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Commerce Txt By: Jim Puckalo For the Course FILM315 @ Queen's University, Kingston, ON
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  • 1. Commerce Txt By: Jim Puckalo For the CourseFILM315@ Queen's University, Kingston, ON

2. Phone companies have long allowedindividuals to purchase air-timeand to send this credit to other users. Source:The Economics ofM-Pesa (i.e., pre-paid cell phone credit that can be usedfor voice or SMS communication) Image Courtesy of the U. S. National Archives 3. In March 2007, Safaricom launchedM-PESA,anSMS-basedmoney transfersystemthatallowsindividualsto..

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..funds using their cell phone. Source:The Economics ofM-Pesa Image courtesy of the U. S. National Archives 4. M-Pesa =M( obile ) + Pesa (Swahili for Money ) Image courtesy of Jim Puckalo 5. Money can bezappedfrom one part to another in seconds. For people used to queuing at banks for hours to pay bills or school fees, the M-PESA money-transfer service is a godsend. No wonder it is used by 9.5m people, or23% of the population , and transfers the equivalent of 11% of Kenyas GDP each year. Source:The Economist In Kenya.. Use M-Pesa 23% 6. If we think ofCanada 's population.. 1 in 4 Canadianswould be using M-Pesa 7. Or all of Bell Mobility's customers.. 20% Of Canadiansuse Bell + a few more.. 8. M-PESAhas spread quickly and has become the most successful mobile phone-based financial service in the developing world. Source:The Economics ofM-Pesa 9. AfghanistanTanzania South Africa M-Pesahas now expanded into: 10. Not bad for a little SMS text messaging service