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Jan 16, 2015





  • 1. Jan Tomac Teran, 8.d Matic Pipp, 8.dkofja Loka, Slovenija

2. The main characters in this story are robots. They looks like normal people, but they arent. Im robot! 3. At home, robots have some kind of machine, which produced tablets of vitamins. This is my foodmachine. 4. If you go to the restaurant, there served robots. Food fly on your table.Soups are make from blood and the main food are make by parts of human body.I want bloodyRESTAURANT soup and leg with icecream. 5. In the school, we will eat tablets and drink some kind off syrup.The only food that wont change will beChinese food, so a lot of people will eat justthis food. 6. I HOPE I WONT LIVE IN THISTIME BECAUSE OF DISCUSTINGFOOD !!!