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Code of Conduct for DENSO Group Associates · PDF fileCode of Conduct for DENSO Group Associates Code of Conduct for DENSO Group Associates Printed: Current revision: Published by:

Oct 05, 2018




  • Code of Conduct for DENSO Group Associates

    Code of Conduct forDENSO Group Associates


    Current revision:

    Published by:


    January 1998

    October 2010 (Forth Edition)

    CSR Promotion Meeting of DENSO Corporation

    Corporate Planning Dept. and Legal Dept,DENSO Corporation

  • DENSO Philosophy


    Contributing to a better world by creating value together with a vision for the future.

    Management Principles

    1)Customer satisfaction through quality products and services.2)Global growth through anticipation of change.3)Environmental preservation and harmony with society.4)Corporate vitalirty respect for individuality.

    Individual Spirit

    1)To be creative in thought and steady in action.2)To be cooperative and pioneering.3)To be trustworthy by improving ourselves.

  • Preface

    Since its foundation in 1949, DENSO has been contributing to a better world by creating

    value together with a vision for the future under the DENSO Philosophy. In 2006, we es-

    tablished the DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior as a standard for our cor-

    porate social responsibility (CSR) policy to clarify the guidance provided under the philoso-

    phy and what we should do to contribute to a sustainable society from a CSR perspective.

    In order to identify how each of us should respond to this declaration as members of the

    DENSO Group, the Code of Conduct for DENSO Group Associates provides guidelines to

    help all associates implement CSR best practices.

    Although the Code of Conduct may seem obvious for adults and company workers, it is

    essential that associates at all levels naturally implement it in their daily work to ensure

    that DENSO remains a company highly valued by society and remains in business. Our

    mission is to contribute to a better world though our business practices.

    Companies will lose public trust if their employees violate social norms, no matter how

    good their products and services. Each of us must learn to follow the guidelines to build

    trust in the DENSO Group.

    As the economic environment changes and our business becomes increasingly globalized,

    the values and personalities of corporate employees are diversifying. The Code of Conduct

    and our actions must be regularly updated to reflect changing social demands and expec-


    Let us work harder to transform DENSO into a company where we enjoy contributing to a

    better world and take greater pride in our roles as DENSO employees.

    CSR Promotion Meeting, DENSO Corporation


  • We, DENSO Corporation and its Group companies*,will actively contribute toward the sustainable de-velopment of society through sincere businessactivities in each country and region.* Consolidated management companies, and companies in which DENSO is the primary shareholder

    We will honor the culture and history of each country and region. We will strivetrustworthily to operate with respect for people, and promote business activities toearn the trust of our stakeholders, under the leadership of our management ofeach company.We will comply with both the letter and the spirit of the law and promote ethical

    behavior. We will promote open and fair information disclosure and dialogue.We will anticipate changes and challenge in order to create new values. Also we

    will work to ensure the best quality by focusing upon onsite verification and im-plementing Kaizen (continuous improvement).We will work toward the development of our employees by encouraging communi-

    cation and teamwork.

    Responsibility to customersFor customers trust and satisfaction, we will create new val-ues.Based on our Customer First policy, we will develop and provide fascinating, safe

    products and services of high quality with advanced technology to respond to cus-tomers expectations.We will properly manage our intellectual property rights and strive not to infringe

    others, and protect personal information of customers and everyone else we areengaged in business.

    Responsibility to employeesWe will respect our employees and provide a work environ-ment that encourages each individuals dynamic work.We will maintain and improve a safe and healthy working environment for all our

    employees.We will build and share a sense of mutual trust and responsibility with employ-

    ees through sincere communication and dialogue.We will support fair work conditions and employment opportunities to encourage

    success within a diverse workforce. Also, we will honor human rights and will nottolerate any form of forced or child labor.

    "the DENSO Group Declaration of Corporate Behavior"


  • Responsibility to shareholdersWe will strive to enhance corporate value and encouragedialogue with shareholders.We will strive to enhance corporate value while achieving stable and longterm

    growth.We will strive for transparency through timely and fair disclosure and dialogue re-

    garding our operating and financial conditions.

    Responsibility to suppliersWe will maintain open, fair and transparent dealings.Our doors will be open to the suppliers throughout the world as we pursue fair-

    ness in all business transactions.We will respect our suppliers as business partners, and aim for mutual growth

    based on mutual trust.

    Responsibility to international and local communitiesWe will aim for harmonious growth with the environment byproactively working toward environment protection throughoutall areas of business activities.We will seek an optimal balance between environment, such as climate change

    and biodiversity, and economy in the way we develop technologies, operate our fa-cilities, and act as individual employees.

    We will work toward philanthropic activities that contribute tothe harmony and wellbeing of each regional society inwhich we conduct business operations.We will promote activities aimed at building a better future for each region, both

    independently and in partnership with community organizations.

    We will comply with each countrys competition laws and en-deavor to maintain sound and fair business operations.We will strive to ensure free and fair competition and will not tolerate behavior

    that violates competition laws such as cartels.We will not tolerate collusion and bribery, and will maintain honest and fair rela-

    tionships with government agencies and public authorities.


  • Relationship between the DENSO Philosophy and DENSO Group

    Declaration of Corporate Behavior

    ScopeThis Code of Conduct applies to all associates, including executives, temporary work-

    ers, nonregular workers, parttime and contract workers, and others engaged in an

    employment relationship with DENSO Corporation, its domestic consolidated compa-

    nies, and other companies of which DENSO is the largest shareholder.

    Reporting and ConsultationIf you have a question or concern about a practice governed by the Code of Con-

    duct, or if you witness any conduct that violates or appears to violate the Code of

    Conduct, please report or consult your supervisor, the designated section, or the

    consultation service (such as the Business Ethics Hotline) established and managed

    by the company.

    Our New Code of Conduct


  • Duties of Managers

    In implementing this Code of Conduct, the associates (Managers) responsible for

    directing their subordinates must do the following :

    1. Take the lead in acting according to this Code of Conduct.

    2. Direct and advise their subordinates on a daily basis to act according to this

    Code of Conduct.

    3. Listen sincerely to the problems of their subordinates and provide good, practi-

    cal advice or an appropriate response. (If needed, consult the special sections

    or use the consultation services.)

    4. Upon identifying a problem in the workplace, quickly take steps to resolve the

    issue and prevent its recurrence.

    Penalties for Code of Conduct Violations

    Where disciplinary procedures and actions are set forth in the companys working

    regulations for Code of Conduct violations, violators are subject to penalties under

    such regulations. Executives and managers whose inadequate supervision or serious

    oversight results in improper actions are also subject to disciplinary procedures.

    Revision and Abolition

    Only the CSR Promotion Meeting of DENSO Corporation may revise or abolish this

    Code of Conduct.


  • . Your Conduct as a Member of the DENSO Group 89

    . Creating a Vibrant Workplace 1013

    . Earning Trust and Meeting the Expectations of Customers 1417

    . Building WinWin Relationships with Our Suppliers 1819

    . Living Up to the Trust and Expectations of Our Shareholders2021

    . Upholding the Best Interests of Society2224



  • Code of Conduct forDENSO Group Associates

  • 1 I, recognizing my role in society as a member of the DENSOGroup, shall always do my utmost to live up to the expectations

    of all stakeholders.

    1(1) Contributing to a sustainable societyCompanies are social institutions. Society does not exist for the benefit of companies ; compa-

    nies exist for the benefit of society. Through its business practices, the DENSO Group is com-

    mitted to contributing to a better society.

    1(2) With a broader perspective and deeper insightIn recent years, the public has been closely monitoring corporate behavior. Companies should

    not continue in business unless they can earn the publics confidence through their activities. In