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Jul 31, 2018




  • Company Profile

    Advanced Subsurface Investigations

  • Page 3GBG Australia Company Profile

    Whatever your area of interest, GBG Australia can provide advanced subsurface and structural geophysical solutions to add value to your project in:

    Miningandinfrastructure Marine StructuralandNon-destructiveTesting Environmentalandgroundwater Archaeological.

    Through a process of consultation and pre-project planning GBG Australia can tailor a geophysical solution to provide enhanced structural or subsurface information to add value to almost any geotechnical, engineering or remediation project. The application of appropriate geophysical methods carried out by trained and experienced personnel makes GBG Australia a leader in subsurface geophysical solutions.

    About Us

    GBG Australia is a specialist consulting company providing a range of geotechnical, environmental and engineering investigation services utilising advanced subsurface imaging techniques. The comprehensive information we provide is used to minimise risk to projects. Whether these risks are from unforeseen ground conditions or limited information on how a structure is built, GBG Australia can fill in the gaps and provide extensive information that cannot be obtained from the more traditional approaches to subsurface investigations.

    We provide our services for geotechnical, environmental or structural input into the following industry sectors:

    MiningandCivilInfrastructure MarineInfrastructure EnvironmentalandGroundwater Archaeology StructuralInvestigation AssetMaintenanceInvestigation UtilitiesEngineering.

    Our team consists of a range of professionals that include: Geophysicists, Engineers, Geologists and NDT technicians. Our senior staff have over 20 years experience in their respective fields. They have worked on a diverse range of projects that vary in scope, size and cost from simply tracing underground utilities or buried reinforcement for excavation, to comprehensive geotechnical investigation for major infrastructure projects.

    GBG Australia is a member of the GBG Group, a multi-national company providing consulting expertise in engineering investigation services since 1982. The company has offices in Cambridge, London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Perth. The Sydney office has been in operation since 1993 providing services to a diverse cliental that range from Government bodies, mining companies, engineering consultancies, developers, asset managers and private owners.

    Acquisition of ERI data

  • Page 5GBG Australia Company Profile

    Geophysical techniques can also be used to assist in determination of subsurface parameters for geotechnical design. These may include:




    ERT to locate possible paleochannels and fault zones

    Mining / Oil and Gas / Infrastructure

    The application of the correct geophysical techniques combined with expert analysis can add value to almost any geotechnical investigation. Whether conducting an initial site investigation to determine subsurface structure or a more detailed investigation to determine geotechnical parameters for engineering purposes, GBG Australia have the equipment and know-how to help.

    GBG Australia have the capability and experience to carry out a number of geophysical methods for common problems such as:



    Highresolutiondelineationofmagneticorebodies Subsurfaceprofilingtolocateshallowcavities,swallowholes,subsidence Shallowprofilingofbedrockdepthfordirectionaldrilling,trenchingorconstruction

    purposes Geomorphologysandlayer,overburdenthickness,Alluvialdeposits.

    MASW to determine material stiffness and to identify possible voids or areas of poor consolidation

  • Page 7GBG Australia Company Profile

    The use of geophysical methods can greatly enhance sub-bottom information, particularly when coupled with traditional geotechnical data from methods such as boreholes, vibro cores and CPTs. The use of geophysics can also add value while minimising costs associated with the use of jack-up barges and the like.

    GBG Australia own and operate a full suite of industry standard and proprietary marine geophysics equipment. We have the expertise to provide advanced seafloor and sub-bottom profiling for shallow water and transition zone projects such as port, harbour and marina developments, dredging programs, HDD river crossings and seafloor obstacle / Geo-hazard mapping.


    Marine Seismic Refraction data utilised to determine sediment thickness and bedrock depth

    GBG Australia can provide:





    Singlebeamormulti-beamBathymetry Sidescansonarforobstaclelocation,archaeology,scourassessmentorseabed


    GBG MAPS can utilise smaller vessels when required for shallow water investigation

    Continuous Seismic Profiling (CSP) interpreted section

  • Page 9GBG Australia Company Profile

    Environmental / Groundwater

    Environmental geophysics covers a wide of variety applications ranging from locating unexploded ordnance at former military sites to targeting geological sequences with high groundwater yields. The redevelopment of brownfield sites for commercial and residential projects has any number of unknown environmental risks which can have significant implications on project costs, timing and viability.

    Geophysical investigations carried out at the planning stage of a project are general inexpensive and can provide a valuable insight into potential environmental risks which may otherwise only be uncovered further into the development when considerable expenditure and resources have already been committed.

    Environmental investigations where geophysical methods have proven to be invaluable include:

    Locationofburiedservices,undergroundstoragetanksandotherremnantfoundations Delineationoflandfillextents,fillbaseandcappingthickness;andlocationofuncontrolled

    fillsuchasburiedwastedrums Locationofunexplodedordnance(UXOs) Delineationofinorganiccontaminantplumes Assessmentofdrylandsalinityandgroundwaterstudies Treerootmapping.

    EM data showing the extents of landfill material


    3D GPR slices showing previous earthworks extents and existing subsurface archaeological features

    Geophysical methods have been proven to aid in archaeological investigations. Through ongoing consultation with our clients, GBG Australia can provide tailored geophysical solutions to many archaeological investigations throughout Australia and abroad.

    GBG Australia have the experience, personnel and specialised equipment necessary to provide enhanced subsurface information which, when combined with traditional archaeological methods can greatly improve coverage and data confidence while minimising ground disturbance. GBG Australia can provide both marine and land geophysical solutions to aid in a range of archaeological investigation including:

    BuriedRemnantStructure MarineArchaeologicalFeatures Gravesitelocation CulturalHeritage.

    Cart mounted for rapid data acquisition with high positioning accuracy

  • Page 11GBG Australia Company Profile

    Structural and Non-Destructive Testing

    Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) utilises a number of methods designed to non-invasively measure the internal properties and condition of engineered structures. These methods are all derivations of applied physics and geophysics in a very small scale. NDT methods can be carried out on a wide range of building materials including concrete, masonry, timber, metal as well as rigid and non rigid pavement materials.

    Using NDT methods, GBG Australia can obtain detailed internal construction and condition assessments of a variety of engineered structures including buildings, bridges, tunnels and roads. Together with targeted destructive testing, laboratory testing and visual inspection, a complete assessment of an engineered structure can be made.







    Assessmentofheritagestructures Pavementlayerthicknessandconditionfor

    roadsandrunways Ballastlayerthicknessandcondition/

    foulingalongrailtracks Pile/foundationtesting Thermalimagingforvoids/delamination


    GBG Australia and the GBG group, have carried out worldwide NDT investigations for a wide range of applications including:

    GPR section showing the limits of void under concrete road section. Cart Mounted GPR for services and utility location


    Sydney18 Fennell Street

    North Parramatta NSW 2151Tel: +61 2 9890 2122 Fax: +61 2 9890 2922


    PerthLevel 1, 2 Sabre Cresent

    Jandakot WA 6164 Tel: +61 8 6436 1599 Fax: +61 8 6436 1500

    email: Web:

    Some of our Clients:

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