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Apr 15, 2017






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Assumptions are the termites of relationships!

What does this mean?

What ways do we communicate with others?

Style of Communication QuizYou are in a restaurant and order a steak medium-rare, but it is served to you well done. You would:Accept it since you sort of like it well done anyway.Angrily refuse the steak and insist on seeing the manager to complain about the poor service.Call the waiter and indicate you ordered your steak medium-rare, then turn it back.

Style of Communication Quiz2. You are a customer waiting in line to be served. Suddenly, someone steps in line ahead of you. You would:Let the person be ahead of you since he/she is already in line.Pull the person out of line and make him/her go to the back.Indicate to the person that you are in line and point out where it begins.

Style of Communication Quiz3. After walking out of a store where you purchased some items you discover you were short-changed. You would:Let it go since you are already out of the store and have no proof you were short-changed.Go to the manager and indicate how you were cheated by the clerk, then demand the proper change.Return to the clerk and inform him/her of the error.

Style of Communication Quiz4. You are in the middle of watching a very interesting television program when your mom comes in and asks you for a favor. You would:Do the favor as quickly as possible, then return to the program to finish watching it.Say "no," then finish watching your program.Ask if it can wait until the program is over and, if so, do it then.

Style of Communication Quiz5. A friend drops in to say hello, but stays too long, preventing you from finishing some important homework. You would:Let the person stay, then finish your homework another time.Tell the person to stop bothering you and to get out.Explain your need to finish your homework and request he/she visit another time.

Style of Communication Quiz6. You ask a gas station attendant for five dollars worth of gas. However, he fills up your tank by mistake and asks for twelve dollars. You would:Pay the twelve dollars since the gas is already in your tank and you will eventually need it anyway.Demand to see the manager and protest being ripped off.Indicate you only requested five dollars worth of gas and give him only five dollars.

Style of Communication Quiz7. You suspect someone of harboring a grudge against you, but you don't know why. You would:Pretend you are unaware of his/her anger and ignore it, hoping it will correct itself.Get even with the person somehow so he/she will learn not to hold grudges against you.Ask the person if they are angry, then try to be understanding.

Style of Communication Quiz8. You bring your car to a garage for repairs and receive a written estimate. But later, when you pick up your car, you are billed for additional work and for an amount higher than the estimate. You would:Pay the bill since the car must have needed the extra repairs anyway.Refuse to pay, and then complain to the Motor Vehicle Department or the Better Business Bureau. Indicate to the manager that you agreed only to the estimated amount, then pay only that amount.

Style of Communication Quiz9. You invite a good friend to your house for a dinner party, but your friend never arrives and neither calls to cancel nor to apologize. You would:Ignore it, but manage not to show up the next time your friend invites you to a party.Never speak to this person again and end the friendship.Call your friend to find out what happened.

Style of Communication Quiz10. You are in a group discussion at work that includes your boss. A co-worker asks you a question about your work, but you don't know the answer. You would:Give your co-worker a false, but plausible answer so your boss will think you are on top of things.Do not answer, but attack your co-worker by asking a question you know he/she could not answer.Indicate to your co-worker you are unsure just now, but offer to give him/her the information later.

3 Styles of CommunicationPassive: unwilling or unable to express thoughts and feelings in a direct or firm manner.Putting others needs ahead of your ownDislike conflict/ will go out of way to avoid arguments

Aggressive: overly forceful, pushy, or hostile.May involve bullying or intimidationMay not pay attention to others thoughts, feelings, or needs.

Assertive: expressing your views clearly and respectfully.Standing up for your rights while respecting the rights of othersNegotiating and compromising

3 Ways We CommunicateNonverbal



Nonverbal Communication

*93% of a messages credibility is communicated nonverbally.55% = body language38% = tone, pitch, and voice variation7% = words

Nonverbal CommunicationBody Language: nonverbal communication through gestures, facial expressions, behaviors, and posture.Sometimes what we say is not as important as HOW we say it.Everything we do sends a message!

Body Language

What Different Nonverbal Cues MeanCrossed ArmsClosed off. Implies resistance. Not listening or interested.A nose rubLinked with deception. Could mean youre lying or trying to hide the truth. A barrierYoure too close. Back off.A hand placed under the chinContemplative. Making a decision.Feet pointed toward the doorReady to leave. The feet are the most honest part of the body. What direction are they facing?A back of the neck scratchConcerned or have questions.

MirroringShows interest. You find the speaker favorable.Forward lean/decrease in backwards leanIndicates positive sentiment and interest.Eye ContactShows interest, attention, and involvement.Raised EyebrowMay indicate skepticism or interest, depending on how it is done.Avoiding Eye Contactdishonesty or discomfort

Types of non-verbal communication

Facial expressions




Physical Contact


Tone, Volume, pitch, and VariationBrian really wants to ask Jessica on a date.Brian really wants to ask Jessica on a date.Brian really wants to ask Jessica on a date.Brian really wants to ask Jessica on a date.Brian really wants to ask Jessica on a date.Brian really wants to ask Jessica on a date.

Cultural Differences in Nonverbal Communication

ListeningWe have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reasonWe should use those accordingly2:1Covey said, Seek first to UNDERSTAND, then be UNDERSTOOD.Volunteer?

Listening SkillsActive Listening: paying close attention to what someone is saying and communicating.

4 Listening Skills

4 Listening Skills

The Wright FamilyPass your item to the RIGHT or LEFT each time you hear the appropriate word

Pop QuizWhats the aunts name who got left at home?How many children are in the Wright family?What appliance did mother Wright think she left on?What problem did Susan Wright complain of?Where was the Wright family when they decided to drive home?

Multi-Tasking?We cant effectively be listening if we are trying to do multiple things at once!

Verbal Communication

Partner DrawingPartner behind describes the drawing to the partner in frontNo peeking!!!

Communication ErrorsBe clear and concise when getting your message across.Good communication requires both good verbal skills and good listening skillsAlways work to avoid MISCOMMUNICATIONS!!!

Verbal SkillsI message: a statement that focuses on your feelings rather than on someone elses behavior.

Replace You messages with I messages

I Messages3 INGREDIENTSEventConsequence of that eventFeelingHow the event made you feelExample: When you came home late (event), I wasnt able to get to my dance recital on time (consequence) and I was really upset about it (feeling).

Changing a You message to an I messageYou told me you were coming to my performance and you didnt show up. You dont support me at all!You were supposed to pick me at 2:15. You were there until 3. You made me wait while it was snowing. You are the worst!