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Jun 04, 2018




  • Company profile

  • Company profile


  • With more than 55 years of industry know-how and expertise in steel, Sidenor, Stomana Industry and their subsidiaries constitute the steel production and trading segment of Viohalco offeringhigh quality and innovative solutions to their customers. Sidenor is a leading producer of steel products in South East Europe. Its extensive product portfolio, which includes long, flat and downstream steel products, is manufactured across nine facilities in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, FYROM and Australia.Project locations span Germany, the Balkans, Algeria, Israel and the U.S.A. Sidenor Group is a global supplier providing a full range of solutions in the steel sector, to cater to the complex needs of its clients worldwide.

    The key features of the products of Sidenor, Stomana Industry and their subsidiaries are: outstanding quality; strict adherence to applicable standards

    and regulations excellent customer service due to extensive sales and

    logistics network innovative characteristics, which provide customers and end

    users with added value

    All products are mainly used in major - construction projects, in various industrial applications, in ship-building, in the automotive industry, in the energy sector, etc.




    To establish and maintain a strong competitive advantage, Sidenor, Stomana Industry and their subsidiaries have focused on and invested significantly in the reinforcement of their production base over the past two decades. Through long-term efforts to modernise and up-grade their manufacturing sites, they have become a vertically integraded group, capable of delivering high value-added solutions.

    Group structure

    In order to achieve the optimum balance between operational and commercial flexibility, and production effectiveness, the steel segment companies have adopted an operational structure focusing on the following three areas:

    Mini mills / Rolling mills

    Services and distribution

    Downstream production units


    Mini mills / Rolling mills


    Services and distribution


    Downstream production units


    7Sales /logistics centres

    9Mainproduction units













    SVISHTOV (Danube)















  • Sidenors products meet the most demanding of the customers needs

    and stand out for their excellent quality, high reliability and particularly innovative features.

    The production facilities are continually being upgraded through an extensive long-term investment

    plan exceeding EUR 860 million, for the last 15 years.

    Stages of development 1962 - 2017

    In 1962 Sidenor was established as Viohalco - Sanitas. Today Sidenor is a vertically integrated Group of companies with production plants in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, FY-ROM and Australia.


    The establishment in Southeast Europe started in 2001 with the acquisition of the Bulgarian plant Stomana Industry, in which Sidenor Group makes continual investments aiming to increase its production capacity, improve quality, decrease production costs and also manufacture high added value products.


    In 1999, Sovel started production at its rolling mill and in the second half of 2001 the steel melting plant.


    In 2006, Sidenor Group strengthened even further its presence in the Balkan market by setting up Dojran Steel in FYROM, which runs a long steel products and mesh plant, mainly for the markets of FYROM and Kosovo.


    From 2007 to 2011 a wide commer-cial network is developed in Serbia (Sidebalk Steel), Albania (Sideral Steel) and Romania (Siderom Steel) in order to fully meet the needs of the local markets and the wider area.

    2007 - 2011

    As part of Sidenor's ongoing in-vestment plan to achieve enhanced quality and product innovations, the installation of the new Vacuum Degasser - VD was successfully completed at the Stomana Industry plant in Bulgaria and also the con-struction and the operation of an induction furnace for the reheat-ing of billets at the Sidenor and Sovel production plants.Major rolling mill revamping in Dojran Steel plant for the pro- duction of a wide range of mer-chant bars.

    2013 - 2017



    nts for the last 15 years 860million



  • In the context of its production activities, the Group operates industrial plants in Greece (Thessaloniki and Almyros), in Bulgaria (Pernik), in Romania (Bucharest), in FYROM (Nikolic) and in Australia (Brisbane). It also operates sale offices and distribution units. The Groups plants cover all stages of production, processing and distribution for an extensive range of steel products. The combination of high technology equipment and highly trained plant staff enables the production of high-quality products at competitive costs so Sidenor is a leading player in local and international markets.

    The state-of-the-art production plants and an extended sales and ware-housing network, developed over the years, allow prompt response to international customer needs.

    Welding products (covered welding electrodes and welding wires and flux)

    Wire products (galvanized wire and black wire)

    Steel fibers INOMIX

    Special mesh SIDEFIT Special mesh SIDEBENT SIDEFOR Prefabricated

    stirrup cages

    Special mesh SIDEFIT Special mesh SIDEBENT SIDEFOR Prefabricated

    stirrup cages

    Thin wall tubes

    SD Concrete reinforcing steel (in bars and coils)

    Wire rod Merchant bars

    SD Concrete reinforcing steel SD Rebars cut-to-length SD Spooled coil SD Stirrup reinforcing mesh SD Wire mesh SIDEFIT Special mesh SIDEFOR Prefabricated

    stirrup cages

    SD Concrete reinforcing steel Special bar quality (SBQ) Quarto plates Merchant bars Grinding balls THN mining profiles Boron flats

    Merchant bars SD Concrete reinforcing steel SD Wire mesh Double twist hexagonal mesh

    (serasanetti) Lattice girders Galvanized mesh

    Industrial plants

    Annualproduction capacity

    3,600,000 tons Meltshops

    Billets, slabs, blooms

    Concrete reinforcing steel, merchant bars,

    wire rod, special profiles, special

    steels (hot rolled)

    Steel plates(quarto)

    Mesh, stirrup cages, concrete

    reinforcing steel fibers, special steels (peeled), lattice girders,

    by-products recycling,

    galvanized wire and welding


    3,200,000 tons Long steel products

    400,000 tons Plate products

    560,000 tons Downstream operations



  • Major projectsWe develop and produce pioneering products, with high specifications of quality that meet completely the needs of modern architecture and the stringest requirements of infrastructure works internationally.

    Greece Stavros Niarchos Foundation

    Cultural Centre Tempi By-Pass Faliro Border Redevelopment Ptolemaida new Public Power

    Corporation Plant Megalopoli Steam Power Plant Expansion of the Athens Metro New Railway line Lianokladi-

    Domokos The Thessaloniki Metro Railway Line Kiato-Rododafni-

    Psathopyrgos Eschatia Stream Kallidromo Tunnel Tripoli-Kalamata-Sparti-Lefktro

    Motorway Expansion of Chania Airport Expansion of Evangelismos Hospital Athens-Corinth-Patra Artery Thessaloniki Interchange PPP School Buildings Ionian Motorway Arteries vertical to the Egnatia


    Cyprus Nicosia University

    Pafos Airport

    Bulgaria Waste Management Plant Water Treatment Plant Sofia Metro Sofia-Greece Motorway

    Paradise Mall

    Sofia Ring Mall

    The Mall

    Bulgaria Mall

    Romania Green Court Business Centre Mega Mall Shopping Mall Parklake Plaza Shopping Mall ELI-NP Buildings

    Serbia X10 Motorway

    E75 Motorway

    Albania Tirana - Elbasan Motorway and Tunnels Limpraz Hydroelectric Dam

    FYROM Evzonoi / Skopje Motorway Building complex - Skopje Towers

    Kosovo Elkos Trading Center (ETC) Building




  • Sidenor is certified by German and other European certification bodies

    Sidenor is the first Greek steel producer to apply a Quality Management System certified according to ISO 9002

    Launching of high ductility grade C concrete reinforcing steel

    Sidenor is the first Greek steel producer to apply an environ-mental management system certified according to ISO 14001

    Launching of Sidefor products (prefabricated, stirrup cages for columns, beams and sheer walls)

    Wire mesh has been certified according to ELOT 1421

    EAF continuous scrap feeding installation (Consteel)

    At the Environmental Awards 2016, the Company received the Gold award for energy-saving investments and the Silver award for reducing its carbon footprint during the production of steel products for the installation of induction furnace in Sovel

    Installation of a new compact mill at Sovel increasing the production capacity of the rolling mill by 300,000 tons

    An induction furnace for the reheating of billets was put into production at SovelSidenor is the first

    Greek steel producer to implement radioactivity control of all incoming raw materials

    Installation of vacuum degasser (VD) equipment at Stomana Industry

    An induction furnace for the reheating of billets was put into production at Sidenor

    SD marking on each bar of reinforcing steel. SD becomes a sign of quality

    Launching of stirrup reinforcing mesh made from straight bars with 10cm spacing

    Launching of Sidefit special concrete reinforcing mesh

    Launching of natural gas pipes SD Tube Gaz as per European specifications and hollow, high tensile strength beams SD HSS Extra, with their span up to T500

    Sidenor won the Tech Excellence Award for the Sidefor Plus product during the Made in Greece Awards

    Sidenor is the first Greek company certified by CARES

    CE marking on merchant bars, plates, hollow sections and pipes (certification from 2006)

    Sidenor is the first Greek steel producer to apply an Occupation-al Health and Safety management system certified according to ELOT 1801 and OHSAS 18001

    Innovations in all sectors

    We pursue continuous innovation with direct benefits for our partners and the community. Innovation has been an integral value for us for many years, the results of which are evident in many of our innovative products that have modernized the construction industry. It is also evident in the application of international developments in environmental pro-tection issues which have improved our environmental footprint, in employee health and safety measures and policies, and the continuous quality improvement of our production units through cutting-edge technologies.



    nt steel products

    19971993 1998 2000 2002 2003 2004 2005 2007 2008 2009 2011 2013 2014 2015 2016 2016 2017

    Major rolling mill revamping in Dojran Steel plant for the production of a wide range of merchant bars



  • Sidenors customer-oriented culture, delivers integrated

    solutions and innovative steel products to its market, being

    the safe choice for its customers and partners.

    Investing in the future

    VisionTo be the leading producer

    of steel products through our people and our technological excellence


    ated solutions


    vative steel products cu



    riented culture



  • our products

    Wire products | Welding products Pipes and tubes


    Stirrup reinforcement mesh SD Stirrup reinforcing mesh for beam, column and shear wall stir-rups is produced from straight rebars - grade B500B according to DIN 488 in diameters 8, 10, and 12mm. The stirrup cages are then formed in fabrication sites or in job site, leading to high precision in geometry, stir-rup distances and stability.

    Spooled coils Spooled coils are produced from direct hot rolling in grade B500B according DIN488 and in diameters from 8 up to 20mm.

    RoundsHot-rolled bars of circular cross - section (rounds) manufactured at a length 6 meters and with di-ameters from 10mm to 40mm. Rounds are intended for tradi-tional railing makers, screw mak-ers, mechanical equipment manu-facturers, etc. They are produced according to EN 10060.

    Wire mesh Sidenor produces a wide range of wire mesh B500A wires acording to DIN 488. Wire mesh sheets are manufactured from welded transverse and longitudinal wi-res cold-drawn from wire rod. The diameters of the wires range from 4 to 10mm.

    Equal angles Hot-rolled bars of equal angles having round edges (equal an-gles) manufactured at a length of 6 metres, with a leg length ranging from 20mm to 50mm and with a leg thickness of between 3mm and 6mm. They have a wide range of applications, being used in fencing, as support piles for sheds in vineyards, for sheds and roofs, etc. They are produced according to EN 10056.

    Flats Hot-rolled bars of rectangular cross - section (flats) manufac-tured at a length 6 meters and with widths from 20mm to 150mm and thickness ranging from 5mm to 20mm. Due to the wide range of available sizes, flats are used in various metal constructions, traditional railings, drillings, me-chanical equipment, etc. They are produced according to EN 10058.

    UPN channels Hot-rolled UPN channels, man-ufactured at a length of 6 me-tres and with a section height of 30mm and also from 80mm to 140mm. They are used mainly in metal building frames, coach-works, car carriers etc. They are produced according to EN 10279.

    Square Hot-rolled square bars manu-factured at a length of 6 metres and with a side length ranging from 10mm to 40mm. Squares are intended mostly for traditional railing makers and merchants, as well as for metal structures. They are produced according to EN 10059.

    Steel plates(quarto)

    Steel plates are produced in a variety of sizes and specifica-tions according to the Europe-an and international standards. Also, customized product solu-tions are possible based on customer needs. They are suit-able for construction, machinery, energy and power, shipbuilding, transportation, mining.

    Special quality bar SBQ

    Round bars (hot rolled and peeled) are used in the forging, machining, hydraulic cylinder industrial sectors and other engineering applications. They are produced in carbon and low alloyed steel grades for general uses, for quenching and tempering, for case hardening and surface hardening, micro-alloyed and free cutting, according to users specifications.

    Steel ballsfor grinding

    Steel balls for grinding are pro-duced in a range of 60 - 100mm diameter. They are used in ore grinding mills, such as SAG (Semi Autogenous Grinding) mills when it is for initial grinding or ball mills for regrinding.The most common applications of these steel balls are in gold, copper, iron, zinc, nickel and sil-ver mining. Different hardness level of the product can be used depending on metal ore in order for grinding to be optimized.

    Ploughshare blades

    Ploughshare blades are special hot-rolled profiles, used for the production of machines for agri-cultural uses.

    Construction pipes Steel welded construction pipes, hot dip galvanized for fencing, road sign, road railing, green-house, shelter, garage door, tents and cable conduit manufacturing, according to EN 10219 standard.

    THN Mining profiles

    THN Mining profiles have been developed for uses in the pro-duction of steel arches for public works and underground mines, as well as formworks for tunnels. The use of THN profiles in tun-nels and roadways supporting, provides a higher resistance and a yielding support.

    Water pipesSteel welded pipes, hot dip gal-vanized, black and self-colored for natural gas, water supply, heating and fire extinguisher networks according to EN 10255 standard.

    Boron flats Boron flats are used to applica-tions where high strengh, good bendability and weldability is required.They also offer good impact toughness and high yield strength. They are used in the fork-lift industry and especially in the production of forks.

    Thin wall tubes Steel welded construction hol-low sections of circular, square & rectangular shape, from hot rolled, cold rolled and pre-galva-nized strip. Suitable for building projects, engineering, fencing, tents, greenhouses, scaffolding, hand rail, furniture etc, according to EN 10219 standard.

    Railway connections

    Railway connections are special hot rolled profiles used for the construction of railways type S49 and they constitute the unions between the individual rails.The technical characteristics are agreed with the customer, de-pending on the specifications of each work.

    Semi-finished products

    (billets, slabs and blooms)

    Billets and Blooms are produced in the following dimensions: 125 x 125mm, 130 x 130mm, 140 x 140mm, 160 x 160mm, 200 x 200mm, 250 x 300mm, in length of 6 - 12m.Slabs are produced in dimensions:220 x 1.500mm in length up to 7m

    Lattice girders The Lattice Girders are produced with 2 longitudinal wires in the bottom flange and 1 wire on the top, welded together in regular distances using a smaller diameter secondary wire.The Lattice Girders are used mainly as reinforcement of pre-fabricated slabs and beams were concreting is performed in two stages, offering the advantage of avoiding scaffolding and form-work needed in traditional con-struction.

    Beams IPE Hot-rolled I-section beams (IPE), manufactured at lengths of 6 and 12 metres and with section heights ranging from 80mm to 120mm. They are used in metal constructions such as metal building frames, supporting structures for roofs, lofts, attics, etc. They are produced according to EN 10034.

    Prefabricated stirrup cages

    Sidefor products are prefabri-cated 3D stirrup reinforcement that are used as shear reinforce-ment in columns, beams and shear walls. They are produced with fully automated process using SD reinforcing steel, leading to high precision in design execution, stability, high productivity and overall quality.

    Special mesh

    Sidefit Special Mesh is tailor - made type of mesh, produced from welded straight SD rebars, grade B500B - DIN 488. It has a wide range of uses in reinforcing different reinforced concrete members such as walls, slabs, footings as well as beams and columns after bending.

    Galvanized mesh Erlikon offers welded mesh in sheets and rolls which provides sturdiness and reliability to the fence, combined with ease of in-stallation.

    Double twist hexagonal mesh

    The double twist hexagonal mesh (serasanetti) is offering in the form of weaving mesh and of gabions.

    Steel fibers

    Steel fibers are produced in straight hooked - end and undulated fibers of dimensions and cover all the possible appli-cations of the market (shotcrete for tunnels, slabs on grade, in-dustrial floors).

    Integrated concrete reinforcing system Merchant bars

    Sidebent products consist of custom bent meshes, offered in virtually limitless combinations of wire sizes, dimensions, shapes and spacing arrangements.They are produced in the Groups in-house developed Synthesis machines.

    Concrete reinforcing steel

    (bars and coils) Sidenor produces the weldable high strength SD concrete re-inforcing steel, grade B500B according to DIN488. It is avail-able in diameters 8 to 40mm in straight bars and 8 to 20mm in standard coils.

    Cut - to - length rebars Sidenor provides a wide range of cut - to - length straight bars of SD reinforcing steel. High availability and fast servicing of the required cut - to - length rebars lead to faster forming and fitting that yields to lower construction cost.

    Galvanized wire The Erlikon branded galvanized wires cover the market require-ments from wire fencing con-structions to the cable manu-facturing industry.

    Special quality steels Balls

    Wire rod

    Special profiles

    Wire rod Sidenor offers a variety of wire rod qualities SAE1006, 1008, 1010, S235JR and electrode qual-ity, in diameters from 5.5 to 16, which cover all the needs of the low carbon wire products industry.

    Welding electrodes and wires

    Erlikon produces a complete range of welding electrodes and wires which can reliably meet all the needs of its customers when it comes to welding applications.


  • The adoption of corporate responsibility by Sidenor Group also entails supporting local communities wherever Group Companies operate, as well as fostering dialogue with stakeholders.

    Sidenor voluntarily and responsibly has been planning and implementing appropriate programmes, at the same time setting strategic priorities, which focus on the following sustainability axes:

    Occupational Health and


    Local Communities

    Economic growth and corporate


    Marketplace Environment Society Human


    Sidenor Group aims to achieve positive financial results, implements a sound Corporate Governance system, and assesses and manages business risks in order to safeguard the interests of shareholders. It develops procedures and takes measures both to enhance transparency and to prevent and combat corruption.

    1The Company respects and supports inter-nationally recognised human rights and implements fair reward, meritocracy and equal opportunities policies, free from discrimi-nation, for all its employees. It also provides opportunities for ongoing training and deve-lopment of human resources with respect to its personnel diversity.


    Sidenor Group focuses on achieving best and complete customer satisfaction and invests in Research and Development in order to provide new high quality and value-added products and services, thereby improving its position in an ever-evolving business environment. Moreover, responsible business conduct is also required from the Groups suppliers and partners.

    2A healthy and safe working environment is a matter of primary importance to the Company. The Company continually takes measures and implements investment plans, aiming at the ongoing improvement of health and safety at work.


    In the domain of environmental management, the company applies the principle of prevention and takes systematic steps to minimise the impact of its operations on the environment. To protect the environment, the Group implements various programmes for the optimal management of resources, promotes metal recycling, reduction of carbon emissions and waste management.


    The Company designs and implements actions to meet the basic needs of the community in terms of employment, development, education, health, environment, social welfare and culture. It encourages volunteer actions and supports initiatives that help in the development of the local communities, in which it operates.


    Responsibility runs through the whole spectrum of the Company's activities, from the manufacturing to the dis-tribution of products in the domestic and inter-national markets. The environment, economy and society are the pillars upon which the Copmany develops and grows having sustainable develop-ment as its objective.

    Sustainable development and corporate responsibility

    are integrated into the Companys decision making processes that involve strategy, research and devel-opment, the production process, and all of Sidenors

    business practices in general.



  • How we ensure quality

    Production facilities boast modern, state-of-the-art quality control laboratories that carry out extensive chemical analyses, metallographic tests, geometric measurements and mechanical tests in order to guarantee that final products fully comply with the requirements of relevant standards and the strictest regulations.

    Sidenor has been working systematically and consistently to ensure the highest possible quality of products and services, always aiming at creating added value for its customers and shareholders. Within this framework, the Company has applied a certified Quality Management System according to ISO 9001. In the production process, the Company focuses on the manufacture of quality products and carries out strict quality controls at all production stages.

    In addition, as regards special steels, online non-destructive testing is carried out in the production lines to ensure 100% the top quality of the products manufactured.

    Sidenor has also installed and operates an integrated radioactivity monitoring and detection system for its raw materials and finished products.



  • Sidenor has been investing in pollution prevention measures and environmental impact investigation and assessment measures, while at the same time the Group is trying to optimise manufacturing processes through the use of Best Available Techniques () established by the EU.

    Sidenor and Stomana Industry are the market leaders in the Balkans in scrap metal recycling. Furthermore, at the facilities of its subsidiaries Aeiforos and Aeiforos Bulgaria in Thessaloniki, Almyros and Pernik (Bulgaria) respectively, Sidenor recycles by-products produced by its plants, thus making a further contribution towards reducing its total environmental footprint. Another initiative undertaken by the Company was the installation of a facility used for direct scrap loading into Sovels electric arc furnace (Consteel), which has made a critical contribution towards reducing the particles and noise produced and the energy required, thus saving valuable natural resources.

    In this context, Sidenor has developed and manages a Sustainability Management System in the aspects of economy, environment, quality, occupational health and safety, society and respect for human rights at the work place.

    Environmental management

    Sidenor has recognized that environmental protection is a key parameter for its operations and a cornerstone of its sustainable development.

    Economy Environment SocietyRespect for

    human rights at the work place

    Sustainability Management System

    The Sustainability Management System is a self-assessment and continuous improvement tool to be used by the Company in all the aforementioned sustainability aspects.

    Consequently, the Company is constantly demonstrating its dedication to environ-mental protection via its Environmental Management System, certified according to ISO 14001 which is applied to the industrial plants of Sidenor, Sovel and Stomana Industry, as well as via its daily practices implemented in this direction.

    Sidenor operates in a way that ensures environmental protection and the proper use of natural resources by complying with established environmental regulations, cooperating with competent State authorities and fully abiding by applicable E.U. and National Legislation.22


  • Sidenor with two modern steel plants in Greece and Stomana Industry in Bulgaria, have a recycling capacity of over

    4,000,000 tons of steel scrap per year, turning

    them into finished, ready-to-use steel products.

    Sidenor and Stomana Industry are the largest steel scrap recyclers in the Balkans.

    Sidenors main actions and initiatives for environmental protection and minimalisation of its environmental footprint are the following:

    Operation of cooling water processing and recycling unit

    Full radioactivity control of raw materials and final products

    Extensive use of natural gas as fuel, due to its superior environmental performance (fewer emissions of particles and CO2 / sulphur dioxide emissions) compared to other fossil fuels

    Analysis and evaluation of the production procees in energy and carbon foot-prints in order to decrease them

    Operation of filters in order to minimize emissions at the steel mills

    Precautionary measures taken to counter pollution

    Evaluation of solid wastes to produce useful products

    Installation and operation of instruments for continuous monitoring of exhaust gases

    Participation in research programs in cooperation with universities and research foundations

    Extensive tree planting in the production facilities

    Systematic control of qualitative parameters of solid and liquid waste and atmospheric emissions, based on analyses conducted both inside the Company and by external bodies



  • Occupational health and safety

    Sidenor considers its people the foundation on which its visions and goals are built. It was the first steel producer in Greece to adopt and implement an Occupational Health and Safety Management System in all its activities, which is certified according to ELOT 1801 and OHSAS 18001. Furthermore, all of the Groups subsidiaries apply high safety standards to all people they employ in their production units and to their external associates.

    The Companys policy on Occupational Health and Safety (H&S) is defined by Management and its successful implementation is based on the essential cooperation and participation of all stakeholders.

    Sidenor is committed to provide the necessary human, technological and financial resources to inspect and continuously improve the H&S Management System, having as its primary goal the constant identification of types of risks, the evaluation of these risks and the implementation of the necessary control measures, protection and prevention for a safe work environment, in order to achieve the goal of eliminating accidents and work-related illnesses. No occupational disease has ever been registered in Sidenor.

    At the same time, Sidenor provides the necessary education and training concerning H&S to all employees, so that they may effectively participate in protection and prevention.



  • Our basic principle concerning Performance Appraisal is that it is a process to secure fairness, clarity and meritocracy, but also our alignment towards the strategic goals of our Company.

    Our Performance Appraisal system offers incentives and possibilities for develop-ment as it is directly linked with the training, compensation and the progress for each employee individually. The reward of our people is based on their exceptional performance, their professionalism and their behavior that should be aligned to our corporate values.

    Human resources Following our goal for continuous growth, people are our Companys most valuable asset.

    Our success is linked to our employees performance. We are looking towards the development of a positive, safe and dynamic working environment that promotes efficiency, cooperation and technological advancement. Our aim is to create a culture built on integrity, collaboration, mutual respect, meritocracy, personal growth and fair treatment.

    Personnel analysis per studies

    Personnel analysis per year in the company

    Personnel analysis per category

    Administrative personnel

    Postgraduate studies

    1 - 5 years


    Graduate studies

    5 - 10 years


    Technological studies

    10 - 15 years

    Basic education

    15 years and up














  • Sidenor33, Amaroussiou-Halandriou Str., GR-15125 Maroussi, Athens, GreeceTel.: +30 210 6787111, Fax: +30 210 6787740e-mail:,

    Stomana Industry 1, Vladaisko Vastanie str., BG-2304, Pernik, Bulgaria Tel: +359 76 681 013, Fax: +359 76 681 951e-mail:,

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