security devices are often installed outdoor.We have developed a range of cables adapted to outdoor and indoor/outdoor applications.

    sOLuTiOns FOr HArsH EnVirOnMEnTComplete cabling system resistant to water, dust, mechanical stress and oil. Adaptedtoallharshenvironments:Industries,warehouses,laboratories,outdoorinstallations

    IP67RJ45Category6Connectivity Polyurethane jacket cables Wall mounted boxes



    sYsTeMs & solUTions

    sOLuTiOns FOr DATACEnTErMultimediaConnecthasdevelopedfiberopticandcoppersolutionstomeetthe requirements of very high density which are encountered in most DataCenters,TelecomandalsoLANenvironnments.

    MTP solutions AWG26CAT6Acablesandtrunks Angled patch panels Specifichighdensitycabinets LEDIdentificationpatchcords(FOandCopper)


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    Located in France, near the Swiss border, Multimedia Connect R&D centre is in charge of the developments for copperandopticalfibersolutions.

    It is strategically located in a region of France specialized in screw cutting andplastic injection. We also manufacture at this location our high end connectivity products.In order to monitor our relations with sub-contractors in Asia, we have set up a branch in Taiwan. This company, CMF, subsidiary of MMC, is directly involved in our R&D and Quality control processes.

    Our MAnuFACTurinG uniTsMultimedia Connect is working closely with cable manufacturers,member of the TKH Group.As part of the the same group, we enjoy an integrated R&D approachwhichenablesMMCtobenefitfromthelatesttechnologicaldevelopments and to work on customized solutions for its clients.TheTKHGroupfullyownstwofactoriesforfiber.optic cables and one for c opper data cables.


    DesigneD in FranCe ManUFaCTUreD in TkH FaCTories

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    CErTiFiED By rEnOwnED inDEPEnDEnT LABOrATOriEs Since its creation, Multimedia Connect has worked closely with DeltaElectronics, an independent Laboratory, based in Denmark.Deltais,withoutdoubt,aninternationalreferenceforthirdpartycertificationinourindustry.Ourproducts,systemsandmanufacturingprocesseshavebeentestedandcertifiedbyDeltasince1999.WealsoworkwithETLand3P.Intotal,MMCholdsoneofthelargestrangeofthirdpartycertificatescoveringcompo-nents, permanent links and channels.

    25 Years sYsTeM WarranTY

    HiGH quALiTy, GuArAnTEED !MultimediaConnect 25 years systemwarranty reflects the importancewegive to thequality, committingourselvesdirectly towards the end user of our products.MMC25yearssystemwarrantyisofferedbyMMCCertifiedInstallers,whichwehavebeenselectedandtrained.This warranty is the consequence of stringent quality procedures which are applied from the design to the productionand logistic levels of our organisation.

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    in FrAnCEMultimedia Connect solutions are chosen by major companies in various industries MMC leadership position on the French market explains the large number of projects in this country for most types of industry:

    Chanel - Design Pavillon

    Air France Headquarter

    Renault - Clon factory

    New T2G terminal - CDG Paris Airport

    An inCrEAsinGLy ArOunD THE wOrLDAlthoughMMCinternationaldevelopmentisrelativelyrecent,wehavealreadywonsignificantprojectsindifferentcountries.

    Brussels Airport - BelgiumSky Tower Office, Wroclaw - Poland

    University Teknologi Mara, Tapah - Malaysia Pakubuwono house apartments - Indonesia

    Commercial Buildings Transport Education

    Healthcare Manufacturing Government and administrations

    proJeCT reFerenCes

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    DisTriBuTiOn PArTnErs, AT THE HEArT OF Our COMMErCiAL sTrATEGy Multimedia Connect has taken the strategic decision to work essentially through distribution partners.Each partner is given the responsibility of MMC development in a territory.

    Multimedia Connect actively supports its distribution partners by providingcustomized marketing support and daily assistance.We develop strong links with our distribution partners which are a key element of our success.


    Seminars Customer visits Technical trainings

    MUlTiMeDia ConneCT parTners

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    ZAC des hauts de Wissous Air Park de ParisBatiment le Cormoran3rueJeanneGarnerin91320WISSOUSTel.+33(0)169793980Email:[email protected]