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Company Presentation - presentation-RunTays.pdf · PDF file Company Presentation Company Brief u Located at Shenzhen China u Shenzhen RunTays capitalized 1000,000RMB u Shenzhen RunTays

May 27, 2020




  • Company Presentation RunTays Engineering International Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen RunTays Engineering Service Co., Ltd.

    Version 8th, 2019.01.05

    Automation System Setup Engineering Service Supplier

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  • Content

    We've doneOur Team How we do it

    Project Management

    Service& Contact

    Your automation system setup project devoted partner in Asia!

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  • RunTays focus on semiconductor, Display(LCD&OLED), solar and other automation equipment system and to provide safe and reliable installation, start-up services and high quality solutions. From the Tier 0&1 installation to proceed, according to customer’s requirement to follow-up Tier 2-4, and one year’s warranty. we also provide technical staff support your project with long and short term.

    Follow up with client's IP, EHS and 6S requirement, RunTays promised never to get into customer’s field. we keep continue to improve to supply better service for our clients!

    From the first order with sucess to delivery to ST at Dec. 2009, our team has delivery projects total value over 600 million us dollars, the excellent performance from customer support and RunTays team prositve contributions!

    Company Presentation Company Brief u Located at Shenzhen China u Shenzhen RunTays capitalized 1000,000RMB u Shenzhen RunTays is specialized in installation and warranty, service of equipments in semi-conductor, Display(LCD/OLED), solar industry,etc, total technical staffs over 162 till 01 Jan 2019

    Business Scope u Installation of thin film solar turn key lines including CVD, PVD, Laser scriber, chamfer , cleaning machine, laminator and conveyer etc.)

    u Installation and warranty of load/unload, indexer and feeder automation systems for FPD, OLED industry

    u Installation and warranty of CVD, PVD, Cleaner and Ion implantation systems for SEMI., FPD, OLED and Touch panel industry

    u Installation and warranty of AOI system of FPD and OLED industry


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  • Our Team

    Ready when needed, to be able to fight, to win the battle

    Safety&Quality First, Experienced, Fulfilling and Passionate Team The main team members witnessed and experienced the rise of Chinese display industry, from the 4.5th generation to the 10.5th generation line, training by Germany and USA customer, safety first, the pursuit of excellence and quality of team culture, 245 projects were installed, is a passion to fight for 6 days, Sunday is still riding 150KM, passion from the real and love for our work!

    John Yu, Robin Xu, Frank Huang project management, installation, commissioning, trouble shooting. Harlan Yang, Yanwen Zhang, Sethi Zhao project management, installation, commissioning, trouble shooting. Kelly Li, LI Shu, Keke Sun, Yun Xiang, Shuo Lu, Xiaoqing Liu, Caiqi Jiang, Kaiguo Shi, Zubing Duan, Peng Zhang, Sunping Xiang full of mechanical experience. Rui Zhao, Yatao Su, Zhigang YANG, Ping Li, Huan Wang, Tong Yuan, Chengqiang Duan, Ronghua Duan, Zhiguang Xiang full of electrical experience.

    Main Team Member-Detail with next tables

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  • Authentication certificate

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    Passed: ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System ISO45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management System Authentication

  • We’ve done

    Records show:







    2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

    Setup Systems Table Total 245sets

    PVD CVD Load/unload system AOI System

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  • How we do it

    Staff Training(Outside):

    1. Actively participate in the customer On Job Training project, especially for the training of new equipment system, to improve the correlation personnel skills and customer recognition, in line with the requirements of the project; 2. Training of qualification certificate for different levels of people. And get relevant documents, such as the crane certificate, electrical certificate. 3. for project managers, targeted selection the staff participated in the PMI training in the US project management and get the PMP Certificate.

    Satff Training(Intern): 1. In view of the systematic cultivation of new employees Training: EHS Handbook, machine SOP, special English, tools Use, clean room attention, company rules and regulations; 2. Implementation of the system of skill certification through system theory and field. Training for skills certification to make employees more active to improve their skills.

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  • How we do it

    Project Implemention-1:

    ØKick-off meeting: Manpower&schedule arrangement, safety and 6S promotion, the main tools used and the matters needing attention, customer management and punishment rules of clean room.

    ØCrane setup: Familiar with the working environment, escape trunk, setup crane.

    ØSystem move in: Tool confirmation, location and direction confirmed of roller installation, damage parts collection and reporting

    ØModule dockingØModule leveling, Cables alignment and connection

    ØSystem Commissioning ①. EMO\Grounding\Insulation test ②. Power on, PC-PLC setup ③. I/Ocheck ④. Water\vacuum leak test ⑤. Transportation test ⑥. Pre-coating test

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  • How we do it

    Project Implemention-2:

    Ø Fence Install from zero, just start a corner.

    ØUse two Scissor lifts to install high up in the air fence

    ØModule docking and leveling

    ØRobot Install and teching

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  • How we do it

    Pursuit of quality and continuous improvement

    same with in\outside

    ①. Signal cables alignment

    ②. Power cables alignment

    ③. Main power cables alignment

    Learn from Germany Quality

    continuous improvement Since 2009, we have found that carrier driver has no cover. In the 2011, customer is officially designed and installed. No matter what our customers need and what we need to improve, we must try our best to improve, listen to the suggestions and work together to improve customer satisfaction.

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  • How we do it

    Continuous learning to face the challenge-PVD Example: PVD is constantly upgrading. Almost every system has new functions. Some of them even change more than 20%. RunTays team is constantly learning and face to new challenges with successful: Added Smart vent, different brands of PUMP, cath, and even different systems.

    DC Power ADL

    Cryo Pump

    GWK Chiller

    BOE B5 TM1 and HKC 2200 no track system, it's difficult to docking and levling


    New ARSTIO R- chamber PVD

    Phase voltage monitor

    Beica Control

    Beica Cath.

    Roca Cath.

    AMAT Cath.


    Compared with Twin system, R -chamber system added Vacuum rotation module

    Trumpf Huettinger MF Power

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  • How we do it

    Pick the right tool for the job


    Bosch d rill

    Battery powered Crimping tool


    Tension wrench



    Hand hoist

    FSK Gradienter 0.02mm


    Tools for setup Tools were qualified,improve work efficiency and exceed customer expectations.

    Tool purchase and update: Purchase and update according to the new equipment, tools required to meet customer requirements, it meets the requirements of the project at the same time.

    MASADA Jack

    Scissor Lifts

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  • Project Management

    Project and safety management: 1. Codify and implement team rules, simple and effective management. 2. Codify standardized project startup process. Confirmation form: from project started, to monitor each item step by step that to avoid no body follow up with it. 3. Kanban:Safety, Quality, Management, work permit and certificates. Work content, contact information and the project progressed schedule information are updated in time. 4. Safety management: top management, project manager, safety officer and safety on duty officer focus on the safety manegement as a system. 5. Quality management:Double confirm system, implementation "zero defect, zero complaint "team goals. 6. Schedule Management:Goal oriented, promised that daily task is completed on time, arrange manpower to meet the requirements of customer schedule.

    Project Management Kanban Labour protection appliance

    Team ground rules

    Morning meetingone by one to check the quality of the problem to improve the quality continuously

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  • Project Management

    6S management: 1. Keep clean in time

    2. All members join in 6s action:on duty person to confirm result.

    3. Garbage cleaning in time

    Parts alignment

    Keep on site clean and tidy, clean up the garbage in time, to avoid the customer audit with bad records, and even take time to improve.

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  • ØBusiness Model

    ØBy Project Contra

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